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    After I watched Fat Head, I watched Food Inc. Wow, scary stuff. Today I am making time to go to the local butcher. Horrifying images go through my mind as I eat the only preservative free bacon I can find, still processed by a huge corporation. Going to get my garden in order too. Can't plant around here until May long weekend (third weekend) and even then we can still get frost.

    I have to scale back on work too. Why are we so driven to make as much money as possible in a small amount of time? Need to spend some time rearranging my priorities. So I will read info from Mark on the site while my breakfast cooks and try and limit my time on computer. Also create a signature and see if I can start tracking my food better. Today I take my measurements (I know I should have done that already) and I will take that scary picture I so dread. I have virtually no pictures of myself, just images in my head of how I see myself; younger, not as fat as I really am (can't say thinner because last time I was thin I was probably 9), and pretty. I can get there, but a little reality check is in order.

    Weight is 239.5 (thank you .5) so I continue in the right direction. I no longer snack after supper, I just realized that this morning as I was wondering why I wake up so hungry. Must be because I haven't eaten for over 12 hours; that is a major accomplishment in itself. I don't miss chips but I'm pretty sure one taste would send me spiralling out of control. Good luck to all on today's journey. I feel very positive today!


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      Just seeing if my signature works
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        Originally posted by Marcie View Post
        Just seeing if my signature works
        Looking good, Marcie!


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          Yesterday was great. I have found a nice sandy spot on the river close to home to take the dogs. I ran up and down with them a few times (not much but a start) and raced my 9 year old. Off on a working adventure for two days. We went to the next little town to the butcher and bought some nice fresh meat. Cattle are in the pasture next to the farm yard. He butchers and sells his own and other local meat. Guys ahead of me were drunk as skunks and bought $230 worth of jerky PLUS meat. Gotta love small towns. Bought some jerky, back bacon, bacon, ribs and streaks (beautiful - one is really 2). Corn is not a crop around here as we are north and have a shorter growing season. Farmers make chop (mixture of oats, wheat or barley) plus alfalfa hay in winter and pastured all summer. Grass is just starting to green up here. Cattle farms are small and not too many. Also Elk and Bison Farms in the area.

          Made primal pancakes with almond flour. Added a tablespoon of maple syrup (maybe two) to berry mix and was tasty enough but very filling. Will keep trying recipes until I get a good one.

          My oldest son and I are off for a job 4 hours northwest. He is doing most of the work and is actually staying at a hunting lodge with a deck right on the lake. I'm thinking I should have taken that job! It's bear season so I don't think he will be asking for any fresh meat from the hunters! Be back on Tuesday, spotty cell service and internet but it's not that important.

          Need to remind myself not to shop when I am hungry. I'm the only one primal (so far) and I bought cupcakes for the kids. Ate one, tasted yummy so I ate another. Bad. Maybe that is why I have a touch of a headache? Took my measurements yesterday, that's depressing. Also need to only weigh in once a week. Watching the scale is not a good idea.


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            I'll bet the kids would have loved blueberries with whipped cream instead of a cupcake.
            I figure, what's good for you is also good for them!
            I had a great weekend too -- your "job" sounds lovely.
            My house sits beside a pond and I could stay on the back deck FOREVER.


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              I would love a pond. Thinking of making a little one and a waterfall this summer for just me. Was a nice trip, saw four black bears and scenery was beautiful. Met some new people and had a great time. Just too much driving. Had a hard time staying on track but not going to go on the scale until Sunday or Monday. Not a binge or anything, just had chilli through the drive-thru, told them to keep the bun. Still no pop but a handful of chips and a few crackers. I still haven't convinced my oldest son this is the way to go. But I will.

              This morning was bacon and eggs and coffee for breakfast
              snack of pistachios
              slipped and ate a packaged brownie, regretted it the moment I was done. I wasn't really hungry, it was just there!
              supper - rib-eye steak and made home-made caesar dressing (yummy) for my salad. Steak is a bit large so maybe eat it with eggs for breakfast. I guess not, my youngest has joined me and is finishing it off.

              Taking dogs to the park. I will try and sprint (as long as no one is watching)


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                Copied the Ceasar Salad Dressing Recipe. I love it.

                - 1 cup extra virgin olive oil (preferably first cold pressed)
                - juice of one lemon
                - 2+ cloves garlic, finely chopped
                - 3 tbsp. red wine vinegar
                - 1 tsp. dry mustard
                - 1 egg yolk
                - 1 tin (2 oz.) wild-caught anchovy filets, mashed with the back of a fork
                - generous grinding of black pepper
                - 1/2 cup parmesan cheese (optional – makes the texture more “creamy”)
                - couple drops of worchestershire sauce (optional – and if you do use it, get an organic version without HFCS)

                1. Mix all ingredients well, and pour over fresh romaine lettuce.
                2. Enjoy!


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                  Hi, Marcie!

