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    wow... that is great! photos sound like a serious deadline. i'll have to schedule my "after" photos for this time next year.

    good luck!


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      Aly, thanks for stopping by! I've been in an eighteen week fitness program, so after photos are a culmination of several weeks of clean eating and tough workouts.

      Today I had eggs...okay, I went ahead and used regular eggs, I admit it. I just can't face any more egg whites. I also had a grapefruit, lots of chicken, and an entire sliced cucumber with balsamic vinegrette.

      I ran up to our little townhouse gym and did chest and shoulders. I had to squeeze the workout in...and they don't have all the weights I need...but I figured it was better than doing nothing. And I needed some fresh air after being home since Wednesday night.

      It was the best feeling workout I've had in a long time.


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        BTW, the new Oxygen magazine says that women in the 21-24% body fat range are fit. I'm not quite where I want to be yet in terms of being lean, but it was interesting to see their scale and to think that I could be "fit!"

        Also, in looking at photos, I realized that I don't want to look like a fitness competitor...I want to look like a bikini competitor. And some of those girls were actually pretty lean through the mid-section (my trouble area!)


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          133 this morning. Will go and get my hair done and my spray tan today, along with a leg workout at Gold's (thank goodness my daughter is feeling better!)

          4 days out from my after photos!!


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            Got all my stuff done today!

            The dark hair is a big change for me, but I'm glad I did it!

            I am roasting a chicken in the oven right now. They are so cheap, and it's so easy to do.

            My daughter made her shopping list for the week and gave it to me. She's almost 12. Here's what is said:


            yummy, fatty meat like steak

            chicken DRUMSTICKS






            baby bel cheese





            Okay, she's not all primal, but she made this list on her own and 8/10 items are (well, the cheese could be) she's moving in the right direction, with no prodding from me.


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              132.6 this morning. Taking test shots in my bikini tonight.

              I'm a bit worried that the antibiotics I'm on for a nasty ear infection might make me bloat, lol.

              I also didn't eat perfectly today...was starving at the mall and wound up eating a burger patty. It didn't taste like real meat. It was really salty. I am drinking lots of distilled water...


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                It's weird how you find yourself having to forage in modern places. I haven't tried fast food meat since way before going Primal. I'm afraid of how it would taste. :S


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                  It was horrible, Diana! This was an independent place at the mall with a sign that "all natural ingredients." I'll tell you wasn't!

                  Better eating today, although I'm tired of this low calorie nonsense. In deference to my trainer, I am doing it one more day and then I'm back to full-fat real food. I would LOVE some berries and whipped cream tonight

                  133 this am, which could have been from the antibiotics, the unnatural meat, or maybe it's lean body mass, if I'm lucky. We'll see on Wednesday...

                  Today's food: scrambled eggs, 1/2 grapefruit, lean hamburger patty, chicken, a few walnuts, lean steak, broccoli with a little bit of olive oil (I needed it)


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                    Weight at 132.8 this morning.

                    Had my last workout of this 18 week challenge...I am happily looking forward to after photos tomorrow am...but mostly I just want to start eating well again. Sick of low calorie/low fat/low carb.

                    Will report back tomorrow.


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                      End of my 18 week program today! I got my before and after photos, and I've changed quite a bit.

                      Next goal is to keep getting leaner. I'm going to keep working with my consultant via e-mail for the next twelve weeks. He'll keep giving me a workout plan, and I'll keep eating primal.

                      Wish I could post my pics here, but I don't know how?

                      Had a free meal tonight and jump back into primal tomorrow HOORAY!!


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                        A yummy primal day.

                        breakfast: bacon, eggs, grapefruit

                        snack: full fat Greek yogurt

                        lunch: chicken, stirfry veggies

                        dinner: butter fried pork chops, roasted asparagus

                        snack: ? blueberries with heavy whipping cream (if I am hungry)

                        Planned an outdoor walk with my daughter for tonight, but it's rainy and cold. We might go walk around the outlet mall instead.


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                          Am sick with a nasty stomach virus. Didn't eat yesterday and am hopeful that I'll be able to keep something down today...



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                            Stomach flu is over...I'm back!

                            Food today:

                            primal pancakes, grapefruit

                            apple, nuts

                            cottage cheese, grapes, carrots

                            greek yogurt

                            big salad with chicken, bacon, cucumbers, celery, olive oil, balsamic vinegrette

                            I wanted to try the dairy and see what would happen...I think I am unfortunately bloated because of it. I may have to eliminate it, but I am going to give it a couple more days.

                            Took a short walk tonight; will lift weights tomorrow.


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                              P.S. Today starts my next 12 weeks. I am going to eat primal (+dairy, if I can tolerate it) the whole time.

                              I would like to lose about 7 pounds and/or 4% body fat.

                              Current weight is 133, current bf is about 23.5%


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                                Stomach flu- hey, I had that too. Well, stomach infection, thanks to good ol' food in Mexico.

                                I'm also going primal the next 12. I have been the last month- minus my infection where I ate oats. But, no grains whatsoever, beans, dairy, and trying to limit fruit to once a week- but the fruit here in Mex isn't so sweet and is a lot smaller than the US so I may fudge on that one.

                                Good luck!