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    I've been exploring primal eating for a few months now. I dove in in February with info from the website & the 21-Day Transformations book. I cut out grains, added more meat, cut back on dairy. Then I took a ski trip with family in mid-March where I ate lots of crepes & hot donuts, came back to that crazy last half of semester and continued eating too many sweets--mostly ice cream (yum)

    April 1st, I came back to these primal ways. I'm 34 yo, 5'7" & have already come down from 174 lbs to 168--all the winter weight I had added in the last few months. I'm aiming for somewhere around 150. Figure I'll know the destination when I get there. My lowest adult weight was in 2002 at age 24 when I weighed 138 and wore a size 2! So that's definitely too low for me.

    I got to that point by not eating enough, anyway. I ended up with tons of anxiety and panic attacks. Took medication for them and gained a LOT of weight. I had some ups and downs but decided to take serious action in February 2008 at 196 lbs. I lost 21 pounds with a generally high-protein, lowish-carb regimen to settle happily at 175 in May. When I checked the scale again in September, I had lost another five pounds! I've hovered right around 170 since.

    I started running in junior high and have been an on-again, off-again runner as an adult. I'm feeling that springtime urge again right now! Yoga is my real passion, though. That, and gardening! I'm a full-time gardener and love being outdoors and active every day.

    Here's to 150!(ish)!

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    My waist was feeling slim today so I measured it--33", down one inch in the past 8 days! Love.
    I'm food tracking on FitDay right now, which is really working to help me be more aware of what I am actually eating. I felt like I ate a ton yesterday and was surprised to find I had around 1700 calories with 100 g of carbs & 87 g protein. Fat 55%, carbs 24%, protein 20%. Here is what I ate:

    --a cup of coffee with 2 tsp each cream & sucanat
    --a couple spoons of coconut milk straight out of the can--so addictive!
    --egg omelet with spinach, garlic, bacon & feta
    --salmon patties and celery sticks with sun butter
    --a little chai with raw milk
    --bonus primal-ish chocolate shake (that my boss shared with me-YUM) (are chia & hemp seeds considered primal?) I had no idea avocado would be so yummy in a smoothie!
    --grilled chicken, celery with roasted garlic cream cheese, a bite of baked beans (did not enjoy the beans so much)
    --a wee bit of ice cream!

    Delicious, indulgent day!
    I have come down from variable, untracked carbs to stick right around 100g/day. I find if I have much less, it's because I've replaced it with protein and if I go much over 100 g protein in a day I get digestive issues--constipation followed by diarrhea, accompanied by very uncomfortable bloating. So my body seems pretty happy with what I am doing. If my weight loss stalls out I will try dropping some carbs & possibly even more dairy. For now--perfecto!

    --Oh yes. AND for activity: yesterday was a short work day and I spent about 3 hours gardening. I also had an hour-long, somewhat vigorous yoga session and a half-hour walk around the neighborhood with the hubs.
    Looking forward to going to yoga class today! It's been hard to make it lately so it's been a couple weeks.
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      Getting the hang of things. It's weird, some days I go for hours without feeling hungry, then others BAM! I'm super starving all day. Those days I'm very hungry (like today) I'm trying to keep adding protein until I don't feel hungry anymore. That's my plan to stay away from the ice cream! Also, it feels like what I need.


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        Thanks for stopping by! I thought I'd come visit you as well.

        I love ice cream, too. I use to eat it for breakfast, but I've found that I don't crave it anymore....which is just awesome. Congrats on the weight loss so far!