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  • Darth Friendly's Friendly Primal Journal of Doom.

    After 2 weeks (is this really day 15?) I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stick with this for a while, until I either stop getting results or decide to do a "weird science diet" where I live off of centipede extract or some such. Whichever comes first.

    Soooooo, I started out around 300lbs. According to my completely untrustworthy scale as of this morning I'm at 280. I do not believe this for a second, and think that maybe that scale is lying to me, however, my pants are looser, so I'm willing to believe that I've lost maybe around 10lbs. (15lbs. maaaaaybe... but not 20lbs.) I mean 20lbs of water weight just doesn't compute, but as long as the fat is coming off I don't give a damn. My body comp./body fat has to be very high I'm 5'6 (Most of it is torso, very short arms, and legs.) Above 30% almost assuredly.

    My end point goal is 175lbs at single digit body fat 8-9% but I'll be happy just to get the body fat down. I'm 35 years old also. This is a long term goal, I want to look good, and feel great, that's the real goal the weight body fat number is just a subjective yard stick.

    10 years ago I did the raw vegan thing for 5 years, and freaked out completely going right back to eating complete garbage and my weight ballooned up to it's current porportions. My metabolism is probably a mess, but I wouldn't know numbers for blood, insulin, or such. I haven't been to see a doctor in quite a long time, and should probably go.

    I had been trying to implement a Lower carb/Higher protein style diet, multiple meals a day/every 2-3 hours, etc. for about 2 years, and failing miserably. That style of eating left me hungry, binging, and defeated. (And fatter, and fatter.) So reading through more, and more low carb/primal blogs I found my way here, and decided to give it a try.

    So for the last two weeks I've cut out all starches, sugars, flours, extraneous carbs, and such. My only slip up was half of a scandinavian potato cake my roommate brought home from a restaurant, and left out for me last week. I felt tired, and cranky the next day, but that could have been a lack of sleep that night, or anything else. Still won't experiment with that kind of thing for a long while yet.

    I'm easing into this. Not shooting for ketosis yet, tracking carbs, or calories. I've been sedentary far too long, I'm working at getting lots, and lots, and lots more "slow movement" first, fortunately I live in NYC so walking is a natural, I also love kung fu, and taiji so I've got that going on for me as well. Next up, and soon it'll be lifting, and sprints. I really liked doing Tabata protocol with light weights too. But I'm aware that I've got limitations from being so lazy for so long, so I'm, going slow with that at first.

    I am loving the complete lack of a sense of deprivation with PB. Okay, so last night I wasnted some "rhode island style" calamari, which is friend calamari with pickled hot peppers, and then a bit later I was eyeing some dr.browns black cherry, but these are weak emotional/mental cravings, not insanely strong driving obsessional urges that I was experiencing on raw vegan, and CW lower carb/fitness style diets.

    After years of hearing about eating every few hours, protein, protein, protein I was a little leary at first about IF. During my first week I was tracking calories, and kind of surprised to see that I was only getting around 1100-1500 calories a day, and hadn't accounted for all of the refined carbs I had cut out. That was kind of shocking. I upped my fat intake a bit, and dropped the calorie counting. I also have half embraced IF. I'm eating when I'm hungry now. If i'm not hungry for several hours, I'm not eating. No more breakfast obsession. (MOST IMPROTANT MEAL OF THE BLAH BLAH...) ALthough I often wake up hungry. (But sometimes I don't.) I used to fast for weeks at a time when raw, which I don't think helped anything.

    I wrote about a potential hang up I've got in another thread. I'm pretty sure that I have gallstones. This is what prompted me to go vegan in the first place, I've read the stuff posted about high carb diets causing the gallstones, and higher fat intake as merely exposing them. Whatever the case I think I probably have them, and need to figure out a way to deal with them effectively. The other day I had some extremely fatty pork (roasted so that the skin was crispy, and then layers of fat, and meat... mmmmm.) Which made me slightly ill/nauseous, a familiar feeling that I associate with (and feel originating from) my gallbladder. Granted that was WAY more fat than I'm used to eating at once. So I'm chilling out with that until I figure out how to handle it.

