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Kelmar's Journey to fit, fierce female....

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  • Kelmar's Journey to fit, fierce female....

    Hi all,

    I decided to take the leap and go ahead and start a here goes....

    I've been dealing with a strained rotator cuff for the past three weeks or so, really has put a damper on my workouts but I'm dealing. Acutally the pain is pretty much gone now but my left index finger is numb all the time and I'm still getting occasional numbness in my left hand and arm when I use it too much. I tore this same cuff about 5 years ago and possibly they told me then (but I wasn't exercising then so I didn't listen) that there are some exercises you just shouldn't do when you've had a previous rotator cuff injury. Namely, bench press and lateral raises (uhh yeah I was doing those) so......I've not been working out my arms at all, just doing the 4 weeks of daily home physical therapy that the doc gave me and still working out the rest of my body in conjunction. I will definatley be more careful with upper body exercises from here on out, cause the pain was pretty bad but this numbess stuff is no bueno, very werid. When I go back to see my doctor I'm going to ask him about pull ups because that was one of my goals this summer, to be able to do some, I hope he doesn't nix that idea but we shall see.

    I also got my biometric screening results back and I'm pretty happy with my numbers (I think, can your cholesterol be too low? I'm not really sure about that.)

    Height: 67 inches
    Weight: 117 lbs (up a pound!)
    BMI: 18.3 (still too low, but I'm working on it!!)
    Body Fat %: Now they said 12% but I don't know if I believe that, I've looked at pictures of what that is supposed to look like and I am no where near that ripped so I would guess more like 14% or 15%, but who knows...
    Total Cholesterol: 151
    Triglycerides: 59
    HDL: 55
    LDL: 84

    My red blood cells and hemotocrit were a little low so I'm going to start trying to work more liver into my diet (I like it so it shouldn't be a problem)

    I had a really horrible food weekend this past....ate WAY too much sugar (in the form of chocolate eggs and fresh OJ) and I really didn't eat much protein at all,'s a new day and all I can do is go forward! The goal I'm working on right now is to be in the best shape of my life by our summer vacation this year (May 31st) we are going to a 4 day camping/music festival so I probably won't be wearing that many cloths.....great motivation to kick that sugar to the curb

    Hope everyone has a lovely day!
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    Originally posted by Kelmar View Post
    ..... we are going to a 4 day camping/music festival....
    Which one?


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      Wakarusa....I can't wait, counting down already