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    Sorry she's having tummy issues! You can soak prunes to soften them or just add some prune juice to your smoothie. Sweet potato fries are a big hit in our house with the kids and seem to help, too. And congrats on more weight loss! 10% is a big deal, and you're almost there!
    SW 149 (July 9th, 2012)
    CW 140 & 30% bf (Aug. 4, 2012)
    Goal 25% bf


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      We should buy some sweet potatoes, they do really like them. Should be a good price soon with fall coming as well. She seems to be doing better, so I may have been totally off the mark.

      Wasn't going to work out today because AF hit late this morning. But after I put together the meatballs and sauce for dinner, everyone was still in the basement. So I changed clothes and went down to get in PBF. The first set everything felt fine, but the second set was killer. Really felt it in my muscles too, not just generally weak. Was able to complete everything, but only made 71 seconds on the hand/foot planks.
      L3 push-ups, L1 pull-ups, L6 squats, L3 front plank, L4 side plank
      Once TOM is over I might even be able to get to regular push-ups fairly shortly!

      Getting pretty stressed about our financial situation as well. Actually just sat down and cried this morning after everyone had left for gymnastics. I had to stay home since I was tutoring before they got home. Everything feels somewhat hopeless lately. I know God has a plan, but I'm overwhelmed with everything right now. I know we've done everything right so far. Hopefully things will work out. soon


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        So I just realized, AF here and I'm not falling over exhausted! And I'm not having any major cramps. If this sticks around because my body is healing itself, it could be amazing. I definitely had some digestive issues over the weekend, but that's fine if it means minimal cramping and no drastic reduction in energy. Combined with the weight loss, my body seems to finally be figuring things out.

        Also, I was looking at my arms while doing planks today and thought "wow, they're getting skinny again!" My arms/shoulders used to be my favorite part of my body. Loved wearing tank tops/sleeveless shirts to show off the area. But I've gained everywhere, so it didn't look good anymore. But the lifting plus weightloss are making them look better. I am excited for what my body might look like come next summer. If I can keep losing just half a pound a week, I could be down under 160 for next summer. That would be absolutely amazing. But really, I just want to look like I'm that skinny again, I don't really care about the scale. I'm interested to see if my son's gymnastics teacher (mommy and me class) says anything the next time I see her. She missed the end of last session and I missed today, so it will have been 4 weeks by the time I see her again. I'll only have lost a couple pounds, but feel like things are starting to tighten up as I continue to get stronger. Still can't believe how tough today's workout was. Another amazing thing... I'm not starving. It's like my body doesn't realize that AF is here! Hopefully more good things tomorrow. We have nothing planned, so just time to play with the kiddos. Maybe down to our neighborhood park or a long walk. DS is still hurting a little, so no real fun parks.


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          Lots of slow movement and sun today. Spent the morning going for a long walk, pushing both kids in the stroller. Then played in the yard until lunch. After naps went back outside until dinner, then went for our usual nightly walk and let the kids play a few more minutes outside. So nice to have the house opened up and the fresh air blowing through!

          We also might have found a house we want to buy. When it comes down to it, we've decided we want simple. Yes, we want to buy because it actually is cheaper monthly to do so. And it affords us more privacy as well as just having a little more control over our situation. This could be an opportunity that allows us for financial security (once we sell our current home) for years to come, along with flexibility. I could volunteer in the kids' classrooms, we could donate more to various organizations, and we could show our kids this country with vacations each summer to the various landmarks. When I sit down and think about it, how much time is really spent inside one's home not sleeping? Once the kids start school, they'll get up to eat and dress, then head out. They'll return home and hopefully play outside until dinner, then do homework and go to bed. We'd have weekends and summers at home. But with a lower monthly payment we'll have the freedom to buy better food and go see more places. The possibilities really feel pretty wide.


