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Mission Possible - Finding my inner caveman

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  • Mission Possible - Finding my inner caveman

    I should have started this journal a long time ago but I figure it's time to contribute and be accountable.
    I embaced the primal lifestyle on November 12th, 2011. This day has become very important to me in a only 5 months as I see it as my awakening.

    I have a similar story as many. I stuggled with weight throughout my childhood off and on and the scars it left are with me today. I have never been comfortable with myself physically and would avoid situations that involved me being shirtless for sure.

    I was always athletic as a kid and in high school but could never really contol my weight.

    My life has changed completely. I dove into this lifestyle after a friend told me to read Wheat Belly. It made complete sense to me and that brought me to PB and Robb Wolf and Gary Taubes and many more.

    I started at 220lbs at about 5' 9". 21 weeks into this and I am 165lbs!!! I were a loose 32 jean and a medium shirt.

    People aske me when I last weighed this and I honestly do not know. Probably before High School.

    I challenged a buddy to a 30 day "all primal" contest so this journal is for me to really keep up with what I am or am not doing.

    Mission Possible
    Don't just survive....THRIVE!!!

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    Today I ate:
    B - 3 eggs fried in bacon fat and 4 slices of bacon
    S - piece of 88% dark chocolate (endangered species---love that brand)

    Walked 1.75 miles at lunchtime
    Don't just survive....THRIVE!!!