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    I'm new to the forums and newish to PB. I've tried it before and caved to binges. My recent health issues have me back to needing to eat clean. I've been thinking about journaling the last 2 days and then saw this. I hope this also helps with my accountability.

    I really appreciate the forums and have been reading on and off all day.

    My journey began a couple years ago when I pulled on my jeans for the first cold weather day. They were too small. I have never had weight issues before but I have also had some stressful years of being a mom to a high needs daughter, living away from where I wanted to be and dealing with some other issues. I was disappointed that my jeans were too small and being short makes jean shopping torturous. I vowed to start exercising and eating better. I tracked my calories and went from 118 pounds to 103 over the course of 8 months or so. More importantly my body looked healthier. I didn't escape jean shopping as those jeans that were too small were now way too big

    Fast forward to now and I'm struggling to get back to a lower weight. I think I'm about 112 pounds but that doesn't matter as much as my cravings for sugar, carbs and junk are through the roof. I LOVE to exercise (I do something similar to crossfit, intervals and lifting) and continue to have fun challenging myself. I just love how I feel and look when eating clean. I don't know how I have gotten to this point and I know what I need to do and in the past it was easy.

    I'm combining a few different ideas that I think work well for me and I'm hoping posting here will provide me with the support and accountability I need to break through this stupid junk and binge eating. The ideas are IF, Fast 5, Primal and calorie counting. OCD, much? Yeah, but I love the journey and tracking it. Once I'm back on track I probably won't count my cals.

    Today I stocked up on lots of fresh fruit, veggies and lean proteins. I also got rid of all the sugar in my house. In the beginning I was able to have items in my house and avoid them. Now I can't. If there is sugar here, I'll eat it (cookies, bread, chocolate). My willpower has gone to shit. I have what I need here for a successful week.

    I guess I'll do some measurements and weight tomorrow morning. I'm dreading the scale after this weekend. I used to enjoy getting on the scale after previous day of clean eating. Now it is the opposite.

    I have done this before and I can do it again!

    Thank you all for posting your journeys and all the information that is here. It is going to help keep me motivated.

    PS. I'm going to look around the forums, but I would love some help figuring out where my cals, fat, carbs, etc should be. I'm 5'1" and 112 pounds. I use myfitnesspal to track and I can manually submit what I want my numbers to be in these categories. Thanks in advance.
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    I was hoping to fast until dinner. I couldn't hold out.

    b- coffee, green tea
    l- eggs, salami crisps, bfast sausage
    d- thai food some shrimp dish (we have a house showing this evening)
    tomorrow's dinner
    d- tilapia "taco" salad and berries for dessert
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