    I'm eating a bit of dairy at them moment, full fat greek yogurt (most often made into a spiced yogurt soup Raita) some butter, and a bit of grass fed cheeses from my farmer's market. I may cut that out eventually for a time to see how I feel.

    I try not to eat eggs every day, or more than once a day, but they're pretty commmon. I buy alot of chicken, and fish, and then about halfway through the week get tired of it, and demand red meat. Coconut oil, chicken fat, duck fat, butter, olive oil. I should probably start back on with the fish oil caps too.

    I eat about 2-3 small handfuls of almonds a day as a snack to stave off hunger either while I'm out, and don't want to stop at a restaurant, or mostly at work.

    As I said I'm not shooting for ketosis yet, I have frozen blue berries, and like one or two frozen strawberries at a time as a snack/treat. Lots of broccoli (my CW penance food) lots of salads. Although I'm no longer afraid of eating meat, and fat without them at this point. Come spring when there are fresh berries at the farmer's market I'm going eat them like it's going out of style. My favorite is black rasberries. I don't give a damn if it's "not necessary" I like it. Sex, and Heavy Metal aren't "necessary" for most people, but I ain't quittin' those things either dammit. (And I'm going to eat a watermelon this summer too, if cucumbers, and watermelon make me fat, so be it.)

    I take a galaxy of chinese herbs, and other herbal supplements. Schizandra berries FTW!

    uh... that's all I can think of for now. More to come.

    Today's food so far has been-

    S:Handful of almonds.

    L:Jamacian Jerk Chicken salad.

    S:Oolong tea, Gyokuro tea, small small handful of pecans, and another small handful of walnuts.

    D: Will be, but hasn't been yet Steak salad at chipotle with guacamole.

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    Oh, yeah... I'm a Tea Fanatic as well. 6 pots today. Japanese, and Chinese green teas, and especially Oolongs. F@KC YEAH!


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      And here I am telling lies already...

      ...forgot to mention- I had 5 leftover chicken wings for breakfest.


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        DarthFriendly, I didn't think of it in your other thread about the gallstones, but weight loss itself is another risk factor. Not that you can really do anything about that (other than not do a very low calorie thing), but sometimes it helps just to have some idea why things may be happening.


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          I didn't know you had one.

          Now I can come here and make irrelevant and arrogant comments of my own.

          "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
          -Raymond Peat, PhD


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            Snark away O' Our Lady Meatless Saladlessnesses.

            ...I don't think I will be doing daily reports about all of the things I eat every single day, but here was today's haul anyway-

            B: Grilled Salmon over a salad, Calves Livers with grilled Onion, and Bacon, and Green Beans. Club Soda with lemon

            S: Almonds, and Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea.

            D: 4 German Wurst (the best wurst!) Saurkraut, red, and white, grilled onions, mustard, curry ketchup, half a pickle.

            S: 1 frozen Strawberry.

            Maybe I learned something today... something I wish wasn't true. After eating that Liver I had the runs. And I don't mean sprints either. I wouldn't necessarily blame liver outright, except the same thing happened last week, and the only thing that I had on both days was the Liver.

            I'm going to have liver again, maybe next week, maybe not, but if I get a 3rd "strike" I'll have to think this through, since I really enjoy liver dammit.

            I've also noticed that things that would have taken me longer, or been more tiring seem to be alot more effortless lately. At work there's a 5 story flight of stairs that must be climbed every so often, about halfway up I'd usualy go "Man, am I out of shape" and keep going. Now I'm out of breath at the top, and wondering when it got so easy all of the sudden? Similarly I walked all the way home from work, a mere 20 blocks or so, more since I zigged, and zagged cross town a bit. This wasn't impossible for me before, just not preferable, now I'm home before I realize it. No special attention to increased physical activity accounts for this either. I still pretty much lack in that field so far, but a nice side benefit.


