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    Like many here, I've been doing the 'Success Stories in the Making' since January. Having seen the reminders to post photo updates today, and my first reaction being '...maybe take the photos next week?' thought I could do with a little extra motivation and accountability to stay on track and so am starting a journal.

    The Primal lifestyle makes sense to me and I have always felt great when following it at various intervals in the past. I'd like to be healthy and strong and hopefully set an example to friends and family through my own progress.

    Also, having always been on the doughy side, it'll be nice to loose the 'small & cuddly' tag, and instead surprise people with how fit and strong I am (for a girl)! I think, "Holy Shit!" is the reaction I'm ideally aiming for

    Good luck to everyone else on this journey, and hope this provides some interest/inspiration other than just being useful for me


    Here are some progress shots after 2 months. Interestingly, my weight is a bit higher, but thanks to the strength training my measurements went down noticeably. March was a bit of an 'off' month though, so not sure how different the most recent photos will be.... Will wait and see!

    Height: 5' 3"
    Measurements before: Waist: 85.5 cm, Hips: 102.5 cm, Arms: 30 cm, Thighs: 61 cm
    Measurements after: Waist: 76 cm, Hips: 97.5 cm, Arms: 30 cm, Thighs: 59 cm


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    Quick update on the day's activities:

    B: White tea (10am)

    Workout: LHT (12pm)

    L: Small portion seafood pie (trout, barramundi, squid, various veg cooked in cream topped with thin slices potato & sweet potato) (3.30pm)

    S: 5 macadamia nuts, green tea

    D: Beef stew & spinach, 20g 85% Dark G&B chocolate (8.30pm)

    Lots of Chinese tea drunk throughout the day in addition to what's stated here.


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      Today's update:

      B: White tea (8.30am ish)

      L: Salad, roast chicken, olives, chunk of brie & gouda cheese, Fruit salad (kiwi, plum, grapes, apple) (1pm ish)

      S: Small decaff latte (5.30pm)

      D: Beef stew & asparagus, 15g 85% Dark chocolate (9pm)

      Plus lots of Chinese tea (a staple!)

      Exercise: Rest day, but a fair bit of walking around

      Not a perfect day food-wise (cheese, fruit, latte...), but as a spontaneous out & about day with a picnic someone else packed, think it went ok. Had a nice day wandering round in the sunshine, so got a bit of bonus vitamin D and low-level aerobic exercise


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        Forgot to post this yesterday!

        B: nothing

        L: 2 egg omelette with tomatoes & brie (1.30pm)

        S: Banana, regular tea + milk (3.30pm ish)

        D: Homemade beef burgers with roasted butternut squash, tomatoes and onions

        Had a distinct lack of energy (hence the banana to try and pick me up - rarely eat them otherwise...) and possibly a bit too much dairy, which I think made me feel a bit off.

        Will eat cleaner today and see if that makes me feel better


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          Oh dear... looks like if you forget to update once it becomes a habit.

          The last few days have been pretty good exercise-wise, pretty average food wise. Ashamed to say I succumbed to some milk chocolate and a few handfuls of crisps and nachos

          I think I need to find a real rock-solid goal to keep me focussed as I've got to a stage where I've seen some good progress, I now feel I can slack off a bit. Obviously this is not good as it could easily lead to slipping back into old habits and reversing all the good I've done.

          So, will get the photo update submitted ASAP so that I'm fully accountable again, and set weekly mini-goals I'll make public here if anyone's reading!

          Am going away for a holiday next week, and to make sure I don't fall in to the trap of "...but I'm on holiday!' and eat what I want, my goal for the week away is:

          No Chocolate
          No Crisps/Nachos

          They have been my stumbling blocks so far, so will be great to prove I have the mental strength to avoid them.

          Will report back!


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            Great progress so far!


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                It's been a while, but I sent over the update today and should anyone be interested in following my journal, may want to see some content!

                Overall, things have been pretty good and steady. No major revelations, but happy to see my strength, fitness and shape improve gradually. Have managed to overcome the occasional carb-splurge (though rice is still my weakness) and enjoying dark chocolate again in moderation.

                Am moving to Japan next month so excited to see how to adapt primally to that. Avoiding rice could be tricky, but the prospect of eating endless sashimi makes me want to cry tears of joy!

                Anyway, here are some progress shots - hope they offer some inspiration. I personally, can't get over the fact I'm seeing some back muscle, and am almost rid of the 'bra-bulges' that have plagued me ever since puberty



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                  Just seen that the photos are now up in the 'Success Stories in the Making' page, so thought it was time for another quick update.

                  Things are pretty steady, though I seem to have reached a bit of a plateau of late. This is most likely because I'm at a stage now where Im feeling more comfortable with my appearance, but still have a way to go, and getting a bit complacent!

                  Lifestyle is closer to 70/30 at the moment, with the main culprits being rice and dairy. I've heard a lot of people have good success by cutting out dairy so will give that a go for a few weeks to see if it helps kick-start things again. Otherwise, I need to make an effort to be more mindful about food choices and think about the longer-term implications.

                  I'm happy with my progress though. It's been fairly slow, but consistent and I'm ok with that. Over the next few weeks I'm getting ready to leave my temporary home of Australia and move to Japan, so lots going on. Will aim to stay primally focussed during this chaotic time - e.g. not get lured by on-the-go lattes and 'treats' to mark the big occasion.

                  Want my next photo to show noticeable progress, so will work hard!