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    Hi everyone!

    I bought The Primal Blueprint back in April of last year but never fully implemented many of the points in the book. My fiancee and I tried Atkins last summer and lost quite a bit of weight, but once we went off the diet we gained it all back! When Mark posted the 'In the Making' challenge at the first of the year I decided to give this a shot!

    I started at 198.8 pounds and I'm only 5'7". I can't always eat grass fed beef but just eating less than 100 g of carb a day has resulted in impressive results! By the end of January, I had lost around 6 pounds. But, there's always excuses, like my birthday and a wedding and trips back home where you just have to have a favorite meal. By April 1st I was back at 198 pounds! But, I'm pleased to announce that with a very serious refresh at the beginning of April I'm all the way down to 189.2 pounds as of last Saturday. I have been doing some exercise. I try to do pushups or squats every hour at work so I don't sit for 3 hours at a time (desk job). And my fiancee and I are trying to do daily walks around the apartment complex with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CJ!

    The hardest thing for me is giving up ice cream! I could eat it everyday all day probably. I love dark chocolate, though, so I eat it almost daily!

    My ultimate goal at the beginning of all this was to lose 30 pounds by our wedding on July 28th. I figured 7 months should be plenty of time! Unfortunately, I've wasted 3 of them. But, I'm off to a strong start and I hope to be under 180 by the end of May.

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    Hey! You can do it.
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      Got on the scale last night and I'm down to 186.6 pounds! I'm not having too much trouble sticking to no grains. I love being able to eat dark chocolate. It's a great snack! I bought Paleo Comfort Foods and even though I've only tried a few recipes they are awesome. I can't wait to try out a bunch more! My fiancee and I have our wedding shower this weekend. I know there's gonna be a ton of stuff there I can't eat! But, they are gonna have a fruit and vegetable tray so I should be able to stay away from the bad stuff.

      I've added another goal: I want to be able to do a pull-up/chin-up by the wedding. I've never been able to do a pull-up, but 2 summers ago I had worked out enough to manage a chin-up.