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  • Carrie: 21 day Primal Journal>

    Finished reading the book this afternoon. I will be starting the 21 day challenge tomorrow. I am hoping it goes well and turns into a 30 day challenge. I think I will take a "before" picture tomorrow morning.

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    Welcome Carrie. Good luck on primal!
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      Thank you! I woke up excited for the journey.


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        Day 1: Awesome. Breakfast was two eggs on top of a bed of spinach with red peppers..surprisingly, it kept me full though the morning. I would normally eat oatmeal with half a banana and some toppings. (walnuts, berries...).
        Lunch was a salad beast with tuna on it, some baby carrots and a handful of blackberries. I had a small apple late afternoon and dinner was half a chicken breast on top of another salad beast. I really was not even hungry and could have skipped dinner. Need to pay more attention to that.
        Took an off day from the gym but did play out back with the dog and also walked her this evening after dinner.
        I need to figure out how many calories I should be eating....


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          Great start!


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            did not get a chance to journal day 2 but it went well. I did not get a chance to go to the grocery store yesterday but I did clean out the pantry. That was actually kind of empowering
            Day 3 is good so far. Went to gym today and lifted in relation to shoulders & back and also di core work. Only did 10 minutes of cardio. Man, I get so bored on the treadmill!
            Breakfast was two hardboiled eggs, 12 almonds and a bed of spinach. Finally hit the store after a couple hours of work and came home for lunch. It was a late lunch and I was hungry! I had a huge salad with snap peas, peppers and about 4 oz of baked chicken breast with a handful of blackberries thrown in for the heck of it.