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1-2-3 its time to get back to India!

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  • 1-2-3 its time to get back to India!

    Hi, My name is Joy. I am from Florida but live in Goa, India. I moved here two years back because it is beautiful, on the beach and cheap. I can live here for $1000 a month comfortably. I have been wanting to start my own online company and came here to do just that. 2 years into it I am starting to get focus and things are making sense. I have been very lonely here and missing the good old USA a lot but I am determined to do what I started and I will not go home until I do that.

    I have been heavy almost my whole life. I weighed 150 lbs when I was 22 but looking back at those pics I was hot and just curvy. I joined the navy and dropped 4 dress sizes and 5 lbs. But wow.. I was very hot. Now a broken leg and ankle later I am fat! I hate it..I have never written these words.. I always act like I am cool with how i look...i carry the weight well and am still pretty. But I want to be a size 10 again.. and thin..and have that energy that I use to have that let me go all day at top speeds.

    Been reading tim Ferrises blog, and then this young guys blog about working out at home with your own weight. the guy rocks and I love his energy.. well one blog led to another and I found this marks apple a day blog. Been reading it for hours and it makes sense. And I love the success stories. I have been eating low carb already.. got it down to just cutting those out should be easy.. it will be the sugar that will be my thing to work around. Cut out processed foods years ago, been juicing vegetables almost every day and my friends can not understand why I am not skinny. I eat healthy.. except for the coke and whiskey on the weekends. But hey I can have whiskey and water!! And eating fresh and lots of fruit and veg is easy here and so cheap. i can get huge bunches of spinach for .50 cents and a golden pineapple grown here for $1.. and fresh beans for .50 cents.. and much more.. and mango's are coming into season. So many mangoes you get sick of them. And jackfruit is in season.. yummy.. a mix of pineapple and strawberry but crunchy.

    SO I am posting this jounal thing..going to make this my homepage and going to do this. It is monsoon season here. .which means it is going to rain for 4 months straight. I like it and am ready for it. And I was going to do a detox and change my eating even more. Now I got the tools and the recipes.

    I currently weigh 88 kg..which is 195 lbs. want to get down to 160 lbs so 72 kg. already doing Zumba and yoga..going to start the sprints this weekend.. that is going to be interesting.. lugging these boobs and butt around.. but going to do it. Already got the 5 toe shoes and I love them. A friend came and visited me from Australia and he let me buy the shoes off him!!

    So this is all doable.. I think I am going to give myself one cheat day a week like Tim Ferris does until I don't need that.

    Will track what I eat and how I feel and looking forward to reading more of your journals.

    Love and light to you all.


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    Ive just googled Tim Ferris and its not primal. Why dont you go Paleo instead if your going to contribute to this forum?
    Sorry - dont want to be rude.
    I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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      thanks for the note.. i must not have made myself clear.. I am going PRIMAL... no milk...just kurd and no carbs.. just veggies, fruits, nuts and meat. Going to do the coconut milk since coconuts are everywhere here. Reading recipes to get ideas on what to cook this week.

      I was talking about how I found out about Hope this clears it up.


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        Welcome JJ. We get all sorts in here - the interwebz!

        Keen to see how you go being primal in goa. I love Indian food and so much of it is inherently good but it's being spoiled these days by wrong western science. In particular, the replacement of traditional cooking oils by cheap and very nasty vegetable oils is a big issue.

        Are you going to eat traditional fermented breads like dhosa and idli? What about dairy? I advise you to stick with yoghurt and ghee unless the weight is sticking. A small part of me envies you but another part of me knows that India can be very challenging
        Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

        Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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          India is carb country.. that is the mainstay of their diet. Not planning on idli or dosas. Don't eat them much anyway.

          So my food for today.. time to tell all. I got my very first care package from the US today. i have been here two years. Koolaid...granola bars, muffin mixes..ohh why today..

          B- shake with strawberries, almonds, flax seed, kurd and water 2 granola bars
          S- grapes and glass of grape koolaid..i just got from the USA today with very little sugar
          L pumkin steamed and 2 ears of corn with butter and lime- bowl of chicken vegetable soup
          D- indian show puri.. carbs and more carbs, but a very small serving about 1/2 cup.. 2 small squares of chocolate
          S cause I was starving. .took pork that was boiled with fat,skin and meat and cooked it with 3 onions and a pak of El Paso taco seasoning and a salad with beets, carrots, cukes and more vegetables.

          Not to good but considering what came in the mail I still got lots of good into me.

          Now for tomorrow. got pork left over. Going to do Zumba tomorrow.


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            What I ate on Thursday:
            before working out- glass of tea and 10 almonds Then ZUMBA!
            B- indian green pea coconut curry with only 1 paratha- kinda of like a flour tortilla
            L-pork with onions, salad and 1/2 ear of corn
            D- more pork, califlower I mashed w/butter and salt, salad and the LAST 1/2 ear of corn
            S- grape lassi with 1 T sugar- a lassi is made from plain yogurt, fruit, ice and sugar. Worked till 12:30 pm and my snack was at 9 pm. Know i got to quit eating late. And milk chocolate..4 of the squares from a candy bar

            Friday.. better log it before I forget it. First day no is normal to be STARVING?

            Snack before working out- tea and 2 bites of pork- so yummy
            B- big lassi with papaya and 1 T sugar- I added soaked almonds and flax seed along w/ 1 T of coconut oil to it. Was really hungry...more then usual.
            L- the rest of the pork, salad, cauliflower mash and pumpkin steamed.
            snack.. i am very hungry.. weird.. pineapple lassi with NO sugar..the pineapple was so sweet.
            Dinner will be beef and the rest of the cooked vegtables or already made chicken vegtable soup.

            going to do sprints tomorrow... for the first time in years.. going to do them on stairs and be careful but PUSH!

            Talk at u tomorrow.