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  • Got in my push press today and then took the kids to the park for 1.5hrs. They sure do love to play outside. I can't wait for the warmer weather this weekend! On to the next cycle of lifting towards the end of the week. Thinking I might start the next round on Friday and do 1 thing each day Fri-Mon.


    • On to the next round of lifting, but my back is sore again today. I don't know what's up with it. But I think I will try those exercises again I did a week or two ago as they seemed to help. Scale continues to go wacko, but looking like I might see an overall loss tomorrow, if the trend continues. Wondering if my body holds onto water weight when I lift though, will be interesting to test this theory going forward. I'm enjoying the single lift in a day though, because it is pretty quick. Something I think I might be able to keep up even with DH gone as the weather warms up and the kids want to be outside. Supposed to be 58 tomorrow, woohoo!


      • Snuck in my lifting today, and think I discovered the problem with my back! It keeps bugging me, but it's definitely muscular. I was thinking that I have been pretty tight lately, but my hamstrings seem to be okay. The weight was feeling quite heavy today as well. So I decided to stretch my glutes before my final lift. And lo and behold, I lifted 160 5 times! That would be a new record for me. So I think I need to just keep being sure to stretch my glutes each day. I also haven't had any back pain since I did those stretches.

        Tomorrow will find a few minutes to sneak in my presses, even if it's after the kids go to bed. I need to get back on plan with no wheat again as well to drop off this water weight I've collected the last few days. Should be easy enough with DH heading back to work. Stuck today's ham bone in the crockpot, so will make a soup out of that tomorrow/Tuesday. Should be quite yummy! Looking forward to ham for lunch this week as well without having to eat lunch meat. Money will be tight for this next month, so will likely need to dig into the stores of tuna we have in the cabinet for lunches. But that will provide plenty of protein and then we'll have other things for dinner leftovers on Fridays/Saturdays. Once May gets here and DH gets his track stipend we'll be fine again.

        Ready for Spring weather!


        • Took the kids outside this afternoon and did my press workout. It's really nice how quick doing only 1 lift is. I think I'm going to stick with the Fri-Mon rotation. Looking forward to soccer on Wed.


          • Finished another round of heavy lifts today. Making some decent progress and really generally happy with where I'm at. Considering purchasing a pull-up bar next winter once it gets real cold and switching to body weight exercises for that portion of the year. Who knows what will be happening in life by then.

            Squat - 160x3
            Bench - 115x3
            Dead - 170x1
            Press - 75x7

            Was pretty surprised by the press reps and plan to increase my max by 10lbs for the next round. Nice to see that number increase finally though.

            Max Calculated
            Squat - 175
            Bench - 125
            Dead - 180
            Press - 90

            This puts me at an intermediate level for all lifts but deadlift. And I suspect my back is heavily influencing that number. I'm hoping that it will just start to strengthen and feel better. I should start to do the video I found a little while ago because it definitely hits the problem area. I just keep seemingly forgetting about it.


            • This past week was brutal! Just need to get to nap time tomorrow and life will slow down a bit. Haven't heard about my possible job yet. Weird things going on with the interview DH had yesterday. Likely need a new roof as the torrential rain we had seems to have shown some leaks - but don't have the $10k for it. Getting a third estimate on Monday. If we do it I'm thinking roof and gutters now, soffits later once we have a little extra money. Tomorrow is a day off from work and I'm considering not turning the computer on until nap time or maybe not even at all. Have to take DD for her 5yo pictures anyway. Might go over to the mall early and walk around a bit. Ready for the warmer weather on Sunday and for spring to really arrive - no more flurries! Supposed to attend a retirement party Sunday. But thinking of just calling it a family day and enjoying being together. After watching all the scary stuff going on across the country this week, a day just to enjoy each other seems in order. Less than 3 weeks left in the track season - yahoo!


              • Started a new round of lifting yesterday. I'm guessing after this round I may need to take a week's break, but we will see what life looks like. DH watched me deadlifting today and may have discovered why my back is hurting. Apparently I'm leaning forward a little before bending my knees to go down. He could tell me where it hurt without my telling him. So next weekend I'll focus on my form a little more and hopefully fix the issue with my back.
                Had wonderful weather today and did small amount of weeding. Next weekend we're planning to tear out some of the plants in the front yard and put in some of the seeds left over from last year. We'll take a stab at seeing if any of them grow this year. Just kind of dump a bunch of stuff in and see what comes up. We've certainly had enough rain this spring to make the ground nice and soft! If I get brave this week and it's warm enough, I might even get started with the kids.
                Hoping to hear about my FT position this week as well, fingers crossed.


