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    So I started my weight loss journey about 4 yrs ago, but my weight gain story started 9.5 yrs ago. My starting weight was 115lbs, I am 5'2" tall. I gained about 45lbs from mostly emotional eating after having a miscarriage in 2002. I was 21 yrs old, newly married, raising my wonderful bonus son and horribly heart broken to not be able to add to my family. I suddenly had to cut back all of my college classes to raise my new son due to extended family issues (aka birth mother became mentally unstable). So i was suddenly sitting home way too often and food was my comfort.
    2004 I finallly became pregnant again and in 2005 had was able to have my 2nd son. I weight 150lbs at this point. Slowly over the next 4 yrs I put on 10 lbs.
    In 2008 my best friend was getting married and I was one of the bridesmaids. I needed to look good again. I started doing the Best Life Diet and lost 18lbs in two months. I was down to 142lbs. I was stuck at that weight for 4 months even though I was walking and staying on the diet.
    Well it was one heck of a wedding and my daughter was a surprise result. So I gained the weight back, so in 2010 I was 155lbs.
    In the fall of 2010 I started doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and lost 10 lbs, so back down to 145lbs, but I was killing my knees and ankles so I stopped. Gained it all back.
    Last summer (2011) I started swimming daily and was back to 150lb. It got cold come September and I stopped and ended up being 165.5 lbs on January 1, 2012.
    My sister in law started doing Weight Watchers over the summer and looked amazing at the holidays. She suggested I joing, but I am way to cheap, I mean frugal to spend that much on a weight loss programn. She suggest sparkpeople to me.
    I started doing sparkpeople on January 1, 2012 and lost 11lb in the first month. I also started doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred 3 times a week barefoot. Suddenly no more knee or ankle problems. Also started walking 3 miles twice a week.
    I got bored entering everything everyday by the end of the month. I started skipping days.
    A friend wanted to start doing phase 1 South Beach so a bunch of us started. I lost another 10 lbs in one month. One of the girls told me that if I change my lowfat dairy into full fat I am really doing is very close to Primal because I don't do artificial sweetners, was eating mostly veggies and meats. She sent me over and I have continued to eat Primal. I also bought the book and read it too.
    I lost 4lbs in March, which may not seem like much in comparision but it is birthday season here with a child's birthday party every single weekend from January till April. Which means way too much nonprimal food in my house or infront of me every weekend. I also stopped doing Jillian Michael's and haven't been walking as much. To busy driving the kids to sports and babysitting other people's children I have also been not keeping with the Primal lifestyle the last two weeks for stupid reasons. Like not feeling like cooking.
    So my reason for posting is to motivate myself. I want to be healthy and active.
    Starting weight 165.5lbs January 1, 2012
    Current weight 140.5lbs
    ----------------2/3 ---------- 2/18 ------2/26 --------3/28-------4/6
    Thighs--------25"---------->23.5" -----23"----------22.5"------22.25"
    Hips----------40.5"--------->39"-------38"----------37.5" ----- 37.5"
    Waist---------36"---------- >35"-------33.75"-------32"--------31.75"

    I will start walking more often.
    Today I was completely primal, except for my hazelnut creamer in my coffee. I just can't seem to find a replacement for that.

    I will start documenting my food tomorrow. I can tell you know I will get tired of doing it daily so it will be most likely every few days.