                  You ate a brownie "because it was there" and you might try sprinting (as long as no one is watching).
                  I can relate to those! LOL You sound like quite a character.

                  I must confess. I've been very, very lazy about activity. The first couple of weeks of PB I just plain did not feel I had enough energy for exercise. I've upped my carbs since then and got over the "carb flu." I'm feeling stronger and SHOULD exercise, but I just haven't done it. I have a treadmill at work -- just gotta get inspired, I guess.

                  You and I may not be 100% perfect with the plan, but what we're doing is 98% times better than what we "were doing!"
                  Hang in there! We'll do this thing -- for our health and happiness -- and to FEEL GOOD!


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                    I love to be lazy but these dogs keep looking at me and I feel guilty. Took my son and his friend to the park last night and they played for a half hour. There is a zip line and they both took the leap. Kids are so fearless. I did a few standing push ups on one of the climbing bars. Two rounds of 10. I can feel it today. Walked the dogs this morning and sprinted with them a little. They think I'm awesome!

                    This morning my thoughts were, 'eggs again?' so I made a pancake, this time with coconut flour. Not as tasty as I had hoped, still trying to find 'the best' recipe. Add some berries and made espresso to kick me into high gear. overcooked the bacon. Not so tasty. I hope pancakes have the same staying power as my bacon and eggs.


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                      Hi, Marcie -- you're experimenting with food the same as I am.
                      I tried to make ice cream last night from the "bag method." Decided the ice and salt was a mess, and just put the quart bag in the freezer. It froze within 10-15 minutes (I smushed it a few times during that time). The protein powder (which I dearly love in shakes) tasted grainy and starchy in the ice cream. It wasn't like ice cream at all. Dismal failure (which usually happens when I try to turn "junk food" into "diet food") Oh well.....ever onward.

                      I MUCH prefer my frozen Primal shake!

                      I'm browsing the PB cookbooks for something new and tasty.

                      Here's something that I never thought would be GOOD, but the flavors blend nicely (without dressing or anything):

                      In skillet:
                      Bratwurst -- split in 1/2 and browned
                      in bowl:
                      fresh spinach -- about 1 cup finely sliced
                      celery heart -- about 1/2 cup, finely chopped
                      Top greens with bratwurst (the grease of the bratwurst is sorta like salad dressing) LOL
                      Anyway, it is simple, but a nice flavor-blend to my pallet.

                      I dropped another pound! You're .5 ahead of me, but we're rolling along nicely!


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                        I'm o so tired. In one week I have travelled about 5000 km! I'm in need of a rest but not until the weekend. So much sitting is not healthy. As soon as I got home I hauled the dogs out for a run. Not enough for them but at least we all got some exercise. Still trying to sprint a bit but mostly sitting on my behind!

                        Travelling is so difficult for this lifestyle. I ate quite a bit of fruit and my oldest had chips around (ok, I bought them for him) so I had a few handfuls; at least I did not devour the whole bag! I still see that as a positive. I am going to make a schedule for when I get home in the evenings to make sure I'm getting things accomplished, and that includes planning and tracking meals. I find it interesting that I can go for hours without eating and not get that shaky exhausted feeling. Obviously that is a carb reaction so I must be doing something right. On Friday (or was it Thursday?) I planned on taking beef jerky to snack on as I didn't make time for breakfast, but forgot it. Lived on water until 4 and finally bought some cheese and meat sticks. Not tasty but filled the void. I probably could have gone longer but it was another 2 1/2 hours till home so I caved. I guess I can fast (who knew). I also ordered a burger one day and ate just the meat and tomato and lettuce and left the bun. A bit dry but still better that the whole meal deal. I plan to get on track this week, going to order the books tonight and maybe look for the shoes this week or order on-line. 5 days of lots of work then 3 off. My grandson is supposed to be coming this weekend so I have that to look forward to. Here's to a great week and as the weight watchers crew says 'I hope to see less of you next week'.(unfortunately it was only my bank account that I saw less of!)


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                          Back to my bacon and eggs! Gained a pound so I need to lose it again. I would like to say goodbye to the whole 240 range and spend some quality time in the 230's. Guess a good long walk is in order tonight! Off to a busy day of sitting on my butt. Will try to walk and stretch each hour.


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                            Still not logging my food. Too busy. Today I have a little more time so I'm off for a walk. Had a headache most of the day, I am suspecting the splenda. will try and eliminate it as well. I enjoy the tea with honey so may switch to that for my sweet treat. One more day of work and 4 days off (with a spatter of work thrown in). I don't crave much but chicken wings were on my mind so I bought some and some lard. nice treat.


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                              Random thought - I wonder if Oprah has tried going Primal?


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                                Ordered the main book. Am I being to negative thinking I haven't lost enough weight. Weighing in tomorrow. Perhaps review measurements. I really should have done that from the start and maybe I would see some progress in that area too. I know I need to log my food. Life gets in the way.