                • The weather has been wonderful this week! Spent many afternoons at the park and the kids have been tired out each night and sleeping much better. I had an awesome soccer game Wednesday and felt pretty strong out there. Amazing since I haven't been running and I twisted my ankle gardening earlier in the day. I've been having some stomach aches this week though and today after lunch I got a horrible headache and then was freezing cold. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to need to do a whole 30 type thing to try and weed out any other problem foods. But I will start with kicking avocado back out as that's something I haven't had in a long time but just had this week.

                  My weight has been holding steady around 174 the last few days, which is fine. Hoping to break the 173 barrier, but it's not a huge issue. Started the 3 rep week fo 531 today. It's so nice that my kids will just play while I lift outside. Will get in bench press tomorrow, likely in the afternoon since DD has her first soccer class/game in the morning. Looking forward to enjoying that with her, and DS is looking forward to some park time with MIL. Will be interesting to see how he reacts to being away from DD though. They play so wonderfully. Met a set of siblings that are almost exactly the same ages - girl 2 days older than DD and boy 6 weeks older than DS. Could be some great playmates once they're school age, since the kids are in daycare/montessori during the day now.

                  Hoping the stomach aches and headaches are on their way out. Looking forward to some good sleep tonight. Time soon to go clean up and then head to bed.


                  • Another day of beautiful weather. DD had her first soccer class/game today and she loved it. It was fun to play with her. Also ran into 2 of my mom's best friends from when I was little. Made me a little sad to see them with their grandkids since my mom never got to meet mine. But opens up the possibility of more people to be in their lives now that we're back in town. One even has a grandchild that is DD's age, so that's fun. Might try to do a reunion of sorts since so many of us have moved back. Spent the majority of the day outside, which was great. Both kids were exhausted are sleeping soundly, which is awesome. Heading there soon myself. On board for tomorrow is more outdoor fun and some gardening/yard work. I need to see if I can find our seeds from last year and if so will be planting them tomorrow. Just not quite sure where they ended up in the move. Also need to get some cleaning done and start pulling out the kids' summer clothes. Forecasted for 80 on Tuesday, so pants and long sleeves just won't do. Fit in my lifting today which is nice.

                    My body is really achey. Not sure if it's all the extra walking in general lately or what's going on. But everything is stiff/sore and I'm not feeling so great. Could be a little bit of allergies. Going to keep an eye on this though. I'm thinking after this cycle of 531 that I'll take a week off from lifting and maybe just do some extra walking/playing with the kids for a week. Perhaps my body needs some extra recovery time? This is the same time of year where I crashed last year though and had some severe depression. So will be paying extra close attention to my mood.

                    DH heard from his latest job offer yesterday but couldn't connect back with the woman, so we wait until Monday to find out the news. We're figuring it's likely positive because when it's a no they usually just send an email. Hopefully it's just an offer and not another round. But I find out about my position end of next week as well. Planning a zoo trip for week after this. With the high temps forecasted this week I'm thinking we might pull the pool out Tuesday and then go for a nice trip to the Grove on Wednesday.


                    • Back to the drawing board with my workouts. I killed my back this morning trying to deadlift. So will take the next few days off and hope I'm okay for soccer on Wednesday. From there I think I'll go back to bodyweight for a while and try to rebuild the muscles in my core so they're stronger. Will pick the weights back up again once I feel like I'm stalling on body weight exercises. And I think I'll go back to a SS approach beginning with much lighter weights. This injury comes from DH saying my DL form was improper. But his way my knees get in the way and I got hurt. I may just need to go with a lighter weight again. So some time to heal and let my body focus on that. So for this week I'll try to focus on eating as cleanly as possible. Grilling up come great meat tonight so I don't have to cook every night this week as well. Supposed to have beautiful weather, so hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to get outside with the kids.

                      Had planned to do some major cleaning this morning, but now I can barely move. I guess God had other plans for me today!


                      • Luckily I am having a very quick recovery from this back injury. It's subsided to a dull ache at times and I can carry DS just fine. So I am very thankful it's not lasting longer. I should be good to play soccer tomorrow night. I still think I'm going to switch to body weight exercises for a while though and try to build up the muscles. And then start back with a SS routine twice a week.

                        DH did get offered the new job as anticipated, so we are very excited. Definitely a huge stress relief for next school year. I've made plenty this month as well, so we're good to go from here on out. Not sure now if I want the FT position I applied for. Should hear from them by Friday though. So don't have to make a decision until then. Part of me feels like taking the position would be selfish, since I would really enjoy it but it would take time away from the family. So I'm trying not to think about it until I hear officially. And then we'll have to take some time as a family to decide what we want to do. Here comes the river of blessings from God though! And only 9 days left of track at this point, which is great to think about.


