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DinoHunters Secret Diary of Health, Life & World Domination If I get time..

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  • DinoHunters Secret Diary of Health, Life & World Domination If I get time..

    You Looked didn’t you!
    Yup, label something "secret".......
    Anyways I had another "serious" journal on here but trying to keep a serious record of my meals & whatnot bores the ever-loving batjeebies outa me and I think I managed about 4-5 days before I completely forgot about it in pursuit of more interesting things... like trying to control that spider in the corner with my mind (was working... till the dog ate him...)
    So this time forget serious grownup stuff.
    This is now my official, "post whatever I feel like thread"
    It might be Health stuff, It might be Primal stuff, There will be pictures of my dogs...
    Random thoughts on world domination...Random thoughts that make no sense whatsoever (my hubby knows ALL about that one)
    I will of course keep up to date on where this way of eating is leading me, any changes, good or bad etc etc etc.. (more to follow in next post on that)
    Possibly also pictures of food. Especially yummy food cooked on the BBQ outside that pisses of the neighbours cause they cant cook & think ramen noodles are posh cuisine
    And whatever else I feel like at the time.
    Cause I can.
    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

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    Where it started & Why im here
    So this is the serious bit (well… maybe not all of it)
    So once upon a time in a land far away (Canada to be precise) A lil girl grew up like a complete savage, running around barefoot all the time, riding her horse when she shoulda been doing “stuff” (usually boring stuff that did not include hunting for snakes or chasing bears out in the field)
    Eventully lil girls parents got tired of the snow and they all moved to a nasty place full of nasty stuff that is commonly know as Florida (but should be called the horribly stinky gator infested swamp for the breeding of nasty bugs that eat tourist)
    3 years of THSGISFTBONBTET was all anyone in there right mind could take and the next move took Lil girl who was no longer lil girl but more like Amazon Warrior Girl (henceforth AWG) who spent a lot of time making soul crushing remarks to annoying teenage boys who thought honking & hooting was the best way to pick up girls.
    Anyways.. the next move took AWG to The Pacific Northwest which she found much more to her liking although just as infested with drooling teenage boys.
    Eventually AWG became a bit more civilized and got a career working with dogs who may drool but don’t make lewd comment that require threats of bodily harm.
    Civilization being what it is, AWG got bored & took up hobbies like Kickboxing and started running around with swords at the local Renfaire.. Lots of Swords.. & Knives.. ‘cause AWG likes sharp pointy things
    AWG also like men in Kilts.
    With Scottish accents…
    Which is what she managed to find …
    So AWG married the Scotsman (Henceforth HS) & moved to Scotland (Cause he was a real Scotsman, not just a ren rat wannabe)
    Handsome Scotsman has a lovely lil cottage by the sea and loves dogs so AWG & HS now have 2 spoilt Primal dogs.
    Now AWG has been in Scotland for 10 years and despite plenty of exercise & walking of the dogs (who are well fit by the way) AWG is not quite so Amazon Warror-ish..
    AWG never really understood why, She gets lots of exercise,, she eats healthy (actually much healthier than the SAD)
    So what was wrong?
    But then one day AWG had to go to the Dr. and found out that she had fibroids Dr said really big fibroids and we can cut them out with a big shiny knife blah blah blah.
    AWG said sod that, Im going home to do “research” …right after I freak out hubby by mimicking Alien baby’s popping out of my belly button (HS did not think that was so funny but AWG thought it was hysterical)
    So AWG went onto the internet and looked and looked and found all sorts of interesting thing. Some that have absolutely nothing to do with this thread but were interesting & distracted AWG from “constructive” research until HS said what the hell are you reading now?.
    & then AWG found MDA… and AWG said this make sense cause I never believed real food could be bad for you. So AWG is working on changing her diet to be as Primal as possible (and HS’s also…) and is doing Iodine protocol and eating lots of Salmon cause for some reason AWG is craving Salmon. Smoked salmon, Cooked salmon, raw salmon.. doesn’t matter.. just hand over the salmon & nobody gets hurt.

    AWG has no idea what she weighs cause she doesn’t have a scale but in the 6 weeks since she started eating primal, her fave jeans are falling off her, she had to notch in her belt 3 holes and 4 people this week have ask if she’s lost weight.
    So for the moment, AWG is Chuffed
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    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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      Why is it that evil villians ALWAYS tell "mr goody 2 shoes" there entire plan for world domination.. dont they ever watch the movies? BAD idea..
      Note to self, When capturing minons of good, Just shoot them. Dont tell somebody else to do it, dont throw them in a cell ..... & whatever you do.. DONT TELL THEM THE SUPER SECRET PLAN....!