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            Had a wonderful morning with the kiddos. It's terrible to say, but things seem easier with DH at work. We were all up early. I checked my various emails and then we did some reading. 2 books for DS since the first one had like 8 words in it, 1 book for DD. Then I made breakfast, we ate, then everyone got dressed. The kids helped me clean up their books and magazines they had out while I was cooking, then we went outside. Checked on the garden, walked down to the park for a while. Came home for a snack - each kid had a banana. Then went back outside to wait for friends. Played mostly outside with friends, which was nice to talk to another adult during the day. Hadn't seen them in a while either, so lots to catch up on. The kids had fun with each other. They left at lunch time, then put the kids down for their nap. Finished work for today, so now I get to relax until DD gets up. I have a feeling she will take a decent nap since we spent nearly 3 hours outside this morning! Such beautiful weather.

            I'm feeling at peace about the house situation as well. Have a lead on a possible renter as well, although we would need to pay for a lawn service if we accepted her. Time will show us what's meant to be. If this house we're considering works out, it's a matter of how long the closing process would take. If it takes a while, I would love to just get our neighbor's son in here because I know he could just take care of everything and his son would enjoy the yard. It's all in God's hands, but looking forward to seeing how things work out!

            No workout today since I am playing 2 games tonight. Really looking forward to being on the field for extended time!


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              Outside some more this afternoon and I layed down on the sidewalk. My stomach now is lower than my ribcage! This hasn't happened for so long with having 2 kids. It feels like an awesome accomplishment, especially since I'm only on day 3 of my cycle. My stomach is nowhere near flat/firm, but is finally starting to look right when laying flat. DH said he noticed it the other day too.

              DS didn't nurse today, I have stopped offering. Seems he may be done, which is fine since he's well over 2 and this means it's on his terms. Hoping I get some good weight loss once he's been done for a few weeks. 160s by Christmas maybe?


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                That is awesome! It is great when someone else notices but even better when we can see the progress ourselves!
                I'm a 39 y/o mother of 3 sons ages 12, 14, and 15
                HT: 5'7"
                SW: 223 June 2012
                CW: 191.4 April 21 2013
                TWL2D: 32 lbs

                Primal Goals: to feel healthier, fitter, and sexier than ever before

                Favourite primal resources: The Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, The Food Lovers Kitchen, Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary and of course Mark's Daily Apple!


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                  Wednesday's soccer games went awesome, I scored a goal in each game! More importantly, I felt good and strong playing. Yesterday was quite a busy day, so no time for my usual Thursday workout. Took the kids to a museum in the morning = lots of walking/standing. Got in a little work, then the in-laws were over. FIL had a diabetic issue so at the kids' bedtime we ended up with an ambulance and paramedics here. His blood sugar was 44 when my MIL took it, she gave him gatorade and sugar. When the paramedics got here, he continued crashing and was down to 22! They got him back up and he was feeling better pretty fast. We convinced him to go to the hospital though so they could monitor him for a short while and were going to call his doctor today. We were all very scared and don't know what the future holds. He had taken his meds as prescribed, but DH later said he reported not checking his level before taking the meds. So we will see what the doctor says.

                  With no soccer next week, I have leeway to get off my exercise schedule a little, which fits perfectly. So I just got done with today's PBF. Everything was feeling pretty good and I feel strong for the first time in a long while. Did L3, L1, L6, L3/4 and am planning to get to L4 pushups next time, which are the regular ones. I'm also thinking after next time I'll be ready for L2 pullups! That would be very exciting, getting closer to a pullup by the end of the year.

                  Well off to work on the pizza crust (cheese) for tonight's dinner. So good to feel great! Did I mention that I'm no longer crashing at ANY point during the day and am able to stay up until 9/10 without any problems? This is so amazing.


