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Fribble's next phase: Primal Days 30-60

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  • Fribble's next phase: Primal Days 30-60

    Hey everyone!

    I went back to edit this first post to add a little intro, because since this first original post below, I discovered some pretty intense food sensitivities, which were later confirmed by a doctor: Wheat, gliadin, cow's milk, soy, tomatoes, and a few other random things.

    Since I started this thread, I realized that this was going to be a lifelong thing, not just another 30 days, but I found it useful to keep journaling every few days. Hopefully my obsessive documentation will be useful for someone else, too. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks for stopping by.


    Here's a little background about me: After a pretty successful thirty-day challenge to finally and officially go fully primal/paleo, I feel fitter and sleep better. When I accidentally ingest grains, I notice right off because I get a little asthmatic, and in one case my heart started pounding. I think this means I have either a wheat or gluten allergy or intolerance. I tested negative for celiac, though I had been about 80% grain free at that point for several months.

    My goals are to address a range of weird and annoying things I've been dealing with for at least a decade, including about 20 pounds overweight, IBS (bloating, rumbling, and very loose BMs every single time), water retention that is mostly limited to my feet and lower legs, asthma and allergies (I developed a serious dust mite issue), and a propensity for getting repeat UTIs and colds and sore throats.

    Other than those annoying things, I'm healthy, basically happy, but really really really busy. So I make sure to meditate as often as possible, take frequent walks with the dog, and exercise when I feel too jittery. I usually run between 7 and 10 km at a pop, giving myself around an hour, no pressure. I do core resistance training but not enough due to time constraints, so I've taken to doing squats when nobody is watching. My husband is really supportive and eats what I eat. I think he might actually have a similar issue, whatever my issue is.

    My challenge for the first 30 days:

    - Cut out dairy: DONE!
    - Cut out grains: DONE!
    - Cut out sugar: Mostly done. I had a glass of wine with dinner frequently, and I suspect this messed with my results a little. When I didn't have any (dark) chocolate or wine, I craved potato. Sometimes the potato won. So yeah.

    My challenge for the next 30 days:

    - Continue the above
    - Cut out alcohol
    - Get more sleep, earlier. Aiming for 10pm. (Can she do it?????)

    We'll see what results this yields. I'm happy to meet you all, so please don't be shy! I'd love to hear from you!
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    So here we are at official Day 30. My one-month experiment ended and I look forward to the next phase.

    I didn't eat very much today, but it was not a typical meal day for me. It was sort of a weird party day. Went shopping today and read labels like crazy. Wheat or gluten is in EVERYTHING. Seriously.

    2x black coffee with .5 tsp coco oil (total), 4 walnuts
    1 baked sweet potato with olive oil, curry & other spices
    2 turkey sausages (non gluten, naturally)
    1 cup coconut ice
    1 mango
    sparkling wine

    Sports today was a bike ride plus walk/sprint in the woods, together about 2.5 hrs.


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      Just realized I haven't posted my basic stats: I'm 5' 6", started a month ago mostly at #148. Today am hovering at #146.


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        Day 33. Hovering more around #145 now.

        Had some dairy and white rice and paid for it in the form of a very unhappy stomach. I'm pretty sure the dairy was the primary offender, but I'm not curious enough to purposely test it in a few days.


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          Day 35.

          Choosing to eat Primal hasn't been a problem, as before, but I still get sucker-punched by the additives in frozen food. This time I had a delicious steak and cooked some frozen red cabbage (which I love) on the side. It was "plain" cabbage, but when we fished the bag out of the trash, we saw, in very tiny letters, the "Stärke" ("starch") which was added.

          Immediately after eating, I crashed. I was in bed by 8pm while it was still totally light out, and had to use my asthma inhaler twice and one allergy tablet. I don't know whether the tablets even help, so I've scheduled an appointment with my allergist. I'm in the final year of my anti-allergy shots for dust mites (a very strong allergy I spontaneously developed a few years back). It's been very successful… the only time these days that I seem to be using meds is when I eat wheat or gluten.

          I'm alarmed at the strength of my reaction to it. I'm hoping it's psychosomatic somehow, or a phase of discovery in which the reactions are more pronounced at the beginning.
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            Day 38 and my stomach is still really upset. Wah. I'm taking really good notes now on what physical reactions I have to which foods, if any, and I noticed today the following progression since the accidental gluten a couple days back:

            Day 34: EVIL CABBAGE DAY: Crashed, breathing issues, IBS-D. (and I thought that was the end of it)
            Day 35: Slight joint pain in my ankle. Slight chance I ingested a trace of wheat or soy, but no major reaction, so maybe not. I was, however, a major world-class pain in the ass that day, with apologies to Mr. Fribble. However, maybe that's the super moon's fault. IBS-D.
            Day 36: Ran a 10k race. Sucked majorly, added 4 minutes to my last race time. MAJOR SIDE STITCH ALL THROUGH THE RACE. Still IBS-D.
            Day 37: Serious recovery issues, much more than usual. Knee & ankle protest majorly. I've never had injuries there. Develop sniffles and stuffy nose towards evening. STILL IBS-D.
            Day 38: Today. Towards afternoon I started feeling like I have the flu. Nobody I know is sick. My ankle still hurts, heat helps. Knee is fine now. I feel tired, flushed, feverish. Stomach as unhappy as days ago. Uuugh.

