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Finding my healthy self after 2 kids

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  • Finding my healthy self after 2 kids

    I have always been bigger, but generally a flat tummy until I got married. Went from 155 to 175 before getting pregnant with my first child. My second child is now nearly 2 and I'm getting ready to wean him. My body is looking forward to the break I'm sure as I've been pregnant/nursing since 8/07, nearly 5 years! I have succeeded so far in losing 9lbs.
    I've always eaten "healthy" - whole grains, fruit/veggies, low fat, you know all the CW. Found the book Wheat Belly in January and a light went off. Just finished PB and that makes even more sense. I'm trying to be sugar free for 21 days and see how that goes. Started Tues, so nearly a week in already.
    Trying to get in exercise will be a challenge for the next 6 weeks. So I'm focusing on moving more by chasing my 1 and 4 yo's. I play soccer once a week which serves as my sprints for now. It's indoor, so lots of running. Hoping to reach a healthy weight where I lose my preggo belly and like my body again. Wanting to look more toned like when I was in college and played soccer.
    My husband is not on board and this is proving to be the toughest part. We're going to sit down and talk soon so hopefully that will help. We're on a tight budget for food so I need him to stop buying things like 2 tubs of potato salad. Hopefully someday he'll understand.
    Starting stats:
    29 yo
    Goal by 30:
    150lbs OR size 8 pants - my 34I (DD before kids) chest keeps me above "healthy" range weight, along with my propensity for muscle gain

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    Welcome! I hope it goes well.

    Food is 80%. Exercise is important but not nearly as important. You are getting the same exercise as your great grandmothers have gotten since they came down out of trees. More

    Good luck with the hubby.
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      Today was a good day. Ate 3 healthy meals and avoided eating a brownie at a party. I really wanted it, but I'm trying to give up sugar for 21 days. I figure in the future I might partake of desserts here and there, but for now I'm sticking with just natural sugar in various fruits.
      My stress level plummeted after speaking with my husband last night. Sometimes it's amazing what just sitting and talking can do. We've been on separate paths for a few weeks now and the tension was just mounting. And of course, my sex drive came flooding back now that I actually wanted to be in the same room with him. So definitely some feel good hormones running through my body today!
      Still struggling for energy. Even with a nap today I can barely keep my eyes open right now. This may be in response to the release of stress and now my body wants some good sleep to fix itself. That's what I'm hoping anyway, so I'll head to bed early tonight. I think I'm eating enough, not super hungry and trying to get in plenty of protein.

      B: Scrambled eggs (~2.5) in coconut oil, with mushrooms and spinach, 3 sausage patties, strawberries (~1/2C)
      L: Romaine lettuce wrap (4 leaves) around ham, salami, cheddar cheese, and tomatoe.
      D: Pork roast, frozen veggies, potatoes, onions

      Anyone looking over this see anything wrong with what I'm eating so far?


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        Another pretty good day today, but still very low on energy. Pretty low stress with nowhere to go and nice weather that allowed me and the kids to be outside morning and afternoon. Worked during nap time and tutored this afternoon. Took a family walk after dinner which is always nice. Yay for warmer weather to let us be outside and comfortable (even if we have to wear sweats to do so).

        B: 4 eggs fried in CO with runny yolks (ate DS' because I made cage free eggs and couldn't bear to throw it out), peppers, mushrooms, sausage
        L: Romaine lettuce wrap around ham, salami, cheddar cheese, tomatoe
        D: Last night's leftovers but very little potatoes/onions

        Hoping to get energy back soon!


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          I want to shout it to everyone, my jeans fit! I never bought new clothes after DS was born because I hated the idea of spending money on clothes that wouldn't fit long. I did buy several bras in December (that are now too big), but have been living in sweats for the last 2.5 years. On a whim I put on my jeans this afternoon and they fit! Not as comfortable as I'd like them, but I'd say in another month they'll be perfect. I believe they're a size 12 and they're from my college days! So exciting considering that I'm still breastfeeding and don't have much time to exercise.
          Played a doubleheader last night so I'm a little sore today. But still doing pretty well on food and chased DS around a bit today while DD was at her soccer class. Will try to get in some play lifting tomorrow as I think it'll be a day around the house with cold weather and DD recovering from what might be an ear infection. DS is usually up for some bench press type lifts with him as the bar, LOL.
          Feels good to fit into those jeans again, extra motivation to keep going!


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            Weighed in yesterday and I'm down 11lbs total! Another 5lbs and I'll be where I was when I got pregnant with DD. I was able to wear on the the nightgowns purchased for our honeymoon last night. Stuff like that keeps DH on board. Now that's he seeing me much more excited he's not so reluctant.
            We went to Sam's club yesterday and bought a ton of eggs. So no worries about running out of them for a while. Now I can keep some hardboiled eggs in the fridge for mornings I just don't feel like cooking. Made a large batch of pancakes this morning for the kids. Found a new recipe and they love them - DD ate 5 and DS ate 4! Been using maple syrup on them and I like it a lot more than regular. Too bad it's so much more expensive.
            Having pizza tonight with a cheese and cream cheese crust. Looking forward to it. Been having hungry days the last 2 days. Hoping I can find some time today to get in some lifting. I keep wanting to but that time runs out. DD has had an earache for a couple days so that doesn't help. Off to get some of my work done while DH and the kids are at church.
            Ready for another great week and some excellent outdoor play with the warm weather forecasted!


