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    I sit before you a 42 year old mom of 3 who has probably spent thousands of dollars this year between the "latest" diet (spent the last 2 months on Weight Watchers losing and gaining the same .6). My last expensive and chronic obsession was taking 5-6 spin classes combined with gravity body weight training and shockingly enough- the scale barely budged. At 42, I've finally grown tired of killing myself and being sore because of it for next to no results. It's like bashing your head against a wall. Right before I read the 21 Day Transformation, I spent yet another $200 on the "Insanity" video series. Thank god I read the book before I started killing myself on that one. After reading Mark's 21 Day Transformation, I very kindly lent it to a friend who is killing herself on it right now. I don't feel too guilty because she's already in phenomenal shape. :-) Have fun with that- I'd much rather pop my Ipod on and stroll along the ocean for an hour at a stretch. :-)

    My story isn't one of gobs of weight to lose- before kids it was always trying to lost the last 10 and after having 3 kids and 3 c-sections, I sit here 30 lbs more than I need to be. The problem is I can eat like an absolute pig (my favorites being bags of kit kats, reeses peanut butter cups, drop and bake Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookies... completely and utterly addicted to the very legal drug known as sugar.) and the weight gain never quite goes as high as I know it should. Although 30lbs to lose isn't chump change, I know I deserve to weigh 3 times that so for some warped reason, I don't stop.

    I'm not sure how I came across Mark's Daily Apple. Once I hit it, I couldn't get off of it. I'm not a vegetable girl and thought here I go again- try it for 2 days and realize it's another short lived diet and then go grab a few groceries and cave once I hit the candy aisle. Well, I'm only on day 4 but I haven't caved- and I'm not hungry. It's a completely new feeling for me- NOT BEING HUNGRY. I could eat thousands of calories of junk a day and be starving. I could eat an entire roll of Ritz Crackers and not be the least bit satisfied. I'm not sure what is making me stick with this but I am. In 4 days, I'm down 4 1/2 lbs which is fantastic but it's not the driving force. The driving force is eating when I feel like it when I'm hungry. What a novel idea... I've never tried that before. IN MY LIFE. I grew up in a household with a dad who never gained an ounce and who's philosophy was "Let's go places and eat things." He would literally leave a breakfast spot and 15 minutes later be talking about where we should eat lunch. So you might see where my body hasn't learned to listen to itself. :-)

    I'm trying to get rid of the diet coke slowly but surely- not 100% there yet. But I have 6 bottles of Pelligrino waiting for me once the last can is gone! I miss my coffee with skim milk and FOUR equals! but I may try coffee with a bit of coconut milk tomorrow morning and see what that does for me!

    Sample of my day today:

    Had a banana and almonds before I took a 1 hour walk.

    Had some leftover Chocolate Chili after my workout.

    Had some leftover Chicken Pad Thai for lunch I had made for dinner the night before...first time I tried using spaghetti squash as spaghetti and it was (gulp!) awesome!

    Had to sit on a soccer field for a few hours so I took along a little bag of 82% dark chocolate and some almonds- LOVE that combination.

    Dinner was some ground turkey with yellow peppers mixed in- and a little more almonds and dark chocolate for dessert.

    I'm going to slowly try and stop the snacking but I'm only on day 4... I'm cutting myself some slack.

    Well, day 4 is behind me and I'm going to bed NOT hungry. LOVE that feeling!
    [SIGPIC] Michelle

    Started PB 4/20/12 at 5'5" and 168.5 lbs

    4/30/12: 162.7

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    Day 6 of going primal- down 5.6 lbs! It would have taken me 6 + weeks on Weight Watchers to lose those numbers and I'd be doing it eating so much processed garbage! As I sit here enjoying my bacon and egg omelette, I don't miss those days! :-)

    Have a great day!
    [SIGPIC] Michelle

    Started PB 4/20/12 at 5'5" and 168.5 lbs

    4/30/12: 162.7