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  • Wow, I hadn't realized you'd lost 4 kg in 6 weeks. That's a pretty great rate, especially considering the fact that it's STAYING gone! I'm thinking you should market the burger and ice cream diet - and the "cheat" days would be the ones with the cheesecake thrown in. I guarantee you'd have many people following it with high hopes. Hell, I'd even give it a spin just to be able to eat the cheesecake!

    Your story about the lady on FB is pretty funny and at the same time, frustrating. I often just have to quit reading, because "hearing" that someone is desperate for help because "THIS IS NOT WORKING!!", but then in the same sentence announcing the things they refuse to give up is just a total waste of the reader's time. Guess what, people - if you're not willing to give it up, your fat cells won't be, either. You choose!! Oy....

    With the ADF, do you find that you feel really energized on your down days? Once I know for sure that my dosage and timing is right and my levels are closer to where we want them, I'm going to see how I feel with one fasting/ low cal day a week, and then eventually move it to two if I'm not feeling any negatives with the one. I'm actually not wanting to do it as a method of losing, though - but for the other benefits. I may even wait until I'm at my goal "weight", even though my true goal is recomp and an improved fitness level, resembling my pre-thyroid crash days. The number on the scale has become less and less relevant, which is great. I'm happy with the trend lately and will leave well enough alone for a bit.

    Hang in there with the phd stuff - I admire your hard work! I'm sure you'll be glad you did it when it's all over with.

    You know, I've honestly never thought much about hypothyroidism during pregnancy, but I want to say I've read somewhere that some women are able to go down on their meds while pregnant. Their particular bodies, for whatever reason, seemed to function more optimally overall, which included better thyroid function, and I want to say better conversion in the liver. I'll have to see if I can find it. I tend to think there's really something to it because when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was the best I've EVER felt in my life. As soon as she was born, my body rapidly (or more like INSTANTLY!) slid down a steep slope and I was completely miserable, but what truly got me into the MD was a really scary post-partum depression. This was the first time the issue of my crappy thyroid came up as an adult. I also had zero estrogen or testosterone in me, but it was all related. Started on an estrogen patch at the age of 26. Oh, yeah - and Wellbutrin. It was so weird, as I was the happiest I'd ever been in my life, thanks to this beautiful baby girl I now had, but there was this horrible, dark cloud following my every step. I so wish I would have investigated and educated myself more on thyroid health. It's unreal to look back and realize how many things happened to my body and mind for years as a result of what I now know was going on. We attributed much of it to my chronic sleep deprivation, especially once since I was quickly back to working the good old nightshift while nursing a newborn. We weren't wrong about that, as it was a major factor, but there was so much more to it. I have no doubt that the chronic lack of sleep was (and is) probably the most significant contributing factor to my thyroid hell. Thank GOD we're now treating it! I now have a TOTALLY different outlook on life. I know you get that.

    I hear you on the steak and eggs thing - I could have done that before, when I still felt good as a VLC'er, but I have no desire to go back to that life for any significant period of time - like you, I finally realized that my body needs more carbs, although I'm still LC by most standards.

    How's Joey??
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    Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

    - Robert Louis Stevenson


    • Ha yeah I know, and someone pointed out to me, 8kg in 4 months, or since the start of the year! So an average of 2kg a month! I still can't quite believe it!! Hm, yes I can write my own book.

      It will start with commiserations, how I too have tried every diet and failed, but trust me, THIS DIET WILL work, you just have to commit! Then I will detail and incredibly detailed and complex regime of diet, including the weekly burger and ice cream, which if you stick to 100% you are guaranteed to lose weight, but as it is impossible to follow you will probably fail, and therefore the fault of the diet failure is not the diet but you, the reader. LOL! Yes, I have read many diet books.

