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  • Hugh's Primal Journal

    Well, I figured I should start keeping a journal as a way to keep track of my ups and downs through my Primal Journey.
    Mainly it's to log any interesting anecdotes or incidents in my "Success Story In The Making".

    So, here I am.
    I'll put my first update on tomorrow evening after a day of activity I've been looking forward to :-)

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    Go for it, Hugh!


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      Welcome Hugh!!
      Nobody can imprison your power of imagination.

      Restarted the journey:
      SW: 153lbs (Starting date - 05/08/2013)
      CW: 146lbs (13/08/2013)
      GW: 130lbs


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        Good day today :-D
        6 hour Sword and Buckler Seminar... finished up with about an hour of free sparring! Yay!
        A few new bruises but on the whole, a very enjoyable and educational day.

        Had leftover chilli for breakfast, Cold bacon, cold boiled eggs and nice fresh tomatoes for lunch.
        Probably going to have a distinctly non-primal dinner though.... I've been generally behaving myself as much as finances allow and I don't really do "treat days" so I'll enjoy this as an infrequent indulgence and deal with the consequences tomorrow :-D


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          well, decided to try fasting today.
          no breakfast, lunch or snacks. Messed up a bit with dinner though due to lack of options.
          Dinner consisted of baked potato, two eggs, two slices of bacon and a portion of baked beans.
          Didn't feel too bad though as had just done a LHT workout so kinda felt I needed some starchy/carby food.
          Soon off to do a weekend of medieval combat displays in Malta so will be kept pretty active over the next few days :-)


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            well, it's been a busy week.
            Last Saturday and Sunday were spent in the city of Mdina, Malta. There was a medieval festival going on and the Mdina city council kindly brought my fight display team over again to entertain the crowds (3rd year running).

            So, two days of walking, pretty much constantly, interspersed with fast, high intensity swordfighting.
            (here's us doing our thing last year and the year before - I'm down about 45lbs from last year
            knights of redemption - YouTube )

            I noticed a huge difference this year in my energy and fitness levels. Didn't feel tired all day and had plenty of energy throughout, compared to last year.

            Foodwise, I was kinda good but also kinda bad.... Omelette's and or bacon and eggs for breakfast each day. Lunches and dinners were just the odd pork chop or chicken drumstick, a few salads, some seafood. Could have been worse - avoided the bad stuff like bread, pasta, rice etc. but could have done with more salads and veggies.

            In Mdina there is a cafe called Fontanella which sells possibly the best cakes I have ever tasted. Each year we sample their fare on each day of the festival. This year was no exception. I was bad but it was worth it! (I've always said, the occasional indulgence is good for the soul... as long as it stays occasional). If anyone primal goes there, it's a real test of commitment!

            Managed to hit the hotel gym the Friday and Monday for an approximation of my LHT workouts, so exercise-wise I feel I did ok.
            Tuesday was spent travelling, wednesday I rested and yesterday back to my normal LHT routine. I kinda felt like doing sprints but my "Monkey Shoes" (my Wife's term for my VFFs) were still drying after a much needed wash so sprinting in the park at the weekend, Yay!
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              Well, i've been pretty inactive this week. Went for a run on Sunday (I like to do sprints / trail running on alternate weeks) and while I was fine that day and the next two, on wednesday my achiles tendonitis flared up. leaving me hobbling about in agony :-(
              Felt a bit better yesterday and even more so today.
              Will see how I'm feeling this evening and if I'm up to it, i'll do a LHT session (but not too intense on the squats, careful on the planks and being very careful to properly warm up)


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                Well, my achilles tendonitis has pretty much healed up. Just got to avoid any more stupid mistakes ;-S
                Still going to give it another couple of weeks before any running but the LHT workouts and sprints on a bike are going well.
                Almost able to do a pull up :-D
                Weight down to 109kg. Going well. Slow but steady (and maintainable).


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                  It's been a while...
                  My progress has slowed somewhat over the past two months. Not really sure why - had a lot going on, financial concerns, stresses, etc...
                  My diet and exercise suffered a bit I guess. I know a bit too many "liquid calories" entered the scene over my birthday week...
                  So, I've now redoubled my efforts to get a bit cleaner on the diet and try to get a bit more primal. Small, sustainable steps.
                  Still, while the progress has slowed (and maybe even reversed a bit here and there), it's still there overall.

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