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    B- 2 traditional sausages

    L- 2 tbs almond butter + 1.5oz almonds + 1 oz cashews + 1 ice cream cup*

    s- 3.5 oz pork rinds + asparagus cooked in bacon fat

    D- 1 traditional sausage + big salad with usual dressing**

    *The (really tiny!) ice cream cup was vanilla, organic (it had only 4 ingredients or something), 15 carbs, and 195 calories. It tasted like the most amazing thing on earth! It did make me hungry for the rest of the day, though.

    **See 3/04 for ingredients.


    Energy | 2180 kcal

    Protein | 97 g

    Carbs | 68 g

    Fiber | 20 g

    Fat | 174 g


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      It has been two weeks! I haven't lost much weight (maybe 2 pounds?) and 0 inches but I am trying to be patient .

      My averages for the last 7 days are:

      Energy | 1770 kcal

      Protein | 87 g

      Carbs | 47 g

      Fiber | 13 g

      Fat | 141 g

      Ratio (%p:%c:%f) is aprox 20:08:72

      Again I failed with the nuts, but at least I did better than last week. I am happy with my totals and sort of bummed that I haven't lost much weight... 2 lbs is probably water. Hopefully next week I can limit myself to eating 6oz of nuts, total. This last week I had 17oz and the week before I had... 26oz! That must be the problem. Bummer, becasue I have been doing so good and working really hard otherwise!


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        B- IF

        L- 2 traditional sausages + 1 egg cooked in bacon fat + 2 oz pork rinds + 1 oz mozzarella cheese

        D- 1 traditional sausage + asparagus + big salad with 2 tbs usual dressing*

        *See 3/04 for ingredients.


        Energy | 1585 kcal

        Protein | 89 g

        Carbs | 32 g

        Fiber | 11 g

        Fat | 121 g


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          If you are exercising then don't worry too much about the scale. The scale lies! Muscle mass > Fatty tissue mass and as such you can loose fat and increase muscle mass without the results showing on the scale. Measuring your waist/thighs and looking in the mirror is a better overview of your progress.


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            You are such a sweetie for checking in on me! I really appreciate it. Makes me feel less alone in this journey!

            I agree with you that a lot of times the scale isn't what is important because it can be affected by so many different things. I do need to loose about 30 pounds of fat, though. It will come off at it's own pace if I focus on my health (mental health, too!) first. On that topic, I feel great. I think I am switching to fat burning as primary fuel now because I have had more energy recently than during the last two weeks. The most remarkable thing is that I really have no desire to binge. Sure I want fruit or nuts or a little something sweet but I have no desire to go eat a half gallon of ice cream like I did before. This is sooooo amazing. It hasn't even sunk in that I am actually succeeding! I bet I can make it to my first goal of being under 150 lbs by July!


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              B: 1/2 lb 80% lean ground beef

              L: 6 slices bacon + 1 egg cooked in 1 tsp bacon fat + 1/3 cup mixed berries

              D: Tom Ka Kai*

              * This is a delicious Thai chicken and coconut milk soup. I used this recipe: but made some tweaks like exchanging the chicken breasts for thighs and using bacon fat instead of grapeseed oil.


              Energy | 1246 kcal

              Protein | 81 g

              Carbs | 15 g

              Fiber | 3 g

              Fat | 93 g


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                I binged. Ugh! I was doing so well, too!

                I started out with fruit, lots of fruit. Then some nuts. Then more nuts. Then I had sugar cravings and thought to myself, "okay, you can make today a cheat day where you can eat one dessert or somehting and then get back on the wagon tomorrow." Well, as usual, I couldn't stop at one. I couldn't stop even after I was full. I just went on autopilot and kept eating all day. It's extremely embarrassing, but this is the damage:


                Energy | 5500 kcal

                Protein | 162 g

                Carbs | 438 g

                Fiber | 36 g

                Fat | 353 g

                I am getting back on the wagon tomorrow of course and I am going to be avoiding fruit and nuts completely if I can (I just bought a some fresh berries (read: expensive!) but once those are gone I will avoid fruit for as long as I can). I am eliminating nuts from my diet completely. I just can't handle these two foods without eating too many at a time. They give me carb cravings and are stalling my progress. Unfortunately, meat and veggies only is so boring sometimes. I think this week I won't worry about cheese so that I can have some variety instead of eating only meat and veggies. Cheese doesn't make me crave carbs like nuts do so even though I wanted to eventually phase out all dairy I need to focus on my carb cravings first.