      OH my god, once I was in the conversation she kept directing stupid questions at me and I couldn't stop. But I am ignoring her posts now. One was, 'OMG, I just ate a muffin with egg and bacon, and a chocolate milk, and I am SO full, how ever will I make 1700 calories?'. And another was, 'It's (4pm-ish) and I have only eaten 600 calories I hope dinner is large!'. B*tch please! I can eat 600 calories for breakfast, AND i do. If you eat SO little how on earth did you get overweight in the first place? (I have already ruled out any metabolic conditions for her, so I can say that without being a hypocrite haha). But honestly, you can't expect to lose weight without effort, or lose weight while scoffing junk food. She is obviously lying to herself about how much she is eating. And if you are lying to yourself no one else can help you.

      Um, nah I wouldn't say I feel really energuised, but I don't feel as flat and beat on them as I did initially. And yeah, I think for me, the weight loss si awesome, but I definitely want to stick with it for the anti-cancer and anti-dementia benefits. As well as easier weight maintenance.

      Wow, that's really interesting about your thyroid during pregnancy and post-partum depression. They say that untreated thyroid can often be confused with, or at least contribute to, depression. Mother-guilt is the worst (so my mum tells me) - she assures me that no matter what you do, you feel guilty about everything. I imagine that would be intensified with post-partum depression. But I am glad you got through it, and that the thyroid treatment is making you feel even better! I asked a few people online and apparently it's perfectly safe to take t3 during oregnancy and breast feeding, you just need to keep an eye on your dose to make sure you're getting enough. I was starting to have pre-mother guilt that my vanity and selfishness of wanting to lose weight would harm my future babies!

      Joey is HUGE, a great big idiot of a thing, but gorgeous and seems to absolute love me. I instill a fear in dogs that is closely entwined with great love and respect from them. I am good at being pack leader


      • Joey.jpg

        The Giant J-Dawg. Not quite the cutie he once was.


        • Okey dokey, I have decided to drop back to two fasts next week. I have really struggled this week, and as usual I think I took it too far, dove in head first, went the whole hog, etc. So a few weeks at 5:2, and if I don't lose anything for a bit, hey, happy to consolidate my losses so far. Still 5 months to Hawaii! Roughly


          • Yes, I definitely think droping back to two fasts is the right decision for me. It was a feast day today and tomorrow anyway, but just knowing it's 2 instead of 3 next week feels like a lot less hard work, and a lot less like a diet. Worst that happens is I stay the same! Well, not the worst that could happen, but the most likely thing that could happen

            I did a weights session with my PT on Thursday, and man was I feeling it last night/this morning! If your muscles hurt does that mean they are likely retaining water for repair too?

            Out for tea tonight with my brother and his wife. I have checked out the menu in advance, thinking of getting a morrocan lamb salad. I'd toyed with pizza, but have already had a hamburger this week. And am thinking of getting a yummy cocktail instead of cake - cherry ripe or toblerone??


            • Also I am putting the scales back in the cupboard until June 1. I've gotten a tad obsessive and excessive with the weighing again.


              • OK, failed at a healthy night out! I dunno why, now that I am finally loising weight all my resolve to eat primally is going out the window. Three cocktails and a pizza out the window! Trying not to dine out on that side order of guilt for the rest of the week

                It was REALLY good catching up with my borther and SIL, and getting some one on one time with them (and my husband too of course).

                And I didn't weight myself! Thank god....


                • Oh gawd, I have no self control Visited my mum yesterday and she had made homemade flourless orange cake, so of course I ate a hgue piece with ice cream. Calories were still under for the week, but not as much as usual. Usual fears of gaining weight. Also as I am not getting on the scale til June 1, I am afraid that not seeing my weight will lead me to continue to be too lax with the diet and gain. Also I didn't ride this morning, as I have a late meeting with my supervisor and needed the sleep in. And only fasting twice this week. And dinner out AGAIN on Saturday. And Hawaii looms.

                  I need to keep repeating to myself that I made a conscious decision to drop back to two fasts for a few weeks and just aim to maintain my current weight. My aim was to MAINTAIN. So far nothing has jeapordised that. I hate this, I just want to be at my goal weight already! It has been too too long a journey.


