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    Today, Tax Day 2012, I'm starting my primal journey, officially with a journal. I've been lurking on this site for a couple of months and started with the no carbs thing at the beginning of Lent. Wonder of wonders, it worked well for about 10 days -- my stomach started to deflate, clothes started to fit better, I didn't feel the need to eat constantly...and then I failed. So, I'm picking myself up and starting over. My goals are this - to feel comfortable in my skin. To arrive at a working weight of 120 for my height of 5'4" and to move more regularly. To be able to wear a bathing suit this summer proudly and not slink into the ocean or pool. To feel happy with my body.

    I am not weighing myself at the start of this journey as I think it'll depress me. I'm 40 and I believe I weigh about 140-144lbs. The most I've ever weighed. I'm small boned and my natural shape is very feminine. It'll be great to get back to it. I'm concerned that given my age the weight loss will be slow and perhaps even non-existent but I shall try.

    I realize that one of the biggest challenges to being successful on this is that I must be prepared. Prepared with food at home, prepared with a mindset that exercise is a natural and daily part of my life and prepared to be successful.

    I'm excited to start. I have pictures which i shall post when I get the courage.

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    So first day down and it wasn't terrible. I cooked a few dishes this week so that I could be prepared for lunches and dinners during the week. Takeout is a bad habit if I don't have food at home. The only hitch is that I met a friend for an impromptu dinner at the Shake Shack last night - I had a burger, bun and all.

    For lunch I had sausage and peppers with some jarred tomato sauce. Not completely primal, but definitely low carb. I'm taking leftovers for lunch today.