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    Tomorrow is one full week of Primal. I think I am doing really well with my food choices. My biggest accomplishment is no pop or snacks. Maybe it is because the food is so good that I don't really feel like I am missing anything.

    I love cooking and have made a few recipes and so far so good. My oldest son had supper with me (Avocado, bacon and chicken salad) but was not satisfied. However, I heard no complaints from the steak the other night. I do miss the convenience of grabbing a bowl of cereal and need to find a good substitute.

    Goals for the day are to just work in the yard raking and getting general clean-up around the house (snow just melted so no rhubarb yet for that yummy dessert that stares at me when I log in to MDA).

    No meals planned but always eat breakfast, lunch and supper. I made primal mayo yesterday so maybe Tuna Salad or Devilled eggs. Also plan to make the ranch dressing as I haven't found an oil & vinegar I love.

    Looking forward to the week and continuing to grow in my knowledge of this lifestyle and make positive changes.

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    One week later and goodbye 9lbs! Last night was very restless; the house cat snuck out sometime during the day and can't find her
    , had a headache (read a post that mentioned iced coffee, probably not the best idea after 6), a little stiff from yard work and I generally felt blah! I love my sleep so feeling a bit off already.

    This week Turkey is the theme. I roasted it last night after a failed barbeque attempt. I'll master that another day. So I am guessing the day will begin like this:

    B- turkey (as I slice and dice)

    L- turkey salad (not very big as it has to be portable) containing whatever veggies I find topped with my freshly made primal mayo

    Snack - nuts and berries (maybe some Greek yogurt as well as I'm not home until 6)

    still can't believe I haven't had pop, must be YEARS since I have missed a day! A new week begins!


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      Didn't take yogurt, just the berries. Also found some turnip in the fridge and since I only eat it raw cut that up along with celery and that was the snack; no nuts either.

      Threw turkey bones and carrots, onions, etc into the slow cooker and so I am having some broth and meat. Make it into a full soup later. Added a sprig of Rosemary to the soup, yummy flavor. Uploaded picture and will start keeping track of my yummy concoctions. I like this journaling, makes me feel accountable. Why are there so many high carb snacks in the stores, sigh.?

      OOps, forgot about the Booster Juice. Not sure about how that rates, better check it out.

      Darn you Booster Juice. It appears we can no longer be friends!
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        Welcome Marcie. I'm glad primal is going well for you. Keep it up.
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          Wow! What a day. Found the cat (finally). Apparently she didn't sneak out of the house but into a drawer. What kind of animal is trapped for two days, in a bedroom, and does not meow when called. Even left the window open last night in case I heard her. My youngest found her today. I feel bad and she won't make eye contact.

          I really enjoy cruising the forum as so many people are extremely inspirational and I can relate to their stories. Who needs weekly meetings that cost lots? I wish I had just started this program in December but that can't be changed.

          Finding it hard to find transportable food, well, I found recipes but need time to get it made up. Lots of preplanning and I really suck at that. Procrastination does not fit with this program. Thinking about checking out the local gym to see what they can offer, not sure if I can motivate myself to get active. Plus I can't see myself hanging out at the local playground hanging from the monkey bars (current politically correct name escapes me), struggling to pull my body to a successful chin up. Sad picture in my mind, far from the buff guy on the you-tube video.

          today goes as follows:
          B- bacon and eggs and tomatoes with iced coffee (left over from yesterdays pot, I should get a smaller pot)
          L - Turkey with primal mayo and yummy orange peppers
          snacks - almonds (lots throughout the day) some carrots and celery and brought greek yogurt with berries but is not a great in the car snack so next time just berries
          S- its almost 7:30 and nothing yet but I'm not starving by any means! still have to shop, attend a parent-teacher conference and then supper (ugh)

          O ya, stopped at the health food store (fun) and bought lots of almond flour so I can bake some of the yummy (I hope) recipes. Also bought some of the Kombucha drink, that won't happen again!


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            Thanks for the note. It means a lot as it is my first. I will check out your blog during my quiet time (whenever that is!). I find the blogs extremely motivating.


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              Woke up to snow so that doesn't make me feel very motivated. I know I'm going to have a hard time on the days I come home tired and with no ideas in my head of what to eat. Ended up have my turkey broth, haven't added the veggies yet. So tempted to eat the cardboard pizza with the kids. Wondered if I would wake up starving but didn't. Starting to get hungry now, always need breakfast, always have.