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              Unintentionally got in my longest fast. There's a bug going through my house so I didn't eat from 8pmlast night until 11:30 today. I was afraid to eat lunch though since I'd been in the bathroom all morning so now I'm starving as I didn't eat enough. DS has 30 more minutes to sleep (on me) and then I can get more food.
              Interestingly, DS is the only one that didn't get sick (credit breastmilk antibodies). DH got the worst of it, shall I credit his poor diet and inability to slow diwn to take care of himself? He got up at 1am last night tp use the bathroom and passed out against the door for a minute. So very scary to me, almost called 911 as he wasn't responding and I couldn't get the door open. But he came to and then vomitted everything he ate yesterday. He's been sleeping nearly all day.
              Hopefully tomorrow will be better. And maybe the unintentional fast will lead to some weight loss that sticks around!


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                Got dressed this morning and looked in the mirror as I was brushing my teeth and thought, for the first time in a long time "I look good!" I'm sure it's somewhat that the clothes I'm wearing are right for my body. But my stomach looks much closer to flat and I like what I look like. This is amazing for me as I haven't been here in over 5 years. I can only imagine how I'll feel about my body when I lose another 20-30lbs. I will still technically be considered overweight at that point, but it's really a good goal for me.
                Have I mentioned how much I hate the BMI targets? It's like saying that a woman with a 34A bust is fine at the same weight as me when I have a 34H. Hmm, somehow that just doesn't work for me. I'm shooting for a flat tummy and toned body, really no matter my weight. I'm not even sure body fat % targets are good for women with large chests. I've read stories of breast reductions where the doctors remove 8-10lbs!


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                  I feel like I'm reading about my life! I also have 2 kids, play rec soccer and want my boobs cut off and replaced on my butt . I have been saying to myself that I'm finding myself again in the last few months. I am attributing my good attitude and my change in my mood to getting the crap out of my body.

                  Keep it up! Sounds like you have made a good start.


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                    Originally posted by mindyst View Post
                    I feel like I'm reading about my life! I also have 2 kids, play rec soccer and want my boobs cut off and replaced on my butt . I have been saying to myself that I'm finding myself again in the last few months. I am attributing my good attitude and my change in my mood to getting the crap out of my body.

                    Keep it up! Sounds like you have made a good start.
                    Thanks for the encouragement! I am hoping my boobs shrink to a more normal size as I lose weight and stop breastfeeding. Although I was supposed to drop 1 of the last 2 feedings yesterday. Have to wait until DS gets over this bug though.


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                      Wow is it hot here! We've had some weird weather swings here this spring. It was 80 in March, but been 40-50 since then. Today it hit 90! Have all the fans running and the kids in summer pjs today. Wonderful though to be able to go on family walks after dinner. DD took a long time eating tonight, so we let her bring her burger with us on the walk. Trying to get weight on her, so we're a little more flexible. I played soccer last night, the whole game on the field. It was a lot of fun and we won.
                      Looks like I didn't record my weights from last weekend. On Sunday I did some light lifting. What a mistake since I was apparently on the edge of getting sick. Felt quite dizzy afterwards, but had horrible cramping and stomachache for ~36hrs after. Clearly not related to the exercising as everyone else in the house has had a fever in the past week. For dexterity's sake, here's what I did:
                      A) Squat 4x5, 65, 75, 85, 90
                      Pushups 4x10 (knees)
                      B) Clean and Jerk 4x5, 45, 55, 60, 65
                      Dumbbell bench on ball 4x10 w/ 15's
                      Then finished with 24 walking lunges
                      I was sore for 2 days, but not sure how exactly the illness factored into my recovery. I'm not sore at all from soccer last night. Hoping to get in some more lifting on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing if I've lost anything this week. Yay for Friday tomorrow and DH only having 4 weeks left of work till summer!


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                        Another wonderful Saturday. Both kids were really dragging this morning, although I'm not sure why. Everyone actually slept pretty well last night. Perhaps that old more tired once you get some rest is hitting them. DD took a 2.5hr nap today, which is quite rare for her. DS only slept ~30min in his crib, but then snuggled up between DH and I for another ~1.5hrs. I love snuggling with him, but I feel bad during the week when DD has to entertain herself so he can rest.

                        Was a little disappointed this morning with my weigh-in, stuck at 183.4lbs. But the body fat % nudged down to 41%. I don't know how accurate that scale is, but I also took measurements today and those can't lie. I'm down 5.5" overall since going wheat free in January. How awesome is that? Biggest losses are my belly (yay) and my neck (surprise!) Excited to see the continued progress as I will continue to measure every 4 weeks.

