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    Thanks for stopping by Jades! Stay in touch through your challenge!

    I'm feeling much better today. I went to the gym tonight and did 40 minutes of resistance training and 30 minutes of low intensity cardio.

    Today I ate:

    bacon and eggs

    apple, peanut butter

    salad with hamburger, carrots, olive oil

    grapes, almonds

    celery, hummus

    primal pancakes with butter

    Is hummus primal?

    And is flax seed primal?

    I need to find out about those two items.


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      Back from a fifty minute walk at the park with my daughter. We also played on the swings.

      Food today:

      breakfast: eggs, cream cheese (yeah, it's dairy, and I need to cut it out)

      snack: apple, almond butter

      lunch: hamburger patty, bacon, carrots

      snack: grapes, nuts

      dinner: free meal every Wednesday night


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        Eating was good today.

        breakfast: 2 eggs+2TBSP ground flax meal made into pancakes and served with all natural applesauce

        snack: apple, almond butter

        lunch: spinach, chicken, olive oil

        snack: grapes, nuts

        dinner: steak with butter, 1 square of dark chocolate

        The weather is bad again here, so I'm just going to walk on my mini trampoline tonight instead of going outdoors...


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          Back from the gym. Tonight was bis/back.

          I am eliminating dairy and flax seeds. I picked up some almond meal/coconut flour to use in my pancakes instead.


          breakfast: two eggs in olive oil

          snack: apple, almond butter

          lunch: cucumber, steak, olive oil dressing

          snack: last of my greek yogurt, grapes

          snack: beef jerky, pumpkin seeds

          dinner: two eggs+2 TBSP almond flour+applesauce, small piece of very dark chocolate

          I also went to the health food store and bought some nitrite free bacon. I am looking forward to trying it for breakfast tomorrow.


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            Hey, Rachel.

            So your trainer encouraged eating Primal, but kept you on low fat/low carb to lean out more? Hmm, I'm 2 1/2 weeks out to my competition and I'm thinking I need to try some things to get the last of the padding off. I've read about cycling high fat/higher carbs (relatively) on different days so that's an option. I'm thinking I need to keep my fat intake lower so my body uses the fat on my lower half :/

            Yes, the bikini category is tempting, but I'm not "gifted" on the top half (genetically or surgically) so I don't think I'd do well. I'm naturally lean on top so my challenge has been the legs, but my age and years of yo-yo weight gain/loss has made it a challenge to get smooth, lean legs. If I can figure it out, I'll definitely post pics on here.

            Good luck in your journey to leanness! I MISS blueberries, strawberries and heavy whipped cream so much! But this is temporary and voluntary so I'm going full force into this. I'm competing in the Emerald Cup in the Seattle area which I found out is one of the biggest in this area. Oops, don't think I would've signed up for such a big event if I knew that! Talk about being thrown in the deep end...

            Take care!


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              Toni, yes! The last week was the hardest, low fat, low calorie, low carb. Primal eating is usually pretty intuitive for me, otherwise. I'm excited about your competition and will look forward to hearing about it. Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

              I am back from Las Vegas.

              I ate low carb when I was there (I had one free meal) but many of my meals included dairy. Breakfast was usually some kind of eggs with bacon, ham, sausage and cheese. Lunch and dinner were heavy on meat, greens, salad dressing, cheese, and fruit. I snacked on almonds and sunflower seeds and did have a piece of dark chocolate most days. I will admit to having a couple diet drinks as well as one glass of red wine. We also walked a TON, so I'm hoping that my scale weight will even out.

              My food goal for April: eat meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats. No diet drinks, limited dairy. Coffee is okay.

              My exercise goal for April: 3x a week at the gym, lifting heavy+an average of 3 hours of low intensity cardio per week.

              I would like to lose an inch off my waist this month and continue to gain definition in my arms and back. I am taking weekly measurements to send to my trainer every Wednesday morning.