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              My favorite part was the one frozen strawberry.

              Do all you New Yorkers eat like supermodels?

              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
              -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                No lie, so like this one time last year I was hanging out at a party/brunch and this broadway actress who was there tried ONE piece of sweet maple candied bacon, and wouldn't eat anything else. It was kind of funny, and we had to make fun of her. But then again, she had to get up on stage in a bikini and sing in an hour, which weren't none of us doin' so there's that.


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                  Today was a farmer's market day. I spent mad cash.

                  Like I said in my Heart thread I bought a goodly quantity of grass fed beef, especially for my tiny shared NYC refridgerator. A Top Round Roast, a Ribeye Steak, and a Beef Heart. With the goal of eating all of them this week.

                  I also got some grass fed cheeses. Fresh Scallops, and some eggs. I thought about getting some smoked Duck breast, but my budget was already way shot.

                  for breakfast I made an omlette, fried in butter, with herbs, and the "cave aged" chedder I just bought.

                  I went to work, got into an arguement with a co-worker, and am now having a Pu'erh tea with Rhodiola Rosea, and some Duck Soup.

                  Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will offer me a new job on the way home.


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                    DF, love the journal name! Oh, and grass-fed cheese, yuuuuummmmm! Scallops, too, huh? You lucky dog!

                    Want to know how you make out with that heart, there.


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                      Mmm.... grass fed cheese is the BEST. I can't wait to get my hands on some more. And scallops too. You made out like a bandit!

                      That cave cheese wouldn't be from Howe Caverns would it? Went there a couple summers ago. I was so tempted to pretend to be pregnant so I could sneak a wheel out under my shirt. :P


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                        I hate you! You yankee bastard, with your grass fed cheeses and fresh scallops!


                        I have got to get my ass to the farmer's market. Maybe I'll hate people less for eating good foods.


                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                          NoSaladwoM- You don't have to be hatin' on me too hard, I still have almost your entire bodyweight to lose, so it evens out. Even here in the 'not center of the universe' (heheheh, this farmer's market isn't even one of the bigger ones... ah, New York City it sucks here. hahahaha...)

                          Diana Renata- No, it's funny I don't remember the name of the farm, but I don't think that's it. I see them every week too... Bobolink farm? maybe that's it. They have soooo many awesome cheeses too, I have to limit myself, I think I spent like &25 with them one week getting differnt kinds. This week they had a super runny cheese, that even outside in the 50* temp. was nearly liquid, oh man.

                          DebF- I think I've settled on making Chili, that braised Bacon Wrapped Beef Heart that hannahc posted looks too awesome, but I think it'll be Chili this time around.


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                            Move to Montreal! We can hate on NYC together.

                            Join the dark side, we have rabbit :]

                            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                            -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                              Slow roasting the Top Round Roast in a spice rub as I type...

                              Spice Rub Du Jour-

                              2 tbs. Fresh Ground Black Pepper.

                              1 tbs. Paprika

                              1 tbs. Corriander

                              1.5 tbs. Cumin

                              1 tsp. Chipotle Chili Powder

                              1 tsp. Sea Salt

                              1 tsp. Oregano

                              Ate a whole Avocado in a salad with some home made szechuan hot sauce so I'm feeling quite satiated, but the Roast is an hour and a half away so...

                              ... today was the weekly brunch at work, I brought a salad, and ate that, and some pork meatballs that a friend made w/o breadcrumbs. There was a whole galaxy of cupcakes, cookies, donuts, bagels, pastas. I didn't have any, didn't feel deprived, but some portion of my brain did go "hmmm, those look tasty." More like a voice/thought than a physical craving. Same thing happened last night when I saw some awesome looking garlic bread, but I was strong! I yelled "By the power of Almighty Satan's Pitchforked Triple Wang, I cast thee out unclean carb craving!!!" and resisted.

                              Wonder if these thoughts will increase with time.