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  • Primal Journal - Parker

    Here goes. My goal for the next 30 days is to see an increase in overall fitness and well being. I'm on day 5 of eating primally, just starting to come out of the carb withdrawal fog.

    Food so far today:

    B. IF (woke up late and didn't get to it)
    L. Seasoned beef and salmon

    My main focus for now is to get the eating down as Mark says it makes up 80% or so of overall fitness, but next week I'm going to start doing some primal exercise as well.


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    Welcome Parker. I hope primal goes well for you.
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      Hi Parker!

      Good luck.


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        Thanks for the encouragement guys!

        Today's Meals:

        B: IF
        L: Fried eggs (are fried eggs okay or is scrambled better?)
        D: Chicken mango salad
        S: Chocolate chip cookies (my sister made them and I caved, maybe telling everybody will help me resist the temptation next time).


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          Today's Meals:

          B: IF
          L: Mixed vegetables, teriyaki chicken.
          D: Salad with light raspberry vinaigrette, pork ribs, watermelon.
          S: Baby carrots, unsalted pistachios.

          PBF: 1 hour racquetball.


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            Wow, I'm amazed how fast this gets pushed back page after page. Quite an active community! I'm starting to feel my energy come back after the carb withdrawal fog, not all the way there yet but getting there. So far I'm pleased with how I've been able to eat and in general haven't been as hungry before. Anyway, here's today's meals:

            B: none (I don't have any quick primal breakfast foods; any suggestions?)
            L: salad with light raspberry vinaigrette, seasoned beef
            D: BBQ pork ribs, salad, seasoned beef.

            Does my eating sound alright? I live on campus at school and the cafeteria food is kinda limited but I'm open to any suggestions on things to change.

            Today I did the PBF assessment and came up with these numbers:

            Pushups: 23
            Squats: 30
            Pullups: 7
            Plank: 66 seconds.

            I was kinda disappointed but at least I have room for improvement . I don't have a pullup bar yet so I'm thinking I'll just do regular pullups on my door (strong hinges, metal frame, thick door) until I get one. For the squats I don't really have a bar or pole that I can use so I'm thinking I'll go to the bench squats instead because I felt really good with form and such doing the test.


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              I stayed up too late last night and slept in this morning....ugh..... I need to get my sleep schedule down better. Anyway, food so far today:

              B: none
              L: Meatballs, pork ribs, salad, veggies, seared halibut (it was kinda a 2 part lunch but really big, I'll probably have a pretty small dinner).
              D: Meatballs, pork ribs.

              Exercise: Move frequently (1 hour racquetball @ about 75% intensity).
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                Meals today:

                B: none
                L: salad with raspberry vinaigrette, shrimp sausage chicken gumbo, grilled chicken.
                D: shrimp sausage chicken gumbo, pork ribs.
                S: raspberry shake.

                Workout: none today, ran out of time. Planning on doing LHT tomorrow morning.