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  • Primal Journal (externally hosted): asmallone

    Hi everyone, Fox here.

    I chill on MDA a lot and I love the fun community combining science, health, diet, and major grok-attitude.

    I've been primal for about a year and a half now and carnivore for about a year or so, but only getting serious about this maybe in the past four months. The results, when I don't mess up, have been fantastic. For the first time in months, my gut pain is gone and I can think like a normal human.

    I am a "runner" in that I sprint daily. Yes, I've heard MD say you can't really "sprint" daily, so let me clarify and say that most of these sprints are what people would consider "intervals." I grew up a long... slow... distance runner, so my fastest pace and the pace I can hold for 7-10 minutes are really almost the same (I'm serious-- at one point I could run a ** second quarter as a PR -- not going to list it here for anonymity's sake-- but it was bad... and I could hold +2 second laps for the track 10k...). I'm working on making my legs looser and more sprint adapted, and at some point before I turn 30 maybe I'll hit the track again and try to break that pathetic 400m PR. In which case I will share my new one.

    I invite you to check out my "blog" over on blogger. The Carnivore Runner.
    It's going to follow the tradition of a normal healthy-living style blog with stories, tips, and ideas. It will be getting much more content and fun stuff soon as I work on it more.

    I've been thinking a lot recently about what I can give back to the primal community and I think I've got a few gifts here to work with... 1) I was an NCAA athlete so I'm familiar with the unique situation offered there. 2) I worked extensively in the running industry for many years and I can offer good advice on training, shoes, etc. 3) I am certified as a personal trainer 4) I've got a degree in forestry, which means I can tell you a good bit about the outdoors, wilderness training and safety, and general facts about nature in general and how to preserve it. Being that primal man was clearly very close to nature, I think it's important we respect it and know about it as much as possible.

    All of that is a long winded effort to say, please check out my webpage/journal, facebook, twitter, etc. I don't have a bunch of ads on there so I'm really just doing this so that I can help people out as much as I can... I look forward to getting to know some of you a little better and getting some readers!

    In this thread, I'll post notifications of updates other than daily entries.
    Check out my new webpage: The Carnivore Runner
    Friend me on "The Facebook"
    Follow me on Twitter!

    For customized training / nutritional plans for runners from a former athlete who has personal experience in dealing with severe food allergies, please email me at foxATtinybikeDOTnet. I am ISA certified as a personal trainer and have coached many runners at the recreational or young-competitor level to towards their goals! Most of all, I'd love to help you with yours.