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  • Primal Journal- sidandlucy

    Hi Everyone!! My name is Colleen and I've been primal for 2 weeks now.

    I've read a lot of the 101 stuff and am patiently awaiting Marks book in the mail. Until then I'd like to post my menu to see what I can be doing differently.

    I'd appreciate any input that anyone has to offer!

    A little background- I'm a 27 female and 5ft tall. Starting primal 2 wks ago I was 130 lbs and this morning I weighed in at 126.6

    Haven't really started exercising yet other than the occasional walk. I am a hairstylist so i work on my feet and run around a little each day.

    For my first meal today @2pm I had 4 eggs scrambled with cheese, 1/2 and avocado, and 2 large sausage patties all cooked in coconut oil. To drink i had a glass of iced coffee with heavy cream.

    I was hungry when I woke up but after showering was no longer hungry so I waited til I was hungry again.

    Dinner tonight is at the inlaws house so I'm going to have a smoothie with coconut milk, avocado, and almond butter before I go. I will also take a salad with me. If they are having pasta i will put meat in my salad, if theyre having meat I'll add the meat to my salad of iceberg, romaine, baby spinach, tomato, cucumber, onion, and avocado. Maybe some cheese and also some olive oil and vinegar.

    Thanks for the time to listen!! Have a great day!!


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    I've just been informed that we are going to order out at the inlaws for dinner. So I will be bringing my salad and I think I'm either going to cook some salmon or some chicken to put on top of it.

    As of right now I'm not feeling too hot, may be the coffee as I don't normally drink it, I was just in the mood for it earlier.


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      Hi Colleen! I am on my 5 of my 30 day challenge. We have similar stats!

      It is a great idea to bring dinner to your in-laws, then you don't have to worry about it.

      Keep up the awesome work!


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        Stelliebeans thanks for the encouragement!

        I'm curious as to what kinds of things you've been eating, would you be so kind as to share? I'm basically doing this alone other than everyone on this site.

        Day 5? Good stuff! How do you feel so far?


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          Hello I'm the same height though lighter (about 112 pounds) but was definitely 130 and above in my teens.

          I think we should should start a short girl forum post lol.

          The reason I sat that is that we have different issues from the tall girls as

          1. We need to eat way less calories for our size.

          2. Each pound gained or lost usually makes a huge difference. (I've gained about 10 pounds in the last year or so and it looks like 20)

          3. We definitely need to focus on gaining muscle as well as losing weight.

          At my skinniest (about 100 pounds) I still had a jiggly belly and loose arms so it's not just about getting lighter but getting toned. Also being too light can slow your metabolism right down. So I think it's a careful balance of losing some bf, gaining muscle and not worrying as much about the scale.

          For example it took me about six months of chronic cardio (gymming twice a day)to lose about 10 pounds which left me v. discouraged!

          I'm hoping this time to focus more on the weights and do long walks instead of hitting the treadmill. And of course focus on the food/life style more to stop the constant gaining losing weight cycle.

          Anyway, hope that helps!!


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            Oh yes I'm on Day 4 of my challenge.


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              i agree on the short girl post. while i wear my weight well (people generally think i weigh about 10lbs less than i do) when i lose or gain everyone can tell immediately.

              do we need to eat less calories? i'm not sure on that one, everyone here seems to think more is better if its mostly fat with some protein. i'll read marks book when i get it and report back.

              i've been 2 weeks but i've fallen off the wagon more than once. as long as i get back on i'm good!


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                well, i have not been feeling well since about 4 today. headache and a little stomach ache, haven't wanted to eat much.

                i did however, make coconut biscuits and ate one with almond butter on it. still not hungry though and not feeling well.

                will probably go to bed early!


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                  well, i should have gone to bed early but i didn't. i started feeling better and i was hungry so i had some celery and almond butter. i didn't realize celery had so many carbs!

                  then a commercial for burger king came on, and i just couldn't resist. we went to the 24hr drive thru and i had a whopper. i only ate a couple fries tho, which is good for me!

                  i'll just have to get back on the wagon today.

                  i'm not hungry at the moment so i'm going to fast until lunch later at which time i will have a salad made up of the following:

                  iceberg, romaine, and baby spinach





                  hard boiled egg

                  chicken or tuna

                  olive oil and balsamic vinegar

                  no word on dinner later, i have no idea. maybe bacon and cheese topped chicken breasts? i'm trying to finish the meat in the freezer before i go buy yummy steaks and things


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                    Hi Colleen!

                    Today is a new day- don't look back!

                    You asked me what kind of things I eat, and I usually post them in my journal (which you have already seen) but I try to eat a lot of salads and veggies and grilled meats. I love eggs and bacon and turkey sausage for breakfast, salads are lunch are very easy to bring to work, and my husband loves that I am all about having juicy grilled steaks for dinner.

                    I am trying to keep it as "clean" as I can, avoiding processed foods (except the turkey sausage but I love it!). I haven't tried to make any primal treats and I doubt I will, I just want to stick to as natural a diet as possible. I am also avoiding fruit until I get down to a healthy weight.

                    At 5'2" that is 125 for me. What is your goal weight?


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                      my goal weight is 115. i'll be happy though just to fit into my old clothes, regardless of my weight!!

                      i've done well today, i fasted until lunch around 12 when i had a salad with chicken. and i'm still trying to figure out dinner.

                      i'm pretty much avoiding fruit as well, except for a couple berries here and there. i may also cut out dairy until i lose some weight.

                      thanks for the support!!