      You can however tell them that you lost 4" off your belly in 6 weeks, eating bacon... after you shoot them that is.
      Yup. Chuffed about that

      Also iodine seems to be kicking in in a odd way.. getting weird lil patches of what feels sorta like that icy hot rub stuff on my skin.. not unplesant.. just odd.
      Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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        Hi Amazon Warrior Girl! Have you seen the If I Become An Evil Overlord list? I think you'd get a royal kick out of it (Peter's Evil Overlord List). Also, congratulations on your ...loss... that sounds a bit odd. How's this: your loss of inches is inspiring. Especially because it includes bacon. I have a tendency to wax poetic about bacon and its joys, and my friends (who are all low-fat-high-cardio goons) look at me like I'm going to go into cardiac arrest right then and there at the lunch table. (Also, for the record, it might not be the iodine affecting you. Maybe it's the sheer amount of fish you're consuming. Those little patches? You're growing scales, honey.) Anyway. Welcome to the community and good luck with your paleo journey!


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          Ahhh the evil overlord list... I think I must have seen it years ago.. probably when it was a bit shorter.. always a good list to keep on hand.
          101. I will have at least 2 body doubles who’s job it is to make people (especially weapon touting heroes) think there me.
          102 All my trusted advisors will be well fed on Bacon to keep them happy. Heroes always pick the fat free option which isn’t going to earn points against nice crispy bacon...
          Just think.. "Come join the light side & you can have all the fat free yogurt and tofu you want.... "
          yeah.. nobody working for me is going to be tempted by that...

          Scales huh.. *examines arms closely* that would be cool, then id qualify as a super villain by default.. wonder what my super powers will be....
          Sadly the effect seems to be fading.. Ive upped my iodine dose again up to 48mg but while I still experienced some of that icy hot sensation down my arms.... it was less than before...
          Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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            Hubby ate the stew & dident realize he was eating Beef heart!
            Now just need to figure out how to sneak some liver past him.. that is If I can figure out how to make it so ill eat it..
            I just remember the taste from my mom cooking the crap out of it along with burning onions.
            Never could figgure out why someone who was a good cook.. ALways Burnt Onions! & Burnt Onions & overcooked Liver?.. Ive seen cat barf that looked more appitizing.
            Speaking of which.. anyone for mouse kabobs?
            Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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              Woke up yesterday to find a huge bunch of lilies from hubby (for My Birthday) so good start to the day (Not sure when or how he snuck them in without me knowing?)
              Saw my Chiropractor yesterday and she was quite impressed with my progress, turns out she’s on something similar to PB so was quite familiar with it. She even mentioned that my eyes look brighter & she could see ive lost some weight!

              Then Hubby took me out for sushi. I LOVE sushi NOM NOM NOM! Raw fish, seaweed & wasabi! NOM!!!

              Ive ordered a bunch of stuff from a company over here that I found Healthy Supplies: Health Food Online. Coconut oil, Brazil & Almonds & Hazelnuts & Stuff for trying my hand at making my own sushi rolls and coconut cream & seeds for on salads and a whole sh*tload of nommy stuff that’s organic & no nasty additives.
              I love making Thai Curry but all the coconut milk in the reg shops has a bunch of cr@p added. So looking forward to my order arriving next week.

              One simply cant concentrate fully on becoming an evil overlord or supervillian without proper, chemical-additive free nutrition.
              Well, I know there’s plenty of "not so healthy" supervillans out there but id like to point out that they almost always bite it by the end of the movie & if their extra villainy & survive then the sequel usually does them in.. Im sure its all down to not eating right resulting in mental impairment and a lack of critical thinking from poor nutrition... I mean anyone eating a good diet is going to be capable of out-thinking std ladened British agents right?
              Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                And now some pictures of my dogs
                This is TamLin (the real Dino Hunter)

                And Robbie aka the Flying Monkey
                Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                  Yeah! my box of goodies arrived today.
                  I will def. be ordering from the healthy food place again. Lots of lovely Organic NOMs!
                  Which of course meant I needed to clear out the cupboard that ive been procrastinating about for weeks.. um actually more like months, well since I started Primaling..
                  Tossed a bunch of stuff out.. stuff I don’t know how it got in there actually.. I checked the back of the cupboard but no sign of black holes or other space anomaly’s that might have deposited stuff like a packet of bread sauce mix (I do not, & never have liked bread sauce OR cooking packet crap) and other weirdness.
                  The Sugar has been banished to the bathroom to make lovely body scrub with (actually I think that might have been what I bought it for anyways)
                  Cuz even Supervillians like to feel pretty
                  And my kitchen cupboard (yes, 1 Cupboard.. its a small kitchen) has now been crammed full us all sorts of Primal friendly goodies, many of which have now been sampled to test for... ummm..... quality.. yes, quality check
                  By the way if you ever find some Black Bukhara Raisins, Get them.. They are the NOMmiest! Hubby actually said they were the Best Raisins he’s ever had... sadly all gone now they need to come in larger packs.. or maybe not.. maybe its a good thing they don’t....

