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    New doctor = new lab draws!

    Just collected today...

    LDL- 84
    VLDL 14
    Cholesterol 155
    Triglycerides 69
    HDL 57

    Just coffee so far today. Fortunately, work is so insanely busy that there's really no time for food or being hungry....since I have no $$.


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      Feeling great lately! Got some new pants for work (since I was very nearly pant-less) for Mother's Day, as well as a very sexy dress :-) Having to toss a bunch of my tops now, as they are getting to be too big to wear to work without flashing people...

      People are beginning to notice the weight loss, and my friends who haven't seen me in awhile are astonished at the change.

      Weight is now sort of hovering around 182, but I am still slimming up. The new pants I just got are already getting big in the waist. Had to move my new bras up a hook.

      Now to get more active so I can get the weight loss moving again.


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        So I realized it's been awhile since I posted to this journal. Life has been hectic, work has been busy. I have had to make myself more strict with my diet, not that I was eating a lot of crap stuff like before, just that I decided to cut back on the carbs again. Went back to 50 and under, or as close as possible to that for most days. I feel better with fewer carbs.

        I'm generally eating meat- chicken, eggs, bacon, beef or pork (when we can afford it). Cut waaaay back on the dairy (hardly any cheese and no yogurt, I'm not much of a milk drinker anyway). Not really any nuts anymore, too expensive. Mostly different types of lettuces, carrots, mushrooms, avocado for veggies. Apples and berries (when we can afford them) for fruits.

        I'll probably weigh myself again this weekend, see where I am. Clothing-wise: put on a skirt getting ready for work today. Same size as the pants I've been wearing. It was too big. Pulled out another one 2 sizes FIT!

        Found a picture of me from last August. Wow. Makes me remember why I'm always the one taking pictures...I have one from a couple weekends ago my husband took. I'll post them for a progress comparison after work.


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          So, this first picture is me with my husband and kids, and sister- in law, last August. Sorry for the poor quality, it's a picture of a picture I found on my in-laws fridge at the lake Father's Day weekend. The second one is me on the way to the lake for Father's Day weekend.



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            I will be weighing myself this weekend. I'm a little nervous, because I feel like my weight is up. I've been more stressed with work, and with my husband losing his job (again). I find myself not eating more, just to try to make the food go farther for my kids. Also, had more wine recently (which has now stopped because there is no way I can justify drinking when there is so little money).

            I am hoping that cutting out the wine and increasing my activity will make a difference, but I still feel like I'm going to get on the scale and it will be up. My body image has not been good lately. I look at myself in the mirror, and all I see are the bulges and places I want to be smaller.

            I need perspective. I want to be under 170 by the end of the summer, but I don't know if I will make it...


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              Weighed myself this morning and I am up 2.5 lbs. I'm so incredibly disappointed in myself.


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                Ok, so even if my weight is disappointing, I've managed to get a little further with my workouts.

                Australian pull-ups: 24 (not all at once yet, and only to about 90 degrees, but I'm still pretty hurting now!)
                Push ups: 10 (OUCH! I have stomach muscles...)


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                  I'm finding that the push ups still hurt! My stomach has cleary done nothing but stretch out from babies, and get cut up having them! Since the first day, I've barely gotten to 7 in a day, just because by then it hurts so much it feels like it's going to rip open.

                  Pull ups tonight!


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                    Ok, so no pull ups. Had a migraine instead. :P

                    Pull ups and push ups tonight!

                    There will be some (more) changes at work, and hopefully these new ones will alleviate some of the current stress load. Hopefully. I think that will help with cravings for dark chocolate. As well as sleep issues. We will see.

                    THe pull ups and push ups will help too


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                      Saturday, I was down 3.3 again, so that was a plus! Had to move my belt up another hole, also a plus! My few remaining work shirts are beginning to look a little ridiculous. Sort of a plus...

                      Making my own kombucha, mostly because it costs too much to keep buying it. It's a week-ish into the process and smells right. Hopefully it will turn out ok. My only issue is I have only one container I can use, so I will have to wait until I empty it before starting the next batch...


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                        I have discovered Lara bars! I've seen some of you posting about them, saw some in the Cub here and I think I have a new favorite snack...

                        Lunch today will be grilled chicken with almonds and carrots sauteed with bacon, and some strawberries. May have to eat lunch early because it's already sounding good to me!


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                          Grumpy, tired, and headache all day today. And my husband went out 10 minutes after everybody was home. He brought pizza for the kids, and feeling gross about it, I took the easy way out and had some pizza. Not helping the tired, headache feeling...


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                            Last week was vacation to my parents' house for the whole week. I feel like crap now, because everything was loaded with carbs and grains! I did my best to avoid the stuff, but it was essentially impossible. We had no money to buy our own stuff, and between what my mom made and where they chose to eat, I think I had more carbs and grains than I've had in MONTHS!

                            By the time we headed home on Sunday and had one last fast food meal (to try to cut down on the time of the trip) I actually got sick!

                            I told my husband we are completely done with fast food. There will be no more. There will be a return to no grains at all. My body can't take it!

                            I've been doing some IF last three days, just to try and make myself not feel sick anymore. Dinner last night was meat and mushrooms, nothing else.

                            Completely see how the "old way" we had of eating is JUST SO NOT HEALTHY!!! Your food shouldn't make you sick!


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                              New day, fresh start!

                              Last week I did really well. Feeling better from the extensive CW food week. Finally faced up to it and got on the scale yesterday, to find I was DOWN 1lb since the last time I'd weighed before vacation! I must've done better than I thought!

                              Now, time for lots of kombucha to get rid of this cold...


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                                Added sit ups into my routine. No more crunches. Just sit ups. I was pleased that I could actually get my whole back off the floor! At the same time, WOW, was it tough to get my whole back off the floor! I was actually sweating hard.

                                Plan now is for Pull ups (still assisted :P), push ups, and sit ups. Combined with my 5x/wk quick half mile walk to and from work, and mass amounts of walking at work.

                                I want to get to my mini-goal by my birthday next month. I need to get past the little plateau I'm on. Carbs = 50 or less for at least the next week.