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    Dear primal journal,

    Today my bowel movement looked like chunky almond butter. And ground vegetables.

    Obviously I am not absorbing everything I ate.

    Today I didn't count anything. I ate a lot of food (I am guessing almost 3000 calories) but it was all primal. Lots of fruit (even some dried fruit), unfortunately but I am so proud that I was able to stop myself from going for the neolithic crap. Hopefully I finally absorbed enough calories to satisfy my crazy appetite. I also checked my blood sugar a few times today when I was weak with hunger (to see if it was too low) and it was 82, so no problems there.

    No nuts for me... uh, ever? Darn it... one more thing to get rid of.

    Looking forward to another trip to the store tomorrow to get some good sausage, coconut milk, and lots of lettuce.


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      D-2 nitrate free bratwurst and 1 egg cooked in bacon fat


      Energy | 608 kcal

      Protein | 31

      Carbs | 5 g

      Fiber | 1 g

      Fat | 53 g

      I felt great today. That horrible hunger pain was finally gone!


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        B-2 nitrate free kolbasa + 1 egg

        L-2 more kolbasa + 8 spears asparagus cooked in 1 tbs butter + 1 egg

        D-2 oz of almonds + a few sips of coconut milk with 5 strawberries


        Energy | 1813 kcal

        Protein | 80 g

        Carbs | 32 g

        Fiber | 13 g

        Fat | 160 g


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          Looking good :P Even though you look like you're back on track, i'd like to point out the possible cause of your recent "hunger attack".

          I believe it began with the apple and the lean beef. There are 29.28g of carbs in a large apple/19.06g in a medium apple.

          After the apple, you seemed to spiral downhill. You consumed even more carbs as the day progressed! Then to make matters worse, you continued this trend the following day by consuming strawberries for breakfast, nuts, another apple, almonds and then even more nuts! To make matters worse, YOU DIDNT EAT ENOUGH FAT! Lean meat..... It then continued through the next day when you ate lots of fruit! Alarm bells are ringing. I'm no expert, I'm just pointing something out.

          Luckily the IF and any fatty foods you had the day before the IF seemed to cure your problem. ;P You didnt need carbs, you needed fat!

          I'd suggest cutting out fruit/excess nuts and replacing them with good ol fatty foods/veg whilst you're getting over your "carb addiction". If you keep your carbs under 60g and consume lots of fat you should be set. Oh and whenever you get "carb" cravings grab something fatty. Fat will stop your hunger, I assure you. Learn to love it.


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              Thanks so much for helping me out KatFish!

              I totally agree! Apples just taste way too sugary anyways. 80 percent lean beef in the fattiest beef I can find here. Do you really think it's too lean? It is dripping in fat when I eat it (I pour the grease from the pan on top!)... oooh I see what you mean now--it was the prime rib!! Oh yea, it was oddly very lean looking. I didn't feel full after I ate it and shouldn't have gone to bed hungry that night! Maybe I should have asked for butter at the restaurant to slather the meat in (wouldn't that have been a sight to my friends! It is embarrassing enough being overweight and eating fatty foods in front of others. Oh well, once I am lean it will be much more fun to see the reactions!)

              WEEK ONE TOTALS:

              My overall ratios seem to be high enough in fat and low enough in calories, protein, and carbs (surprisingly, but I did have some days with IF's that balanced it all out).

              My averages for the last 7 days are:

              Energy | 1905 kcal

              Protein | 85 g

              Carbs | 62 g

              Fiber | 17 g

              Fat | 152 g

              Ratio (%p:%f:%c) is aprox 18:10:72

              I will continue to eat more traditional, fatty, delicious sausages (I love having a euro sausage shop here!), eggs cooked in extra fat, and salads with lots of olive oil dressing see if my hunger remains normal. No apples (or other sugary fruit) and no nuts at all this next week for me (I finish the last the almonds I have tomorrow) Man it is going to be hard to give up the nuts!


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                B- IF

                s(11:30AM)- 2 strawberries + a few slices of red bell pepper + 1 oz of almonds

                L/D(ate from ~3:45 to 6:45)- 3 nitrate-free traditional sausages + big a** salad with 2 tbs usual dressing* + 1 egg + 2 oz of almonds + 2 strawberries dipped in coconut milk

                *see 3/04 for ingredients


                Energy | 1700 kcal

                Protein | 66 g

                Carbs | 41 g

                Fiber | 17 g

                Fat | 149 g


                30 minute walk with hills

                I ate most of my food in 3 hour window... I felt tired after eating but once I went on the walk (I just couldn't bring myself to hit the weights!) and relaxed for a little bit in my apartment I felt satisfied and had no desire for something sweet like I usually do at the end of the day. Yes! Yes! I hope my jeans will get loose soon! I might weigh myself tomorrow to see if I've lost water so that I know my actual starting point. For now my pants are fitting the same and my waist measurement is about the same (it's hard to measure since the almond GI distress made my tummy swell... eww).

                Oh, and I am going on a ski trip (tomorrow and Saturday I am staying with friends) and I don't really know what I will be eating but I might bring some sausages and eggs to make us for breakfast. As for lunch... uh... not sure. It would be hard to IF when skiing all day long. I might have to go with something un-primal, like a sandwich


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                  B- 1 traditional sausage + 1 egg

                  L- IF

                  s- trail mix*

                  D(restaurant)**- 1/2 lb bun-less bison burger + 2 strips bacon + caramelized onions + lettuce leaves for wrapping + a few carrot sticks

                  *I picked out most of the raisins and M&M's but I did sit at a friend's and ate and ate and ate so I had uh...well, I don't know how much but I always try to overestimate how much I eat of somehting in my nutrition tracker so I punched in the individual ingredients and how much I probably came close to eating and came up with a guess of 4 oz cashews, 3 oz peanuts, 3 oz almonds, 12 raisins, and 45 M&M's. I know, it's bad.