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                    What a crazy weekend! Yesterday we had a showing, so after going to the grocery store we cleaned up the house. They were only here for a few minutes, then we put the kids down for a nap. Let the kids play in the pool for the afternoon. This morning DH took the kids to work and I went to the store. Went looking for pants that will work for this fall. I think I found some that are what I want. But I ordered online as they're cheaper. I am on a search for pants that look decent but are real comfy, that have pockets, and will last. I hate wearing things with button waists right now because of my changing waist. I'm hoping the ones I found will work, but I'm not sure that they'll last very long. I found great ones made my Athleta, but they're super expensive. Perhaps when I get to my final weight I will splurge on some nicer clothes, since I know I wear the same things all the time.

                    It started raining while I was out and is still raining now, dashing my plans of sprints today. So after dinner I got in a PBF workout. DH also went to see the house we've had our eye on and that plan has been blown up. Needs a lot of work, which would have been okay. But the layout is just all wrong as a lot of the space is in the bedrooms and bathrooms. We are looking for a large family room if the house doesn't have a basement. So we will keep looking for something that is just right for us. I know that God has a plan to bring everything together at just the right time.

                    DH goes back to work for the school year tomorrow. So I will be more focused on DD's preschool while DS is sleeping. I'm hoping I can comfortably get my work done and help her all at the same time. She's already excited about doing a new poem. I definitely need to get to the library this week to get books for the next section fo the curriculums. With only 1 review set to do, I should have some time to get everything sorted out while she is still asleep!

                    L4 Pushups, L1 Pullups, L6 Squats, L3/4 Planks


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                      Had a pretty nice first day of DH back to work. DD had gymnastics this morning and she is just amazing. I think this class decision is perfect and I envision at the end of this school year she may just be ready for team. The things she can already do - back walkover off a mat (feet raised), near perfect cartwheel, and handstand - and she's not even 4.5 yet! She's head and shoulders above the other girls that are over a year old than her. Except that she's much smaller than them which of course is a plus in the sport. I'm excited to watch her progress this year.

                      No workout today since I did yesterday, but we were outside a fair amount and went for our evening walk. Will either do another PBF workout tomorrow or sprint. Haven't decided if I'll try to get that in with the kids in the morning or wait until DH is home. Will somewhat depend on the weather I suppose. Day 2 tomorrow.


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                        Had another wonderful day today. A bit of a lazy morning, played with playdoh outside for about 2 hours with the kids. Got all my work done during naps and helped DD with the letter C. Walked down to the park and got in my sprints this afternoon. I was nervous taking the kids, but it worked out well and ended up really tiring them out. I'm hoping for some good sleep from them again tonight. We have definitely been getting outside more the last couple days. I'm trying to be sure and take advantage of this great weather as summer turns to fall. Plus keeping the kids outside all day leads to a cleaner house in case of a showing. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be brutally hot though, so not sure what we'll do then. Although Friday will be easy with DS' check-up in the morning. Tomorrow is library day!


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                          Had a bit of a lazy day with the kids today. They were playing very well together this morning, so I didn't want to interrupt them. Plus, with gas prices sky high I am trying to conserve gas. After breakfast, they played while I just relaxed. Once they started to get a little squirrely, we headed into the basement. I got in my workout and the change of scenery worked to keep them busy. I found an old CD I had made for DH and put that in while I worked out. Kind of took me back to when we first met, the simpler days really. Got in a full PBF workout and it felt good. Then we read some books and tried a nap. Neither child napped well today. We read some more, this time "preschool" books, then headed out to play with the pool. It was likely the last water day of this year with fall weather coming in next week.

                          L4 pushups - felt tough but good
                          L1 pull-ups - might try L2 after one more session!
                          L6 squats - good but tough
                          L3/4 planks - definitely hard but made it

                          Went for our nightly walk again as well. Such a nice way to end the day and good cool down for my body.


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                            The past 24 hours have been a bit crazy. DS got cleared to return to normal daily life by the doctor, YAY! Good thing, since he was trying to hang from the counter as we were checking in ;-) Had a good rest of the day, DH went to look at houses, none of which we will consider to purchase. While he was with the realtor, she got a call for a showing - 30 minutes notice! Out of town buyer, relocating for work. So I ran around the house like crazy, trying to clean up our mess from the week as best as possible. Got to mostly everything - hand prints still on windows, didn't sweep the kitchen floor. DH said the house looked great when we all returned home. They are supposed to be making an offer on a house today, so big prayers that ours is chosen! Waiting a little on pins and needles for a call from our realtor. How amazing cutting DH's commute in half would be.