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                  B- 1 package of bacon (12 strips?) + 4 oz cheddar cheese

                  s- 1 cup berries

                  L- chicken, sausage, and vegetable soup

                  D- steak, berries (a bowl full ), asparagus cooked in olive oil + salad with usual dressing*

                  s- 5 oz almonds

                  *See 3/04 for ingredients.


                  I sprinted 50 yards, rested, did as many burpees as I could, rested, sprinted, rested, did box jumps, rested, and sprinted again. The rest was short enough not to allow full recovery.

                  My asthma kicked in bad, but I still got a good workout in and felt great for doing so (although I felt sick to my stomach afterward... it WAS a sprint session after all!)

                  Overall, today was eh...okay. It was soooo dang hard to get back on track. It took everything in me to avoid going head-first into the carbs again. I did eat nuts and fruit that I swore off of yesterday but it's better than giving into my extreme cravings with total junk. I didn't track calories today and that felt very freeing. I was 165 on the scale this morning, so the two pounds that I had lost since the beginning of the month are certainly back. I'm just glad I didn't gain (I stated at 165). It think I am going to try not counting calories and just listing what I eat, listening to my hunger signals and occasionally plugging in a day to see if I am on target. Okay, and Tim's little 'don't count calories' thread was also convincing... I'm going to try it and If I freak out and go crazy I can always go back to feeding my type 'A' behaviors.


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                    B- 5 strips bacon, 1 oz almonds, 1 cup berries

                    L- 5+ tbs almond butter and a hot chai (yes there was 17g of sugar )

                    s- 2 oz cheese, 1 oz peanuts, asparagus cooked in olive oil

                    D- 1/4 lb [80% lean] ground beef + 2oz almonds

                    s- bowl of chicken and sausage "chili" (my roomates were eating ice cream...)


                    I painted my friend's kitchen for about 4 hours non-stop.

                    Okay, enough. Tomorrow HAS to be a meat and veggie only day. All the nuts, fruit, cheese, sugar...ugh! I can't stop. Damn cravings!!!

                    Notice that I have been eating all day long the past few days. Breakfast tomorrow will be a ton of meat and nothing else to stop my snacking.


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                      B- 1/3 lb ground beef

                      L- 6 slices bacon and 2 eggs swimming in bacon fat

                      D- Carrots, and 1/4 cup tomato sauce with beef

                      s- 1 oz almonds


                      I painted for about 2 more hours.


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                        Today was a very bad day. Not quite as bad as my last binge day but still absolutely horrible.


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                          Don't worry about it, you're eating significantly healthier than you were. That's assuming you're eating nuts, fruits, dairy and none of that processed crap. Remember typing this?:

                          The most remarkable thing is that I really have no desire to binge. Sure I want fruit or nuts or a little something sweet but I have no desire to go eat a half gallon of ice cream like I did before. This is sooooo amazing. It hasn't even sunk in that I am actually succeeding!

                          Maybe you're still in "grazing mode". If this is so, it might be beneficial to store some cheese slices, veg, boiled eggs and other fatty treats in the fridge. Are you eating because you're bored or are you actually hungry? It sounds like you're constantly thinking about food.... If you're hungry, increase the eggs. When I'm hungry I'll eat about 4-8 a day lol. mmmmm eggy goodness. If you're bored, find things to distract you. Instead of reaching for the almonds go for a 5minute walk or read a book? I dunno, it's up to you. ;D

                          P.S Awesome coconut recipie. :] It'll be great for those cold winter nights. yummm


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                            B- IF

                            L- leftover steak + 12 slices bacon

                            D- 1/3 lb ground beef

                            Weight was still 165 this morning. I'm lucky it's not higher. Surprisingly, I am still sore from Sunday's workout and the painting but I need to get outside tomorrow. I NEED some sun!


                            Thank you for typing that. I've been moody lately (now I know that it's the carbs!)but I practically cried when I read it. I hadn't taken the time to go back through my journal and read how good it felt to be eating healthy. I woke up with my body feeling absolutely horrible this morning and I want so badly to feel as amazing as I did a week ago. I did great today and already feel so much better. It's simply not worth going through life feeling sick and depressed and exhausted from eating so many carbs. I want to have that freedom that I briefly experienced of not wanting to eat sugar and wanting to move my body and be active and happy. I will get there... and I won't ever give up.

                            Oh yea, and that soup really is SO good!


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                              B- 1 egg

                              L- 6 oz mixed nuts, 4 stevia sweetened coconut flour muffins

                              D- 2 traditional sausages, carrots


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                                Awww no problem. ^_^ I'm glad to hear it made a difference and put you back on the tracks.