                  **I wasn't hungry for obvious reasons but my friends and I went out becasue we were planning to. We ate really late, too, but it ended up being an AMAZING dinner. So, so delicious!


                  Energy | 2800 kcal

                  Protein | 127 g

                  Carbs | 107 g

                  Fiber | 25 g

                  Fat | 220 g


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                    B- 5 slices bacon + 2 eggs cooked in 1.5 tbs bacon fat

                    L- IF

                    s- KIND almond and coconut bar*

                    D(restaurant)- 1/2 wedge salad w/ bacon bits + 1 tbs Thousand Island dressing + 1/2 roasted chicken (ate 3/4 of it) + 1 cup of buttered veggies

                    *The KIND bar (I love these) was basically shredded coconut, almonds, and honey (190 cal, 14 carbs, 4 fiber)


                    Energy | 1760 kcal

                    Protein | 123 g

                    Carbs | 30 g

                    Fiber | 9 g

                    Fat | 127 g


                    I went snowboarding from about 9 AM to 3:30PM. We stopped for lunch, and I also sat on my bum a lot waiting for a slower friend, haha. I had a ton of fun, I always love skiing. I was able to IF lunch with no hunger too! It felt great to not be weighed down by having lunch in your stomach. I heard a guy on the lift talking about how his breakfast of whole wheat pancakes was like a brick in his stomach. I felt nothing like that with my greasy delicious eggs and bacon and IF! Perfect day.


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                      I NEED to stop the nuts! Oh my gosh I have been so bad after I said that I would get rid of them! I don't have anymore in the house (I finally ate them all!) but whenever I am hungry and at a friend's house I go for nuts becasue they are a "lesser evil" and everyone seems to have them. I should just IF instead and reward myself with a delicious meal or snack when I get home!

                      Nuts are probably my favorite primal food. I am going to sub them for more meat and vegetables but I also want something else good I can have for a snack or treat occasionally that gives me more variety. I want the primal lifestyle to be for life and I want somehting I can enjoy. Does anyone have any (dairy-fee and of course nut-free) suggestions?. I could do fruits... but by themselves they don't satisfy my appetite (no fat!).


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                        Lol, nuts are fine in controlled amounts. If you don't eat them at your house and only snack on them whilst out, their technically a treat. ;P Remember they are very healthy and contain fats. You IF'd the day after you ate the trail mix anyways so the excess carbs evened out. Trust your body. That being said, I'm assuming you want to control what you eat and loose weight. So for now alternative snacks may be better. It depends how you feel; if they make you want to snack on carbs/grains cut them out. If not remember that they beat sugary processed crap by miles. Either way don't beat yourself up over them.

                        I've found that jerky, pumpkin/sunflower seeds or pemmican are great for snacks. Pemmican is basically lard/jerky with optional nuts for taste! ;D You can make it or buy it (I havenít been able to find any though.)

                        Mark's veggie chips should do you fine as well, they have fat in the form of cheese. It's up to you if you want to include dairy.

                        Anyways I'm so glad to hear you didnít go for the bread! That would've destroyed your path to carb addiction freedom. :P Congrats on the IF too! Keep it up and you'll definitely reach your goal.


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                          Hi KatFish! Good to hear from you again. I really appreciate all of your feedback.

                          The problem with nuts is portion control. As you may have read earlier if I eat too many I essentially poop them out (or at least that is what it looks like... eww). I want to limit nuts to a serving or two maybe twice or 3 times a week at the maximum for weight loss and digestive reasons. Good snack suggestions (I am eliminating dairy for weight loss but I would love to try pemmican!). I heard about pork rinds on a another thread which sounded perfect, too!

                          Thanks a ton. I am so happy with myself that I have NO desire to binge. I have been binging for a year so this is saying something. I can't wait to beat my 3-week stint record for not binging! It's a sad record, I know, but hey, I'm being completely honest here!


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                            Day 10!

                            B(11:30AM)- leftover chicken* + salad + 2 tbs usual dressing**

                            L(3:30PM)- 2 traditional sausages + 1 egg


                            *Approximately 1 wing and 1 thigh with skin from the restaurant last night. The menu said no added oils were used in the roasting!

                            **See 3/04 for ingredients.


                            Energy | 1090 kcal

                            Protein | 62 g

                            Carbs | 18 g

                            Fiber | 5 g

                            Fat | 87 g


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                              B- IF (20hours!)

                              L- 2 traditional sausages

                              s- 1 oz pork rinds and 9 strawberries

                              D(10:30PM)- salad with usual dressing + 1 egg + 5 ounces 'breakfast' sausage


                              Energy | 1380 kcal

                              Protein | 66 g

                              Carbs | 30 g

                              Fiber | 7 g

                              Fat | 111 g


                              I walked to the gym (<10minutes), warmed up on the stair-climber for 10 more minutes, lifted weights for about 20 minutes and walked home with two sprints along the way that were probably 70 yards each. It took about 50 minutes total.


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                                B- IF

                                L- 10oz &#39;breakfast&#39; sausage + lots of asparagus cooked in 1 tbs butter + 9 strawberries

                                D- 2 traditional sausages


                                Energy | 1445 kcal

                                Protein | 65 g

                                Carbs | 37 g

                                Fiber | 12 g

                                Fat | 120 g


                                I went for an hour long walk toady but it was all flat terrain. I didn&#39;t feel like I was working much, but at least it is better than my usual daily position of sitting.