                        I did the PB body weight workout today and it kicked my butt. First I determined my apprporiate levels for each exercise. Here's what I could do:
                        Pushups: 10 = L2
                        Pullups: 0 = L1
                        Squats: stopped at 61 = L4
                        Plank: 31s = L2
                        From there I did the first round with 2 cycles. Push-ups were easy until the last few on cycle 2. Pull-ups were hard, had to split each cycle into two parts. I've never worked on doing pull-ups before, so that isn't a surprise. Squats were easy, so I'm planning to go to L5 next time. Planks were hard and hurt my shoulders a little. I think this will be good and it will be fun to see my progression. I think I might need to add some sort of deadlift or something for my hamstrings though. I will check out Body By Science if I get bored with this routine.


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                          First sprints!
                          Was thwarted by the weather this morning in my first sprint attempt. When we arrived at the park I saw a flash of lightning and then a few drops fell on my first warm-up sprint. So we put the kids back in the stroller and headed home. Just after we stepped inside it started to downpour. Had lunch, put the kids down for their nap. After naps and snack time we headed back to the park. DH and I did our sprints while the kids played, it was great. The kids played together on the slides a little and got in their own workout trying to run after us. A great learning experience for them to see mom and dad doing things to stay healthy. We'll see how my body feels in the morning.

                          Also turned the dirt in the garden. Had planned to start planting today, but after the storm it's too wet. So will wait until later this week, Tuesday at the earliest since I'm tutoring tomorrow. I think it's supposed to be rainy until Wednesday though and we need it to dry out some first. We may need to go buy some top soil as well since the compost doesn't seem to quite be ready. This is going to be an interesting trial summer with the garden.

                          Had my first real "cheat" in a while as we baked the gluten free/dairy free cookies my dad bought for us. They were good, but I don't have the same desire to eat all of them like I might previously. DH definitely has that desire though, which is interesting.

                          Time to go make some egg muffins for the week and work on dinner!


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                            I can't quite put my finger on I'm feeling. Not overwhelmed, I have plenty of "down time", although nearly all of it is with the kids. Even now DS is asleep on me. I love his snuggles, but I have been feeling overtouched by the kids lately I think.
                            I feel like I should be doing so much more for the kids too. I think I'm addicted to my computer, I need to close it more. That's easy when it's nice out and we're outside. But it has an invisible force when we're stuck inside. I need to do a better job crafting activities for the kids to do. DD is craving preschool type things (but at a K/1 level) and I need to indulge her. I think she feels like the focus is on DS a lot because he's smaller and doesn't fully understand yet. We're not sending her to preschool, so I need to get on the ball. Really I need to organize everything a little better so they can both have an activity to do that's similar so DS feels included but DD can work to her own level. So this weekend I shall spend time figuring this out.
                            I think I'm getting a little burned out as I have been working 15-20+ hours/week lately. And it doesn't help that they're pushing me to do a little more. Wearing 5 different hats for the same company is starting to have some conflicts. Only 3.5 more weeks before DH is home for the summer though. So I need to push through and then I'll have time to relax.


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                              This has been a week full of stress. Yesterday nobody really napped, and of course I had signed up to tutor. So that was pretty tricky. Then DS kept running away while I was trying to plant the garden. Got it done, but took a lot longer than necessary. Tonight I'm just exhausted. Not sure if it's from all the outside time the past few days or what. I don't feel real hungry, so I don't think it's food related. Although I could be low on carbs lately since for no particular reason we did meat and veggies for dinner this week a lot with no potatoes or other starch. Bought a big bag of potatoes today, so will try to remedy that this week. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help.

                              We're thinking about selling the house and moving to an apartment/townhouse that is rented for a while. We'll have to downsize a lot of our stuff, but we truly long to be able to walk places. I would love to be able to get to a bigger park. Ours has 3 slides but nothing other than stairs for the kids to climb on. There's nothing for them to hang on/swing from and so after 20 minutes they get bored. We spent over an hour at a different park today. Spending time just letting them wander in an open field is wonderful and it made me very glad that I'm able to stay home with them. I do envision the opportunities I'll be able to provide them with less stress on me if we can sell and move to somewhere walkable. Both kids love going for walks too. A real estate agent is coming over Monday to take a look at our house and some others and see what we might be able to sell for. Still hoping that DH will get a new job for the fall. We've both kind of fallen in love with an idea of a school he applied for that would allow us to live in a perfect area and DH could walk to work. It would be wonderful to downsize to 1 car, reducing insurance and gas costs. And in that area we would really be using the car to get to sports activities/grocery shopping, so certainly not daily.

                              Can't wait to see what the future holds! Not feeling very skinny this week, we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be cleaning the house, tomorrow afternoon lifting and relaxing.