                        • Did PBF today after a week off. My back is still a bit sore from last week, but I got through it. And now my arms are shaking! Can't do pull-ups yet, so just worked on hanging from the tree and trying to pull up a bit. I was able to hang for 25s, a huge increase for me from the 6s I was doing before. I'm wondering if using a stool to get onto the branch makes a difference though since I'm sure I had a better grip. Felt good to actually work up a sweat and my muscles are more fatigued than when I was lifting. After I go back to lifting I think I might do a week of PBF as recovery time once a month or so.

                          Still haven't heard about my job. At this point I almost want to tell them to forget it. But I'm really interested in the position and the money would be great. I guess we'll see, all in God's timing. On the schedule for this week is a trip to the zoo that will be a lot of fun.


                          • Got in another day of PBF, at the park! Increased my hang time to 28s and increased plank time to 72s without stopping. Started level 7 for squats as well. These will actually take some work to get as low as I'd like. My left leg especially felt weak. Other parts felt good and it was nice to work out in the sun. Spent a long time at the park with the kids. Apparently too long as DS had a melt down on the way home. Gorgeous weather the rest of this week, so I'm predicting more park time in our near future. Have to go to the store tomorrow to get DD summer shoewear though so will be busy in the morning. Might take her to TRU as well to see if there's anything she wants to get with her gift card.

                            I did not get the FT job I had applied for. There are definitely some pros to this, the main thing being keeping my time for myself and family. Had a bunch of work to get done today, but less to do tomorrow and so will start to figure out some learning activities to work on with the kids. I've been focusing on work so much lately that I've been working less with DD on math, spelling and art projects than I should be. We also haven't been reading the science books as much as we should. I actually enjoy reading the science books with them and occasionally learn new information. I'm going to get to read a bunch of books next year while DS is in classes too. DD was picked to continue on the advanced track in gymnastics, which she is excited about.


                            • Inspired by the steak and eggs thread, I've been increasing my protein lately. Still having some carbs because I know how depressed I can get without them. I've cut back on dairy though, with only butter and the occasional ice cream. I weighed in this morning at 172.6, the lowest I've been in years. This is just amazing to me as I don't have to be hungry all the time and can still lose weight. I think wasn't eating enough these past few months. Here's what yesterday looked like:

                              B: 3 Eggs cooked in butter, leftover ground beef, strawberries
                              L: Small burger, Italian sausage, romaine lettuce wraps, carrots, potato salad
                              D: Steak, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli

                              DD had 2 helpings of sweet potatoes and declared she likes them more than white. I think we need to start buying those more often. Both kids ate a lot of their dinner last night, which was awesome.

                              Not sure how today will go foodwise as we're headed to the zoo. Will have a nice big breakfast so I only need a small lunch and small dinner. The walking all day will certainly be great. Soccer tonight and then PBF tomorrow. If I can break the 170 barrier by the end of this month, I'll be very happy. I'm ready to start seeing some definition areas other than my arms!


                              • My weight has held steady for the last 5 days (within half a pound). This is actually somewhat amazing to me, since I've been all over the board lately. I started weighing daily just for information gathering purposes. But as I'm in the last week of my cycle, holding steady sounds great. So I'm going to continue with my plan. I've been adding some ground beef to my breakfast each day, eating a smaller lunch, and a medium dinner. I've cut back on dairy and am thinking about switching butter out for coconut oil. But then I'm wondering if that's worth it now as we head into the summer and ice cream season. So I may to do that until the fall. I'm itching to get back to lifting again, but I'm going to fight the urge for a couple more weeks I think. I want to see if I can break through this plateau, I wonder if lifting was holding me there. But I don't know, perhaps more stress will help me burn more calories and break through the plateau.

                                DH is now done coaching track, so I also have more time to train my body. So I'm also considering using this weekend to determine new weight standards after my lift. I'd like to get back to lifting heavy and trying to do a pull-up. So I'm considering going back to Wendler's 531 but adding in 1 auxillary lift each time.

                                Squats + lunges
                                Bench + pull-up training
                                Dead + leg raises
                                Press + push-ups

                                After writing this out, I think I'll try to determine a new starting weight for squat and bench today. I'm going to be sure to focus on proper technique rather than how much I can lift. This will likely bring my numbers down some, but that's okay. I need to protect my back and that means getting things right.