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Fighting the Binge Bulge - Ground Zero :)

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  • Fighting the Binge Bulge - Ground Zero :)

    Alright world this is my first attempt at this public announcement thing... I am hoping that by making an ass of myself in public will somehow help keep me more accountable in the fight against the muffin top. Actually in my case, muffin thighs. I have a set.

    How does one start this off? "Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a food addict?" *Hi Amanda" you all say... ??

    No, being serious is that I am almost 30 and am not happy with the state my bod is in. I am not heavy by any means (5'4 and 136 currently) but the wobbly bits have multiplied and I am heavier than where I feel comfortable. But that is only part of the issue. I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Like crazy hungry, eat-your-arm-off hungry (not my own arm, yours - eating my own would just be dumb). I also feel sluggish, foggy, and downright jittery when I eat junk.

    I started researching high protein diets due to my hunger and found Mark's Daily Apple which got me interested in Primal eating. I have tried to eat more primal here and there but found myself falling off the wagon (hard, I mean like falling off the wagon and down a hill so far from the wagon that it takes me days to find the damn thing again). SO... here i am. I feel good when I am eating well and I got a taste of what it feels like to have the insulin spikes under control (I am a nurse so hearing the science behind all of this makes me giddy) and I am here to document my process so it might help me stay on course long enough to make it a habit. I want to feel good about what I put in my body and to get to a place where calorie counting is a long lost memory like Santa or Lord Voldemort.

    Confession - I took "Before" pictures. No way in hell they are going up here until I have some "Afters" or at least "Part-of-the-Ways" So today is Ground Zero. Lets hope my cellulite likes meat and veggies more than oatmeal and anything made by Cadberry. I shall report back. And if any of you actually read this rambling then let's do this together ok? Because I want to be showing off my ripped superabs here eventually.