            So either I have a real flu, or this is a gluten effect. I wanted to track it just in case.


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              Day 39. So yesterday was weird. I had "the flu" for about 12 hours, was FREEEEEZING cold in bed, unable to sleep, then magically at about 3am I was burning up and felt much better. So I guess my oven turned on and made up for lost time.

              Lungs are still tired today, better, but still not 100% ever since the race 3 days ago. I feel about 90-95% well. IBS improved but still very uncomfortable. I'm surprised by that. Took a psyllium/bentonite shake earlier, and it helped. Now I guess I need another one, because ever since dinner (gluten-free sausage with a truly minuscule amount of cheese in it, done in a small amount of butter with zucchini) I'm feeling gross again.


              It's kind of funny though to think that I am posting about this stuff on the internet. Ha.


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                Day 40.

                Yeah. So I feel like CRAP. Despite feeling better yesterday during the day, I felt craptastic again towards evening, chills, joint pain, lungs still annoyed, fever, sweating, headache, IBS-D. I had to walk the dog at around 10pm, and I dressed in a warm sweatsuit lined with fluffy fabric, plus a winter jacket, plus a wool scarf. I passed 3 people in shorts and t-shirts. I felt a little dumb.

                This morning I just feel like I have a light flu, headache (I almost never get headaches), aches, chills, felt faint a few times, like I'd pass out. Increased joint pain (ARGH), IBS-D SLIGHTLY better, thank goodness. Was able to eat 2 eggs done in coconut oil, now I'm lying in bed hoping to feel better by the time I have to drag myself to my next appointment in 2 hours.

                I wonder if this is some sort of candida or bacterial die-off. Anyone? I'm so frustrated.


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                  Day 43.

                  Hello hello. What a bizarre week this has been. I feel much better today but that was the weirdest health escapade I've had in a long long while. It's not quite over yet, but I feel on the definite upswing. In fact, I feel like I am coming out of this... this... whatever it is, at least a little bit healthier than I was a week ago.

                  My husband and I are convinced that was no viral flu. It came and went. It was like the most disorganized flu ever.

                  I did take flu medicine (and stomach medicine, and reflux medicine), incidentally, and NOTHING worked. Nobody else knew I was ill at all, and in fact I got compliments on how GREAT I look. Huh??? Skin clear and soft-looking, face not puffy (uh, didn't know it was puffy to begin with but thanks), and overall thinner. I did lose 7#, mostly probably due to water and eating very little as I've had such a sensitive stomach. I have been tired many days, but oddly I have also been really strong and vital. Any flu I've had before, I was tired and out for the count. Not this time.

                  There were many flu symptoms, and many not-flu symptoms. I did not feel any temperatures, none. My body was on its own planet, and I had to be really careful to let myself literally freeze a few times because I didn't realize I had a really high temperature. Then 30 minutes later I would be icy cold. I don't know anyone who is ill right now, with anything. I asked. I was not bedridden, I had to force myself to bed, but I had chills (sometimes), fever (sometimes), a weirdness in my upper lungs, a weird dry cough (for one day, until I coughed something up, then it stopped), little dizzy moments like vertigo, an ear infection for one day, a sinus infection for one day, post nasal drip for one day, severe reflux for two days, pounding heart for one evening, awful headache for 2 days, an extremely sore neck on two separate occasions, and on and on and on. But always on different days, and never long enough to call a doctor about it. Sometimes I would be perfectly fine, just with the constant stomach issue. Since last night the stomach thing is also evolving, the last to go.

                  Psychosomatic? Carb flu? Candida die off? Bacterial die off (which would make my last GP happy)? Something else entirely? People, I have no clue. But I can honestly say I feel like it's been a healing process.

                  The weirdest is that symptoms happened one after the other, like a greatest hits of all my medical hotspots over the last decade. Also weird is the smells. Wow. I am... just wow. My tissue feels different, even. I don't know how to explain it. Heavier, denser, leaner. But that could also be dehydration. So I'll continue chugging water and so where I am in a couple days.

                  I'll be glad when this weird not-flu is over!!
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                    Day 50.

