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  • Primal Journal- EmeraldRose

    I'm quite new here, but I've decided that since I dove in to primal head first and haven't stopped, I may as well dive right in to keeping a journal as well!

    I'm a 35 year old mom of three very active boys, ages 9, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2. I am a full time inpatient social worker in a very busy county hospital. My husband is a runner, and completed his first half-marathon on 3/31 this year. He came home with The Primal Blueprint and The 21 Day Total Body Transformation, and asked me to look at it, and consider doing it with him.

    A little background: My weight was highest with my second pregancy, topping out around 220lbs, but swiftly dropping back to hover around 200-210lbs. When I got pregnant with my third son, I was 205lbs, and actually wound up around 199lbs after delivery. My weight has hovered around there ever since...

    I am 5'3". My weight topped out at 207lbs around the end of December 2011. I decided I'd had enough.

    Step 1: January 1, 2012- No More Transfer Buses
    I bus in to a busy metro area. The first of this year I swore I'd never ride another transfer bus. I started walking the half mile to work, and back to my express bus. Every day. Yes, in snow and ice if it was there, in rain, whatever. It felt good. I was generally faster than the buses.

    Step 2: January 23, 2012- Joined Work "Healthy Weight For Life Program"
    Ok, so this didn't really do anything for me, other than give me a daily means to track my weight and exercise and eating habits. And gave access to the hospital RDs. Who, of course, pushed whole grains. 3 months of this and I was bouncing between 5-9lbs of weight lost. Which really pissed me off, since I could feel my clothes fitting better (probably more due to the fact that I was walking so much).

    Step 3: March 14, 2012- Was Rear-ended Into the Car in Front of Us
    And sustained a pretty nasty right knee sprain, which I'm still recovering from. Thankfully, that was the only real damage (except for our vehicle). This however, has effectively ended my daily work walking, has forced me to use transfer buses again, now that I'm driving, and generally sent me off track in lots of ways.

    Step 3: April 1, 2012- Husband Came Home With Primal Blueprint
    And a couple days later, asked me just to look and think about it. Not even really thinking I'd agree, rather thinking he'd have to convince me, or maybe I'd at least support him.

    Step 4: April 7, 2012- Day 1- Completely Primal
    And I haven't looked back! So far, no cravings. I feel great! I was down 10lbs the first week, another 2.5lbs the last time I checked. Last weekend I pulled 4 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans, and a pair of shorts out of my closet forever, with another 2 pair soon to go! (Mostly because I stepped on the hem of the pants at work and nearly fell down the stairs because the pants were so big they were dragging on the ground.)

    I have surprised my husband with how readily I took to going Primal, but as I explained to him, I was ready. It was time, and this was just what I needed!


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    Breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled with about a tablespoon of whole milk, 2 cups of black coffee
    Lunch: Spinach salad with chunks of grilled chicken, sunflower seeds, carrots, black and green olives
    Dinner: ???


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      Originally posted by EmeraldRose View Post
      Breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled with about a tablespoon of whole milk, 2 cups of black coffee
      Lunch: Spinach salad with chunks of grilled chicken, sunflower seeds, carrots, black and green olives
      Dinner: ???
      I'm still stuck on Lunch: ???


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        Heh, well obviously the next step has to be PROFIT!!!


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          So, dinner turned out to be grilled pork chops, grilled pineapple, and something I shall from now on refer to as "avocado/nut paste", (which will also be part of breakfast and lunch tomorrow) that I made out of avocados, olive oil, the rest of a thing of cherry tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, and maybe a cup of pecans?

          Also- I got on the Wii after work just to see where my weight is at the end of the week. And it is exactly where it was 2 days ago. I've decided that I will now boycott the stupid Wii, as I don't like its attitude in telling me that I've missed too many days in stepping on it and deliberately bloating my Mii as much as possible to try and make me feel bad! No Wii for Mii for at least a week!


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            I wonder if I'm not eating enough? I feel full mostly after my meals, I'm not hungry between, and I'm not craving anything. But in looking for a handy carb counting app for my android phone I got a my fitness app (I think, I'll have to check), which says based on my age, height, etc, I should be having about 1200 calories a day to reach my goal weight.

            Ok fine. I set a pretty far fetched (at this point, but one I like to think I can someday get to with lots of work and support from my husband) goal - 135 lbs, and it's pretty far away at this point. But seriously? 1200 calories?

            So then, I'm putting in what I'm eating the last couple of days, and I'm not making 1200 calories. I'm coming in under that by more than 100, and tonight that was with work. I had to add in stuff to get even close. I didn't want to eat any more. I don't know if I should just relax and let things go for now and not worry about trying to count things? I just wanted to know where my carbs are.

