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    Well here goes.
    This is my first post so sorry if its a bit rambling. I am female, almost 47 and have had problems with my weight for my entire adult life. I know I feel so much healthier when I am slimmer however I have never been able to get off the diet rollercoaster. Even when I am a healthy weight I am much more tired than I should be, I feel lazy and am constantly battling with what I am eating, I know I have a HUGE problem with sugar, if I start eating sweet stuff during the day that's it, I cant stop even though I know how bad I'll feel, both physically and emotionally, but sometimes I crave carbs so bad Its also taken me to this point in my life to realise that I hardly ever eat a proper meal, I just constantly graze. I have in the past lost a weight using a VLCD but then I gradually go back to my old ways and I know there has to be a lifestyle change. I stumbled across Primal when looking at weight loss on internet, I bought Primal Blueprint book at the end of last year, read it thoroughly and it all made sense, however have been putting off actually giving myself a push and doing something. So this is it, I am now on day three of my primal diet, haven't told anyone apart from you guys so hoping for some support Haven't even told husband as I'm sure he will roll his eyes and think here we go again, another diet. Its not that he's not supportive its just he thinks I'm fine as I am, which is nice really but I don't think the same and do be honest he could really do to lose a few pounds himself so I'm hoping when he sees my success he'll change to primal too.

    HW 203lbs, psw 158lbs, tw 134lbs

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    Well have completed three full days and my weight is dropping fast, I know its mostly water but I feel so much less bloated already. I've not felt hungry. Have had a very slight headache but nothing too bad and am making sure I drink plenty. Just a couple of wee problems,
    1. After eating sometimes my lunch I get a craving for something sweet to eat, have managed to ignore it but was wondering will this go away or is it just a habit as I used to finish off with a biscuit/sweets. I expect it will stop.
    2. According to fitday I seem to be averaging 100g of protein a day and think this is a bit too much so am trying to cut it down to an average of 60-70 grams.
    Hope the second half of week one goes as well.


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      Ha, ha one thing I have noticed, if I skip a meal I will not collapse with hunger/exhaustion. Gone are the days of eating because the clock says it's time.


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        Well 1st week down. Had a bit of a lapse yesterday but other than that fine. Definitely feeling clearer headed and sleeping less.

        SW 158 lbs
        PW 153 lbs
        TW 138 lbs