                  Oh and another of my customers said I looked like id lost weight! so that’s 6 or 7 people in the last 2 weeks that have said that! Yeah!
                  Honestly don’t know how much though cause I don’t have a scale, so don’t actually know how much I weigh.. or how much I weighed before I started???. Not sure its worth getting one.. I don’t think im the obsessive type .. You know,, OMG! Ive gained 2 oz since yesterday.. It’s the End Of he World!
                  But Hubby could/would be. so maybe safer without & I can just be chuffed that I got a size smaller than usual pair of pants the other day.. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that.
                  Haven’t been able to get a pair of 16’s on in years until now… Whoo-hoo!

                  Gonna go eat some homemade Hazelnut & Coconut Crème Chocolate.. Cause & can.. & its good for me.. anti-oxidant thingies or whatever..
                  Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                    Mmmm sooo full, , made Natchos san chips of course..
                    Heaps of mince, sour cream, homemade salsa & gauc etc on crispy iceburg lettuce...
                    Nom Nom Nom,... gonna pop!
                    might end up having to IFing breakfast tomorow, im that stuffed.

                    Had my acupuncture appt earlier.. am I the only one that Has to look at the needles when there in? He put about 6 in my stomach & a bunch in my legs. Hubby has been to him for treatment ages ago & said just the thought of looking makes him nausious LOL.. Not me.. wanna see what there doing. Yeah, im weird that way.
                    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                      Handsome Scotsman has now learned the hard way why its not a good idea to use the Shop vac to clean dog hair off his pants...
                      He’s also learned that AWG laughs like a Hyena on uppers under certain circumstances.....

                      Ill leave the rest to your imagination
                      Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                        And dinner was..
                        Fresh Tuna & Scallops BBQed with a honey sesame glaze, over a BAS with a side of mashed buttery yams...
                        Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                          & Dessert
                          Raspberry Pie with a chocolate & Almond base
                          Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                            Tonights dinner (we usally go to the fishmongers on Sat. which is why I tend to do seafood on the weekends)
                            Chili Ginger stirfryed squid over rice & wakimi(sp?) seaweed noodles
                            Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                              Ive been following a primal diet now for about 6-8 weeks i think? (i cant remember ezactly when We started)
                              So Ii thought it would be a good time to make a note of whats what and any changes ive seen to date.

                              Changes ive made, obviously ive cut out all grains and most sugar (i have honey in my chia tea sometimes, so sue me)
                              Lots of organic veg and organic grass fed meat, eggs from the chickens running around the fields up the road.
                              Ive started taking iodine about 4 weeks ago along with the recomended extras, magnisium ... Etc.

                              I cant say if theres been any changes regarding the fibroid but TOM begening of april I was getting a lot of odd sharp cramping ( ive never had an issue with cramps before ) so at that time i suspect that it was causing issues, possible getting bigger and putting pressure on nerves, i also started getting odd numbing sensations down my left leg ( def caused by fibroid putting pressure on a nerve)
                              I started taking Iodine shortly after those issues.
                              And cracked down on making sure what I was eating was what I should be eating.
                              So whats changed?
                              Well last TOM .. No cramps! And while im still getting the ocasioanal faint numb spot down my leg it seems to be less often and less noticable. So my assement is that the fibroid has gone back to what it was before and hopefully will contenue to shrink
                              Ive lost over 4" off my belly.
                              Ive dropped a pant size and at least 1 shirt size , my tops are all looking a tad baggy...
                              Ive always had issues with dry skin on my legs.. Thats almost gone
                              My skin is the best its ever been
                              I havent had any issues with my shoulder( ive been having inflimation/ strain issues with my shoulder, probably from chucking dog toys over and over)
                              Ive been sleeping better
                              My chiropractor said my eyes are brighter/clearer
                              About 6 people in the last 2 weeks have mentioned ive lost weight( not counting Handsome Scotsman who has also noticed and who has also lost some weight)

                              So... So far so good.
                              I was orriganaly supposed to see my dr again next week but. Ive decided to put it off till sept as. A lot of the things ime doing to deal with the fibroid(iodine, castor oil packs, ) need time to see results and at this time i dont think theres been enough time to see if its working or not.. So we wait. And eat steak and pork crackling....
                              Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.