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    92.5kg today.

    I have come to the conclusion that I am a lazy grok.

    I haven't conducted any lifting sessions since beginning this...
    I have only completed one sprint session since beginning...
    I was walking most days but now winter is setting in down under, I am finding it difficult to [a] get out of bed in the morning and [b] get home before dark at night.

    I also haven't been too particular about finding the organic, and grass feed version of the foods eat. If followed the "worst of the best foods" and have still had success which is pleasing.

    Ive now lost a total of 8.5kg. sweet.
    I'll be back


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      After a mothers day/wife's birthday weekend last w/end, I have fluctuated but now sit around 91.5kg.

      Still I have not added exercise, apart from a 2km jog with some workmates during the week.

      Im pretty sure Im drinking enough water, around 2 litres a day but when I wake my mouth is sooooo dry and I almost feel like I have a mild hangover as if im dehydrated. I dont feel thirsty during the day, just parched in the morning. I think maybe I now sleep with my mouth open rather than breathing through my nose. weird
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        Ive fluctuated a bit over the past couple of days. Friday night had me getting take away Thai food which meant left overs the next night. FFF this is ridiculous.

        I blame my non paleo wife (dont tell her) as she loves the Friday night takeaway every now and then.

        Seems the weekends are becoming my weak point due to convenience.

        Anyways, was good again today, but sitting at ninety three point something earlier today. Me thinks a fast will help...
        I'll be back


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          Today has been terrible...

          Not eating wise, just felt ordinary since about 11am. I had a protein shake for breakfast, a couple of eggs at lunch and then about 50grams of Green & Blacks 85% chocolate (did I say I ate well?).

          Anyways, since about 11am Ive had a bit of a headaqche and just felt bleh.

          I had the eggs thinking it would help... no luck.
          I had the chocolate thinking it would help... I think it made it worse.

          Anyways, Ive had a bit of water today, perhaps 1-1.5 litres and Ive just had a couple of asprin.

          Roast chicken coming up for dinner tonight.. Im thinking that will give me some much needed fats.
          I'll be back


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            well, big Footy night watching Origin on Wednesday. Had the mandatory half dozen beers celebrating another Queensland victory

            Hasn't helped the weight loss though and have had a few days of fluctuations as a result.

            Seems last weekend's Thai take out and not so salubrious beer drinking wouldn't have helped the cavemen after all
            I'll be back


            • #21
              Had a few mates over from o'seas this weekend and indulged a little too much in the fermented grain beverage.

              Had a great time but have been feeling it the past few days and my weight crept back up to 91 from 89kg.

              back to Paleo and aiming to be disciplined moving forward.

              Also signed up for dry July here in Oz. I cant remember the last time I went a month without alcohol.
              I'll be back


              • #22
                yesterday was so-so. I went for a 3km jog at lunch time which felt terrible. It took 22 minutes as I walk around half of it. My lungs were burning and wheezing all afternoon and into the evening - its winter down here and the cool air does that too me.

                I didn't eat much yesterday also, had a protein shake for breaky, then another for lunch after my run. Was really hungry in the arvo so went to the take away shop (in the industrial park I work in) and grabbed a potato scallop and a lasagne topper, neither of which are very primal. Dinner was for rashers of bacon and a little 85% chocolate.

                My weight all week has hovered between 90-92kg, with this morning reaching the lower end of that scale.

                Exercise this week included some sprints on Monday, along with some pretty feeble assisted pull ups, push ups and squats. Yesterdays jog and maybe some strength training over the weekend.

                I need to improve my fitness and strength. I've been a fat weak type all my life so motivation is difficult, especially in winter and with a baby that hasn't been sleeping as well as I'd like.
                I'll be back


                • #23
                  So things haven't been so great lately. My energy levels have dropped and I haven't been sleeping well either.

                  I've been skipping meals due to not being hungry and not being too bothered to cook anything either. I met with a naturopath yesterday and it seems I'm very dehydrated, have very low muscle mass (I've always been weak as) and apparently my cells are very ordinary at producing energy.

                  soooo...... what does this all mean?

                  Today I am ingesting new stronger supplements of Magnesium, Zinc & Vit C. I am also upping my caloric intake. I've averaged probably 1000-1200 per day and should be on around 2000.

                  Hopefully that will fix my energy issues and I can be more motivated to get into exercise. So far, so good - feeling better today already and we shall see how the next few days/weeks go.
                  I'll be back


                  • #24
                    Two days down on higher calorie intake and the new supplements.

                    Feeling a lot better and certainly more motivated to start some form of exercise...

                    Weekend coming up. Look forward to getting out in the beautiful Qld winter sunshine!
                    I'll be back


                    • #25
                      So yesterday was not very primal. I went to the local rugby club to watch a few games and had a few lagers while I was there. Than had a mate birthday dinner at a mexican place. Another few beers and some delicious fresh tacos saw me feeling a little worse for wear this morning.

                      I have had a beer and mexican fueled bowel movement this morning, and have noted my weight has shot up closer to 92kg. Not happy Jan!

                      Must get back on track this week...
                      I'll be back


                      • #26
                        So exercise has remained the "bogey" for me on this diet. I've also added a few beers most weekends but stayed around 89kg for the past month.

                        Still its great to hear compliments from people who haven't seen me in a while.

                        Will endeavor to stick to correct diet and reduce those 20 percenters.

                        Might go whole 30 for a bit... maybe whole 10 for starters...
                        I'll be back