                            Got on the scale this morning as well, down another 1.5lbs! That means only 2.5lbs remaining to have lost 20%. This is so exciting, it's been over 5 years since I lost saw this weight. DH asked me what my goal is this morning and I told him I'm not sure. I'm trying not to focus on the scale, but rather on how I look. I still have quite a bit of belly fat to lose, and want to just be more toned all over. I wonder if my weight loss this week is related to DS's erratic nursing. Some days he won't nurse at all, other days it's 3x/day. So I'm wondering if my body is starting to let go of its nursing stores since it's clear he doesn't need the milk to sustain him. We will see as time continues. Still a small hope I could hit the 160's by Christmas. 3.5 months would mean just about 2lbs/month, which should be totally doable. That would be amazing, I wonder what I could wear out of my stored clothes at that point. Hmmm

                            Got in my PBF workout today and everything felt good. Feel my abs working hard with push-ups, which must mean they're becoming stronger. Still feeling a good burn on the squats as well.

                            L4 pushup
                            L1 pullup - going to try for L2 next time!
                            L6 squat
                            L3/4 plank


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                              Didn't get in my PBF today, first day in a while. DH was off work and we spent the day doing things around the house. Got in a TON of walking yesterday at the racetrack though, so maybe it balances out? Today I made breakfast, cleaned out my closet, cleaned out DD's closet (with her help), bought a new faucet, had lunch, worked, then helped to install said faucet. That took us nearly 3 hours! Went on our usual family walk. Won't have a chance for PBF again until Thursday since I have 2 soccer games Wed night and don't want to be sore for them. But I'll get back on track then. DH doesn't have another day off for a while, so I should be good.


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                                What a CRAZY week! Tuesday had a showing schedule, but then reschedule for Thursday. Spent much of the day outside with the kids. I also got assigned 4 of 5 classes for my newer job - lots of work. Wednesday was library day and played outside in the afternoon. I played 2 soccer games that night and it felt great. Got assigned 3 new mentors for old job and 1 new class for new job - lots more work! Thursday morning had a showing - they stayed 30 minutes! In the afternoon I tutored, so no time to workout. That night I was up until 10 working. Friday morning had a surprise showing (kids weren't even dressed!), spent the day outside. DD learned how to ride a two wheel bike with no training wheels! So proud. She also worked on subtraction in the afternoon! Received the first offer on our house in the afternoon - 10% less than our list price. In negotitations now to see if we can get them to come up substantially. Supposed to have a showing last night, but looks like the people never came. Went out to dinner since it was raining. Chik Fil A was expensive and not that good.

                                Weighed in this morning... 176! I've almost lost 10% of my initial weight (1 more pound to go) and I'm 1.6lbs away from having lost 20lbs. It is so amazing to weigh this little. I'm starting to see my old definition of my shoulders as well, which I love. That used to be my favorite part of my body, so very glad to see it returning. Too bad it's just in time for winter and long sleeves, LOL. Should look awesome by next summer though! Thinking my body is releasing its fat stores as DS is down to nursing only every few days. Sounds good to me!

                                Got in PBF this morning, kids are at the store with DH.
                                L4 Pushups
                                L2 Pullups - easier than expected
                                L6 Squats
                                L3/4 Planks - may be ready for all L4 soon

                                Wonderful weather today, hope to spend time outside this afternoon. Starting to figure out where we're going to go from here as well if this offer ends up working. I know God will show us the way, just impatient sometimes. Trying to decide whether to rent/buy as well as where. Where is the big thing. Looking like DH might get a coaching job where he really wants to work as well. Sending up lots of prayers lately!