                  • OK done stressing, just proceed as normal

                    Last night I dreamt I started a herb garden, at from 4 am I was wide awake with desire for a garden! Pity it is almost Winter. But my dad is an avid gardener so he is going to donate some plants to me, and help me out come spring. Or back yard is pretty small and bleak, I just want to rejuvinate a section of garden bed with some herbs and shrubs and flowers. Something to potter about in on the weekends.


                    • OK, I am getting very excited about starting a garden! My dad has some plants to give me, and I am going tog et out on the weekend and start prepping the place for Spring.


                      • Oh my dad is so cute. I went round to talk about gardening, and as well as giving me advice, he has started lots of little cuttings of lavender and jasmine under his heat lamps for me. And he already went out and bought rosemary and thmye and is going to repot them for me. There will be nothing left for me to do! But no, we have gotten more ambitious and are going to do more than just a herb garden and the garden bed. Nothing too expensive, as we only plan to be at this house a few more years, but it will make it a bit more attractive when it does come time to seel, because at the moment the garden is bare, weedy, dead and ugly. Plus it is really nice to have something to talk about with me dad. Brings back happy memories of gardening with him when I was a LOT younger


                        • That is so cool that you're going to be able to do this garden, and so sweet that your dad is getting into it and it's shaping up to be a bonding experience! I'm excited for you. I'd love to do something similar someday when my house situation is different.

                          Hooray for your conscious efforts to stay off of the scale for a while and to take a "break" and shoot for maintenance. I'm thinking that you may still see some loss, to tell you the truth. You're already on track to meet and maybe even surpass your goal by Hawaii time!

                          Sounds like your mom's baking would render me defenseless and I'd have to wear a clothespin on my nose and request that she keep such items out of my sight!
                          Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

                          - Robert Louis Stevenson


                          • Argh, yes, her cooking is the devil! But so good, she does the best cakes.

                            I actually was bad and got out in the garden for an hour yesterday instead of doing uni work. It was good to get started though, jsut weeding the flower beds etc - full of rocks and tree roots.

                            I also banged my little toe on a foot stool thingy yesterday, and it is all bruised and sore today!

                            Hm, I don't think I'll lose any weight, definitely not feeling any smaller, and I have another dinner out at an italian place that only does pizza and pasta on Saturday. But I am going to do another easy week next week, then go back to a three fast week to try and kick start the weight loss again. I just want to get rid of these last 4kg and be done!

                            Our yard isn't very big, and unfortunately doesn't get much sun, but I am hoping with dad's advice I will be able to get something going


                            • Sigh, I think I am getting a bit of a cold!

                              Also I went home early yesterday because frankly the Statistics Rhd office, which I share with a handful of other students, is filthy - first mice (and the cleaners still haven't answered our requests about that), and yesterday an infestation of big fat disgusting flies. *shudder*. I killed a few, but it made me dry retch, and then when the next door room was opened there were even more, so I just went home.

                              Upside was another hour spent digging in the garden rather than doing uni! In all honestly I felt sick, was hurting all over from my PT session on Thursday, AND fasting, I just couldn't concentrate. Anyway there appears to be the remains of a brick wall in what is to be my flower bed. Will need to think about how to get it out.

                              Also I caved and got on the scales, still 62kg. Which, although slightly disappointing because I'd love to have lost, it's probably pretty good for the weekend I had last weekend and dropping back to two fasts.

                              Dinner out tonight. I am looking forward to next weekend when I have NO social functions.


                              • In spite of having a cold I am feeling really good about today's fast! The last two weeks have been tough, but perhaps dropping back to 5:2 last week is having a positive effect on this week? We'll see.

                                Apart from that I am working from home today rather than the uni, because pretty much all I am doing is blowing my nose, and in spite of the fact that EVERYONE ELSE in my office insists on coming in to work and blowing copious amounts of snot into tissues in close quarters with everyone else, and hacking up half a lung, and generally spreading their sickness about, I have decided that I won't go down that path. Hence staying at home!