                    Stomach is improved, but still very much on the side of IBS-D. No more cramps, thankfully, and all other symptoms are also gone. There IS improvement in my stomach, but that has been overshadowed by the development in the last few days of... Hemorrhoids. Sooooo great. So I'm in pain and can't sit, have to move every 5 minutes. Also my period came really early, which is weird. I still smell weird now and then. However, my skin and hair look really great. My appetite is back to normal but I've kept off the 7 or so pounds I randomly dropped 2 weeks ago. But I'm cranky.

                    I had a "cheat" a few days ago, some champagne, and also happened to have buckwheat (note: it's not wheat but it's a common allergen) and sauerkraut. The next day I had super puffy eyes, zits, joint pain, and red patches on my face. Not sure whether it was the champagne or the buckwheat. (Please god let it have been the buckwheat.) But it was almost all gone the next day.

                    My first 30 days were pretty uneventful. But these second 30 days can kiss my ass, honestly.


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                      Day 51: JOY RAPTURE AND HAPPINESS

                      As quickly as it came, my stomach issues have all but vanished. I give a lot of credit to some pumpkin muffins I made yesterday and then gobbled up. I also found some L-Glutamine way back in the vitamin drawer, and some pancreatic enzymes I had from a while ago. Everything is better now.

                      I LOVE YOU PUMPKIN MUFFINS. I LOVE YOU GLUTAMINE. I LOV- ok you get the point. It was pretty serious there for a while.

                      Happy Fribble.
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                        Day 57

                        Hm, I did a Day 53 but I guess the internet ate it. Not cool, internet. Anyway, I'm doing great. Digestion is back at tolerable function, and my hair and skin look great. I gained back a little of the weight I'd lost during Hell Weeks but this could be due to one or all of: hormones, wine a few times this week, and/or eating waaaaay too many baked Paleo/Primal treats. Nuts galore. But I'm also on some kind of weird baking kick, it's almost compulsive. I can't stop.

                        Since following the immune protocol, it's been kind of a drag on my social life. But I feel better so it's worth it for the time being.

                        Typical day lately:

                        Breakfast: 2 eggs in coco oil
                        Lunch: big salad with chicken breast and a little avocado, oil, lemon juice
                        Snack: apple or blueberries, some nuts
                        Dinner: steak and a green vegetable
                        Snack: Baked Paleo thing or 4.


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                          I could SWEAR I logged in on Day 60 and wrote a post. What the heck??

                          Anyway, it's Day 62 now.

                          Because I'm human, it didn't take much convincing when my husband proposed pizza for dinner. In the days prior, we'd both been way overboard with the carb cravings, probably because the paleo baked treats are like a gateway drug. But I think we were both curious about it what would happen. I'd been accidentally slipped a really small amount of some kind of rye by-product a few days earlier, and the reaction was muted. So I thought hm, maybe I've healed. I feel so great lately. Maybe my system can handle it once in a while.

                          So we had pizza for dinner and holy crap. First of all, I was like an addict out of control. I DEMANDED more pizza the next night and could not stop thinking about it all day long. I had serious carb cravings, and could not stop grazing all day long on whatever was around. The fallout was not pretty. But despite a really upset stomach, the return of (dry) Puffy Face, waking up both nights at 3am unable to get back to sleep, a stuffy nose, asthma, and a headache, I want even MORE.

                          Yeah. So... that's not so cool.

                          It's kind of wild, that, despite the major discomfort and serious drawbacks, I want to eat it. I WANT IT. It's a drug in my system. I'm sitting here, puffy, and having continued mild asthma, and I am nevertheless fighting the urge to eat wheat, the exact thing that made me feel like crap. So I don't know what the accurate big-picture message is there, but clearly I cannot handle this food.


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                            Day 66

                            Fighting a UTI that I have a feeling started as a result of my pizza spree, since I remember (but didn't write down, I don't think) that the last time I had gluten, I had UTI symptoms but managed to nip it in the bud with D-Mannose. This time it wasn't enough, and I had to take antibiotics. Which are not really working as quickly as I'd like. Ugh.

                            On the plus side of things, puffiness and bloating is finally going down significantly, stomach is ok as of today. So that's a week after pizza.

                            Oh also I noticed that some accidental soy ingestion also gives me a bit of asthma. So I'm glad I've been avoiding soy products. Miso doesn't seem to affect me, but soy chemicals in chocolate and otherwise "natural" foods from the organic grocer does. Good to know.
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                              Day 72

                              UTI stubborn, didn't respond to the first round of antibiotics. On another kind now, fingers crossed.

                              Got an official diagnosis of food "sensitivities," whatever on earth that is really supposed to mean to soy, wheat, gliadin, tomatoes, cow's milk, sugar, plus a few other random things. Nothing earth-shattering, and it doesn't mean I need to change my diet at all, actually. The doctor was panicked, I was like yeah no biggie.