              I think I need more sleep. Feeling tired and sluggish. Pretty sure I got 8 hours, but I always have to get up in the night at least once. No great ideas for meals today. Don't think I can do another day of Turkey mayo salad. I need to make some jerky or something that is easy to carry. I'll likely make due on fruit and nuts if I have a big breakfast that will most likely carry me through the day. Going to try and make the coffee creamer recipe, looks tasty. Time to get a move on. My kids don't have school today so it is quiet and only me to get out the door.

              B – Bacon and eggs
              Coffee with primal creamer -
              L – nothing – didn’t have time to make anything
              S – Chipotle Chicken -
              Chunky monkey ice cream -
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                I do believe I have found some sources of good pork and cattle, I am surrounded by farms and one of my students raises pigs and cattle on a small scale to make a little cash for himself. He has 3 pigs left from the 9 he raised last year and so we are going to make a deal as they are ready to butcher in a few weeks. Just a good old fashioned farm. They are also getting chickens so hopefully this fall I can buy those as well. Also found a farm near Saskatoon (I think it's actually a farmer's co-op) that sells just about everything, are all natural and have a supply of meat (lamb, pork, beef and chicken) all year. Hope to check that out soon as well.

                I'm off to the city to have a night out with friends so I may stray off the path, but I'll try my best. It's only one night so how bad can it get? (I hope I haven't jinxed myself).

                Change of plans as my friend's flight was cancelled so I'm at home.

                Found someone who has eggs, chickens are in a run during warm months and organic food during the day. She said the eggs are smaller and could connect me with someone who had larger eggs. When I asked the difference she said the yolks are the same size just more white (Her husband wants 'man-sized' eggs so she buys from someone else for him). I like the yolk so it seems like a good deal.

                B- bacon and sausage
                coffee with coconut creamer

                L - chicken pico from wendy's minus the wrap (I got hungry)

                S - Cheezburger in a bowl - My son said only if there is bacon will he eat it. I said of course. Even with minimal cheese, I feel like I'm cheating. It doesn't seem like diet food!
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                  It has been hard slugging these last few days. So tired when I get home can't find the energy to cook. Think I need to scale back my work and focus more on me! Still have to do my taxes, thank goodness for self-employed. Last few days I have eaten breakfast but can't find a portable lunch. Went to the health food store and they suggested protein shakes. Haven't found a portable shaker so most days are no lunch and come home ravenous and tired. There is no fast food for this lifestyle, everything comes on a bun!

                  So today I came home early, no lunch again, but cooking some recipes from a Paleo site. So supper is maple chicken and a broccoli and cauliflower salad with paleo miracle whip and bacon. I can't wait. Also couldn't find a red wine I liked but finally found one. I can take it. Since I can't get the cork back in do I have to drink the whole bottle?

                  This is a lifestyle for the organized so trying to get my house in order but lots of food going in the garbage as I need to plan better. Such a waste and it is not cheap food! No weight loss but I think my body is confused. A slice of pizza one night for supper and (deep sigh) macaroni and hot dogs another. Not over eating or snacking, just not great choices. Hopefully get on track, eat a good meal, walk the dogs and prepare for tomorrow. My weeks fly by so over two weeks no pop or chips (pat self on the back). Anyone with wine suggestions? I like mine a little sweeter and really prefer white. Do I have to drink wine? Wait, I can't believe I asked that!


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                    Marcie -- thanks for your note. I notice your "tired and weak" time corresponds to the same time I posted in my journal.
                    I wasn't hungry -- just no energy. Lasted two or three days. I'm wondering if we were experiencing the "carb flu" people here talk about and what I read in Marck's book last night.

                    Once I got over it (by sticking to PB foods) -- it just went away and I've felt great (stronger) since.

                    You over the weakness/tiredness yet?


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                      I think my tiredness is due to working too long and too many days without a break. I'm a bit of a work-a-holic and leave little time for myself. Made a new schedule and no working weekends in May and home by 4 or 5 most days. I've always been a bit lazy to add side dishes to meals so potatoes usually rot before I eat them and I do not miss rice or pasta. But I have a love for cereal, so easy and convenient, a meal in a box! (I know it isn't but . . . ). And snack food (also from a box or bag) because it's portable. I HAVE to order the books pronto. Going on my basic knowledge of counting carbs from Atkins and food picks are coming from recipes on primal or paleo sites so I know I'm eating the right stuff, maybe not enough dark green.

                      I'm also an emotional eater and don't have a go to plan for those days that are bound to arrive. Maybe I will just eat a chicken!? I feel good today because I went for a nice long walk with my youngest son and the dogs. Then had some leftovers from yesterday and made a berry protein shake. I lost another pound so maybe if I see some movement on the scale it will keep me going. Now I will check out 'carb flu' posts. I find this forum and Mark's blog very informative. Where did you get the cute weight loss picture at the bottom of your posts?


