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  • HannahBanana's Primal Pregnancy

    Well, here goes. Not counting chickens before they're hatched (it's REALLY early days) but I want to log my food and exercise here as I go through. Having had two thoroughly non-primal pregnancies/births/children I am interested to see how this compares.

    In addition I've recently made the switch to Paleo-ish with my kids. Today will be day three, so I'll track them here too.

    Exercise PEM 53 + 40 wall push ups, 70s + 60s knee plank, 13 + 10 squats (sprinting tomorrow!)

    13/4/12 - 3w1d
    Breakfast 11am
    Eggplant, tomato and a giant silverbeet leaf fried in a mass of butter. Added a handful of mince and a heap of parsley, stirred until meat was cooked. Topped with egg and grated cheese (yes, I know the cheese isn't strictly on...). Ate the lot. No morning sickness as yet, although I am already much more forgetful than I was two weeks ago!

    other food before dinner (had planned on eating lunch at 1pm, time got away from me!)
    Had a coconut water at around 2.30. Green tea at 3.30. Two Laughing Cow cheese triangles in the car on the way home (4.30) plus another coconut water. Two boiled eggs when I got home (5.30).

    Dinner 7pm
    will update

    Breakfast 8am
    minced chicken patties fried in butter, fried cabbage, raw green bean and peeled zucchini, sour cream to dip
    (A ate all, J had one patty, all beans and a piece or two of both the cabbage and zucchini)

    MT 10.30am
    diced tinned pear and Greek yoghurt - both ate the lot

    Lunch 1.30pm
    Deli chicken, carrots, celery, green beans, sour cream and raw cashews. (J ate one little bit of chicken, cashews, the veges and the sour cream. A ate chicken and cashews and a tiny bit of the veg)

    AT 3.30ishpm
    Unscheduled coffee meeting with the elders. The kids got shouted to a milk babycino each, with one white marshmallow. Then at Lady D's they each had THREE!!! biscuits, because I wasn't paying attention. I was aiming for one. Biscuits were white flour, butter, sugar, egg and white choc chips.

    Dinner 5.30pm
    They were stuffed from late babycinos and biscuits. Boiled egg (A 2 J 1) A finished J's lunch chicken. J had half a red pear.

    I have been on a paleo-ish/ketogenic template since Jan 4, since cutting out grains and legumes my SLE has gone from needing medication for me to feel mediocre to me feeling great to me getting off my medication and still feeling great. I get a bit upset that no-one in the medical field has ever told me that my diet could be impacting my auto-immune disease. I'm beginning to see SLE as a disease of affluence, much like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It's sad, and infuriating. I'm glad that I've made positive changes, but if I'd been told upon diagnosis four years ago that eating like this might help I would have given it a go, and had much better early experiences with my kids. But I'm focussing on the positive, and going forward.

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    You might want to look at Joyful Abode , I don't see her on the forums now but she is about to have her second primal/paleo/wapf-ish baby (Edit - baby Joseph has apparently arrived )

    Also Hawaiian libertarian: Paleo Baby is fun!

    Look around the main site - there have been a few posts on primal kids too.

    Good luck


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      Originally posted by NorthernMonkeyGirl View Post
      Hahaha. Great stuff. And it's right, too.

      Congratulations and best of luck from me too, Hannah Banana!


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        Thank you both! I saw Paleo Baby on Hawaiian libertarian a couple of days ago, enjoyed it very much. Shall enjoy looking around Joyful Abode also!


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          HannahBanana's Primal Pregnancy day 2

          Yesterday's dinner was a chop, cooked with tomato, onion and a slice of lemon, steamed veg (sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli and cabbage) and butter. I had a second chop about an hour later!

          This morning saw me leap from my bed at 7.40, knowing I had to leave the house by 8! I had a super quick shower, dressed in record time and threw two hard boiled eggs, an apple, a handful of almonds and a tin of tuna in olive oil into my bag. Made it on time, too!

          9am apple
          11.30am almonds
          1pm tuna and an egg
          4 pieces Laughing Cow cheese between 3 and 5 (will not buy again when the box is empty, much too easy to munch on those rather than making a proper meal)
          7.30pm Marinara on zucchini noodles (a really good, fresh marinara mix that had chunks of fish, squid, mussels and prawns, with onions, garlic and tomato). Most enjoyable, I melted a couple of pieces of butter over the top to replace the cheese I would normally smother it in.

          I didn't feed the kids, the lovely M had them all to himself this morning, so I'll have to quiz him later on what they ate.

          **mince and veg for breakfast, pear and greek yoghurt for MT, they ate who knows how much rice when they visited with E4J around lunchtime, and steak and green beans at dinner. J asked (mouth still full) if I would make what he'd had for dinner for tomorrow's breakfast. WIN! He also had seconds of steak.

          I went to a Hand-In-Hand parenting workshop, and enjoyed it immensely. A bit weary now from the couple of kilometres I walked in between catching buses. But it was lovely to have some time to myself to listen to music and read my book! Definitely got the pregnancy brain going on, gave out my mobile number, only to be told by M when I got home that he'd received a text from a lady called T!

          Shall have to have a think on what I will eat for the rest of the day. Planning on heading out to an open-air cinema this afternoon to see a kids' movie - it got cold and late, plus we needed to duck to the shops to pick up closed in shoes for J and a birthday present. The party is at a miniature railway, both kids will love it, but last time we went M was wearing sandals and wasn't allowed on! Wound up renting Smurfs and having a movie night at home. Was really snuggly and fun, plus the kids and I were in bed by 8.30!

          No big issues yet, other than the rapidly burgeoning breasts. I will have to get fitted for a couple of new bras next week! I have noticed my emotions being mildly erratic. I'm really excited to see how I manage the mood swings, etc, after all the work I did with my PND and subsequent breakdown after J's birth. I'm a much calmer (though nowhere near completely calm) person as a result, I'm wondering if I'll be less turbulent through this pregnancy!
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