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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Rachel, and I'm a single mom in my mid-forties. Last November, I decided that I was tired of being overweight. I hired a trainer and have been working with him for almost 16 weeks.

    In that time, my body composition has changed quite a bit. I am 5'5 and started at 153 pounds and 34% body fat. My scale weight is now 139, and I am at 24% body fat with a lean body mass of 106 pounds. I am 7-8 pounds of fat away from reaching my goal of 19-20% body fat.

    I love my consultant because he helped me get to where I am. I'm now at a bit of a plateau, though, and this week, he suggested that I eat in a more primal way. So here I am because I can never have too much information or positive support.

    I love the primal way of eating and find it easy after 16 weeks of dieting. I am hoping that my continued workouts and this way of eating will allow me to meet my goal.

    I'm on a rest week from training until Wednesday, so today, my daughter and I went bowling and then we went to the park and took a nice walk and played on the playground equipment.

    Some of my favorite foods are primal foods: eggs, chicken, steak, ground beef, pork chops, olive oil, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, salad, grapefruits, oranges, apples, berries, nuts, and nut butters. YUM. Once I'm at goal, I'd love to see how I react by adding in red wine, dark chocolate, and dairy (I don't really care for grains.)

    That's a good start. See you around.

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    Hi Rachel,

    I'm pretty new here too, and have only been primal a couple of weeks. So far, I feel fantastic, and I hope you get as much out of it as I have.

    Since I'm trying to gain weight, rather than loose it,(I've been on the skinny side for far too long, owing to a poor lifestyle through university.)

    I already indulge in a small glass of red wine every evening, and when I feel the need to spoil myself, a few squares of 85% chocolate. It's definitely a delicious lifestyle!

    During my first few days I found it hard to resist the non primal biscuits that were in my office, but that went away very quickly. Good luck, and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Apparently I suck at life, so I'm crowd-sourcing my decisions, and sharing what I learn.

    My fresh start in London


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      Thank you, Chris! I think that eating this way is amazing, especially after all I have already given up over the last four months. I am really good at saying no to all the sugary treats (and there have been many) in my office. I like being able to say yes to eating this way and glad to hear that red wine and dark chocolate are already part of your regime. And that you are feeling fantastic. That's wonderful.


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        I love primal eating. All the foods are just yummy to me. Today I had scrambled eggs in olive oil, ground beef and broccoli slaw cooked in coconut oil, and salmon and oven roasted cauliflower and broccoli. Desert was walnuts. YUM.

        I finished reading the book last night. Something Mark said made a big impact and that was that it's got to be about having fun. Sometimes I get stressed about not hitting my goal..I only have three more sessions with my trainer, and I can't afford more. I think sometimes I get so stressed about getting there that I lose sight of the having fun part of doing it.


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          Another good (satisfying) day of eating that included olive oil, eggs, ground beef, coconut oil, broccoli slaw, pistachios and walnuts. Oh, and half a grapefruit (split the other half with my daughter)

          Tomorrow is my check in day with my fitness consultant. TOM is here, so I don't expect any big changes. I am excited to get back into my workouts, though, my week of no training is wrapping up. It's interesting that my rest week coincided with the very helpful posts from Mark on overtraining.

          Will be back tomorrow with an update on my results and my plan.


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            Well, some great news. This way of eating helped me break my plateau. I've lost 5 pounds this week, which is HUGE for me because now I'm just 4 pounds away from my original goal, which I set last November.

            My consultant was fine with me continuing to eat this way! And I get to add exercise back in this week. I'm happy about it!


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              Tonight I made a delicious steak and roasted veggies. It was so incredible that I felt like my body was just shouting "yes" after every bite. I can't believe how much I LOVE eating this way. I am a former low carber who lost her groove years ago...and I never thought I could get it back.

              I also roasted 5 skin-on chicken breasts to eat over the weekend. I cannot wait to dig into them. The skin is all crispy and golden. YUM.

              This way of eating is saving me money. Steaks were $3.50, the chicken was #3.50, two bags of veggies to roast were $5.00, a carton of organic, cage free eggs was #2.50, and I already had olive oil and spices on hand.


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                Back to the gym, hooray! Tonight I lifted heavy things, sprinted, and did slow cardio.

                Breakfast was two scrambled eggs in olive oil.

                Lunch was a piece of baked chicken, skin on.

                Snack was a few walnuts and two small pieces of leftover beef.

                Dinner was baked chicken, skin on, a celery salad with olive oil dressing. And a grapefruit for desert.

                Right now I am drinking hot green tea.


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                  I went and bought my bikini for my "after" pictures today. It was hard to do because I didn't look very lean in the mirrors at Kohls...bad lighting, ugh.

                  I am only two weeks away from wrapping up my 18 week fitness program. I have changed a lot since I started and am close to my goal, but I am clearly not as lean as I want to be. My midsection still needs work, as do my upper thighs...I'm pretty happy with my chest, back, and shoulders, though I'm not yet "ripped" anywhere.

                  It is TOM, which is probably not the best time to shop for a bikini, lol.

                  I made the coconut pancakes today and enjoyed those very much.

                  11 days until after photos! (my first set, anyway, I'm not going to ever give up chasing after a truly lean body...)


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                    P.S. My goal is to look lean in all lighting, lol.

                    And I did go to the gym today. Lower body day, with low intensity cardio.


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                      Today was my "fun" day...took my daughter bowling. And we did a lot of walking as we shopped for spring clothes and groceries.

                      Breakfast was a coconut pancake with almond butter and a grapefruit

                      Lunch was a chicken breast, skin on, and walnuts

                      Dinner was chicken drumsticks drizzled with olive oil, asparagus, and coconut bark for desert (I make it with 1 TBSP oil, 1 TBSP cocoa, and 1 stevia packet)


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                        Today was a slow movement day. Did thirty minutes of walking on my mini trampoline.

                        breakfast: coconut pancake w/almond butter

                        lunch: salad, salmon

                        snack: a few nuts

                        dinner: steak, cucumbers, coconut bark for desert


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                          Workout day. Squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups in a circuit, with jogging in between.

                          breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in olive oil, 1/2 grapefruit

                          snack: same

                          lunch: chicken breast

                          snack: chicken drumstick

                          dinner: 2 eggs scrambled in olive oil, 1 tbsp almond butter in celery stalks

                          I see my consultant in the AM. My weight was up 1.4 pounds this morning, so I'm a bit miffed about it. But maybe I will be back down tomorrow...or maybe I've added a bit of muscle. I guess I will find out tomorrow!


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                            Met with my consultant today. My results were exactly the same as last week...135.2 pounds (on his scale) and 23.9% body fat. I am taking after pictures next week, so he's got me on a crazy competition type diet. It's a lot of lean meat and green veggies, no nuts, no fruits, no fats. I can do anything for a week, right? I would LOVE to get closer to 20% body fat, which was my original goal.

                            30 minutes of slow walking today.

                            After my pictures next Wednesday, I am going back to my higher fat primal fat diet. I am going to add back red wine and greek yogurt and occasional dark chocolate and see how I do.


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                              I am down to 133.1 this morning.

                              5 days out from my after photos. I need to fit in a hair color, spray tan, three weight workouts, and five *slow* walks before March 17. My daughter has been out sick from school for two days with the stomach flu, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get everything scheduled in, but I will find a way.