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                        I'm glad you're feeling better! That carb flu scared me that I was doing something awfully wrong, but when it passed, I've been feeling fine.

                        The weight loss ticker comes from: LilySlim - Weight-loss tickers
                        Register there and you can choose the graphic, slider and plug-in your info to make the kind you like. They give you the code to paste in your signature here.

                        Took me forever to find where to do that here. I had to click "notifications" at the top/right of this page, then click "inbox" after that, look at the list on the left and you'll see where to add it to your signature.

                        I watched the movie "Fat Head" yesterday and I wish I could send you the graphic it had about the amount of carbs/sugar in various foods. It compared them to equal amounts of SUGAR and the cereal had more carbs than the SUGAR! They also explained how the carbs/sugar makes your blood sugar spike and later fall (that's what makes us hungry).

                        I bought the movie from Amazon, and the additional movies at the end are just as informative as the main movie. There are about 5 interviews at the end that are super-informative. I understand inflammation better now and I hope to keep healthy arteries! I have high cholesterol and was on statin drugs. I tossed them, so it's either eat right or take the medicine. I REFUSE TO TAKE THAT MEDICINE after watching "Fat Head" and learning the side effects! I see my new way of eating now as an absolute necessity. I have no choice. I just had bloodwork at the dr. and won't do it again for one year. We'll see what PB can do for me and if it works (like I believe it will) I'll boldly tell my dr. what I'm doing (and the statin drugs can go to hell! LOL)

                        I think we're all emotional eaters at one time, or another. I seem to "diet" fine, it's just that I can't maintain. I have an "eat everything in site" or "lose weight" mentality. I know that maintenance is the key, so when I lose weight this time, that's what I'm going to concentrate on. I haven't tried fasting yet, but I've been reading to not concentrate on my DAILY performance. That I should evaluate my WEEKLY performance. I'm tracking my food right now at to see what I'm actually eating. Sometimes, I have a high-carb day, but then other days are very low. I average the week to see what I'm REALLY doing! LOL

                        A nutritionist told me the same thing once. Said to look at the weekly picture, or even a two-week picture. Some days, I don't get my veggies in and it's very low carb -- other days, I load up on veggies -- it all averages out weekly to show what I'm really doing food-wise.

                        My sister lost 100 lbs. on Adkins. I saw what she was doing (staying below 20 carbs) and didn't think it was healthy. She gained all the weight back. We were talking yesterday and I told her about PB (because I knew she understands low carb). She said "Yeah, but you get so sick of eating such a limited diet."

                        "Limited?" I said?!? I can eat between 50 - 100 carbs and lose weight. She was surprised and asked to read my PB book. Maybe she'll get inspired again, but this time, eat more healthfully with some good fruit and veggies. She has hip problems and the dr. told her she needs a hip replacement. Losing 100 lbs. surely would help the situation.

                        A few months ago, I met a man that said he lost 100 lbs. on Adkins -- 10 YEARS ago -- and has kept it off. (Now this is someone to listen to!) He said that people misunderstand Adkins and limit their carbs too much. He told me to get the book, "Adkins for Life" and believe it. He said he pretty-much eats what he wants now and "averages it out." That's my next goal -- read that book.

                        GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!
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                          You should get your sister going on PB. I have over 100lbs to lose too!

                          I think that journaling is a major part (for me anyway) as I believe that weight watchers sort of worked for me because of the meetings, the stories and support was something I needed. Unfortunately it was a bit pricey and I couldn't always fit the meetings into my schedule. On this site I can find all that and more minus the membership fees; 24 hour at my convenience.

                          My day begins with this (reading forums) while I do a load of laundry, have breakfast (I was going to use the word leisurely but it is far from that) and kids cats and dogs are all snoozing peacefully. Mayhem begins shortly when I have to get everyone out the door on time. Tonight I would like steak smothered in mushrooms and I'll find a new side dish. Maybe that creamy spinach . . . . tummy is getting hungry so time to get on the move. Feels like an awesome weekend coming up. Cheers!


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                            Yep, I feel an awesome weekend coming up as well!


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                              Well I just finished watching Fat Head on Netflix and it was awesome. Isn't it crazy how easily people can be convinced but how hard it is to change their minds back to reality! Low-fat sounds like it should work but I know it doesn't. I enjoyed my steak while watching the movie and felt good about it. Yay me!