            Maybe I'll just ignore the calorie part, since I'm feeling like I'm getting enough to eat, and it's all stuff I'm supposed to be eating, and not stuff that I'm not supposed to be eating.

            And there's still coffee.

            Also, 189 yesterday...and my husband convinced me to pull out a bunch of old work clothes that have been packed away since two kids ago. Most of them fit, and I'm nearly needing to toss another pair of pants. Soon, I will have no more pants...



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              My knee continues to feel better! Better diet, better energy, less of me to carry around! My husband has convinced me to start trying pull ups. The first one was less than successful, but I'm about to go try one again. It doesn't help that the bar is two feet above my head, and he has to help me lower myself down. (Apparently these are negative pull ups and I'm just supposed to not fall down quickly) Anyway, he grabbed my sprained knee by accident, which hurt LOTS, and then on the way down, the elbow I broke years ago popped, which also hurt LOTS, but I am going out now to try it again...


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                Migraine. Nauseous. Coffee for breakfast and minimal food for lunch. Basically some spinach, carrots, and olives. Mostly just having water so the imitrex doesn't give me dry mouth and make me more nauseous.

                Stupid imitrex.

                If I didn't have to be at work I would be at home in bed with the curtains closed trying to make my head stop feeling like someone is trying to break into it with a chisel.


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                  Dinner tonight was simple and good! Salmon patties with strawberries and extra sharp raw cheddar, a glass of cabernet, and 2 squares of dark chocolate for dessert.

                  My knee feels great! Even though I've been almost 7 weeks since my accident and literally no exercise, today I went up 4 flights of stairs at work and didn't get out of breath at all. Then since I was pissed off about a discharge that completely blew up at the very last possible second that I will have to completely do over tomorrow, I decided to walk the half mile to the bus instead of taking a transfer, caught all the lights, and made it in about the time I used to, muscles felt great, not tired, not out of breath or anything. And my knee still feels good, only a little achy!


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                    Also, looking back at the last weight I had recorded from before I started PB: 197lbs on 3/13. The last time I weighed myself, I was 185, a few days ago. So, not as much lost as I'd hoped since starting. My husband tells me I look great, so the weight lost isn't the issue. I know I've lost several inches, and my energy gain is tremendous. The healing for my body is also huge at this point in terms of my injuries.

                    But it is a little depressing in terms of how far I still have to go. I want to be gorgeous and slim and muscular. And healthy.

                    I want to be free from anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. I don't want to have to take meds for migraines. I want my sleep to be carefree and restful and brought on by natural means, not a medication that induces it and makes it stay, since my mind and body can't make it work right.

                    I want so many things and the least of them is to be happy.


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                      Ok, so there's always coffee. Hot, delicious, start my day off right with at least 2 cups of black coffee.

                      Yes I'm a coffee addict. No you can't take away my coffee.

                      Ok, fine I'll have some food too. Strawberries and blueberry protein balls go pretty well with coffee.


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                        Ok, the cafeteria officially made up for yesterday's "Meatless Mondays" fiasco: Lunch today is grilled salmon with artichokes and olives! And the guy gave me extra green beans :-)


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                          Starving today! Absolutely crazed for protein! By the time I got home from work I literally couldn't think of doing anything but eating as soon as possible and all I wanted to eat was meat. I didn't want any veggies or carbs or anything. I'm not sure how normal this is, and I think I'll also post elsewhere to ask for input...


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                            Perfectly normal
                            Check out my new webpage: The Carnivore Runner
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                              Good! And it was very good! My lovely husband asked no questions and provided me with a large amount of bacon and grilled mahi mahi, which I put a rather large dent in. I'm still not sure how much I ate. I felt much better afterwards!

                              Had a fairly major freakout today when I discovered that my doctor accidentally doubled my dose of topamax, which I take for migraines and refilled on the 20th last month. This could explain many of the increased side effects I've been experiencing, such as the bat to the head, racing heart, etc. Thought it was just a different med manufacturer. The pharmacy missed the med change as well, thought the doc had just changed the dosage, didn't check.

                              One more reason for me to want to get off the stuff as well as all the anti-depressants. I'm just tired of taking that stuff and don't feel like I need it all anymore. I feel like my life is finally more in control. My diet is finally where it needs to be and I'm finally starting to be healthy again.

                              Now I just need to get my doctor to agree with me so I can safely taper off the stupid drug cocktail they have me on...