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    Hey all!

    I've been reading about/implementing primal nutrition and general wildness in my life for a long time now, figure I can always use more primal community and support, I'm not sure where I came across MDA, think it was about a year ago, I've skimmed through the articles back to the tempeh days, you all seem like a very friendly lot and I tend to tell myself I don't need much support, but chatting with more like-mindeds would do me good, I think. And damn it all if I couldn't use a little cheering up after a day of veggie-headed nonsense! Some of my closest friends are veg!

    I know a bit about cooking, livin cheap, skin health, insomnia, unschooling, rewilding..

    If anyone wants to chat about interesting things, hit me up, I'm much shyer online than in real life!

    I'm planning on posting here to check myself a bit on what I've been eating, how I've been moving and feeling, talk with other PBers and especially snark over CW anecdotes, seeing other people laugh at that kind of silliness helps keep me sane.

    Today I walked a few miles in the rain to the asian supemarket to pick up herbs, fish sauce and beef tendon, then carried groceries back on my head!

    Fasted until dinner which was amaayzing:

    A big ol' lamb chop, 2 fried eggs, tallow and ghee poured over the lot.

    Bit of raw grass-fed ground beef, chilis, fish sauce, lime juice, cilantro, mint and thai basil all in bowl with more tallow. Spoonful of coconut oil, and then a glug or two of coconut milk while doing the *spicymouthdance*

    Trying to finish typing up a bit more backstory for myself before I go out for a bit of time with my tribe.

    I'd really like to just put more personal shit on here, beyond "oh PB really helped with my depression and skin problems" but I don't want to drop my baggage on your nice pinic blanket from my crazytree, haha.

    so please feel free to drop in and tell me if I should bother saying more about who I am here!

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    I'll talk about unschooling anytime! My kids are 8, 6, and 4

    And feel free to shake the proverbial crazytree (i love that term, btw!) whenever necessary; everybody here seems pretty cool with that sort of thing


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      Haha yes please share We share A LOT around here...maybe a bit too much at times...but it's so nice to be able to talk to people that understand your point of view, rather than always defending yourself or just being the weird one in the office. I love my primal girls around here, they're all really cool

      You are what you eat,
      and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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        Okay, thanks for starting your Journal. Could you talk about the skin problems, please?

        I had some from PCOS, not as bad as some people, but no walk in the park, either. Acne gradually resolved when I cleaned up the fats and got older. It still comes back a little if I use too much progesterone cream or eat too much cheese.

        I found acne, even when slight, to be a highly embarrassing confidence-waster, diverting myself from whom I ought to have been. Even worse than fat, which is also PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome-related.


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          thanks you guys!

          It's great that there are so many women on this forum, this primal thing is not very ladylike by mainstream standards, that's probably why it clicked with me in the first place, haha.

          piano, so sorry to hear about your struggles, it seems these days everyone and their mothers have outta whack hormones

          Yea, I've got a lotta different things primal helped me with, I went through a few years of really wretched cystic acne, went on the pill for it(age 13-16.) After a few years of harsh antibiotics and topicals I finally gave in to Accutane which worked to quell my acne to only moderately terrible, while shredding my liver and leaving my lips chronically dry.

          I think some of my skin problems were definitely genetic, both sides of my family had history of pretty extreme acne that tapered off in young adulthood, as far as the way I ate when I was a kid -

          my dad was a chef raised in Germany, my mom a Frances Moore Lappe vegetarian, needless to say this was a clusterfuck of constant celebratory feasting thanks to his manically jovial tendencies with a heaping side of Moosewood- extra-crunchy & whole grain.

          Like any environmentally-minded adolescent with compassion for living things I started dabbling in vegetarianism..


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            It's late, I should get off the computer and go socialize with hipster vegans that get drunk on cheap beer and eat cheese fries/taco bell.. while I avoid drinking and attempt to actually interact with people, ahh, to be 18!

            Went for a long hike (barefoot) today, unexpected rain left me feelin kinda pre-blistery, oy, anyway//

            At my lovely local german store I found a tin of cod liver packed in nothing but cod liver oil, @_@ I'm excited and scared! Also a whole smoked mackerel!! totally going to rip into that after my next 24 hour fast, nummm

            IFed til late lunch:

            headcheese and blood sausage, coconut milk drink

            dinner: homemade pho with extra tendon, herbs and fat, some spicy buffalo mince and a bit more coconut milk

            I've noticed all day more than usual I'm feeling very sensitive to smells - that girls perfume, that guy stinks like cigs, that guys reeks of cologne, idk maybe it's hormonal..


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              My husband says things taste and smell different since going primal, but i haven't noticed any changes. I think (for him at least) it's an allergy thing that's been corrected.


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                Wow, Sister, you Portlanders live right! "Local German store" ..........

                And barefoot hiking. <envy>

                But having a vegan mama --- condolences. No wonder your hormones got outta whack. I&#39;ve been reading what Lierre Keith has to say about soy, and it&#39;s horrifying! Especially remembering the awful time I tried to depend on tofu for protein (the macrobiotic disaster ...)

                1/3 of my hair fell out, and I pulled something in my back which still shows up now and then, decades later. I had canker sores, rough skin, fatigue, and an eternal period.

                Sometimes it&#39;s so good when one stops beating one&#39;s head against a wall ...


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                  Haha, yeah, things are pretty diverse here, but also overwhelmingly white and gentrified, welcome to middle-upper class america..

                  I know! When I was reading the vegetarian myth I couldn&#39;t stop fuming for days! still am actually, it&#39;s hard to reign in the upset.

                  What a soy story, thats tragic, I&#39;m so glad we all have sane support & info here to work on healing ourselves

                  luckily for me, my dad convinced her to eat chicken and salmon when she was pregnant and I&#39;m pretty sure shes always loved dairy, but bread was defiitely a staple..

                  Oh well, we did what we could then, at least now we know a bit more!


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                    Mmmm, I haven&#39;t been sleeping enough, went for a midnight hike in a canyon (more like wetlands, but it&#39;s called a canyon) with a friend, we ended up making a campfire and staring at the moon not talking for a few hours, then talking for a few hours!

                    Yesterday was great for food and exercise - lotsa walking, biking, sat in the sun reading for a few hours.

                    B - eggs & hollandaise

                    L - IF

                    D - more pho, some ground beef? I really dont remember

                    Goin to see if I can find oysters today, they just sound like exactly what I want to eat..


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                      Hey I have a question about going of BC Pills and acne. I have been on Birth Control pills for 10+ years I am 26. I have tried to go off them before but end up breaking out with SEVERE Cystic Acne. I am currently on Yaz and have heard horror stories about getting off. Has the Paleo diet helped you in this area?


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                        ilovejc2 -

                        First off, everyone&#39;s different and will react to BC differently, I don&#39;t pretend to know anything but what I&#39;ve been through and what my girlfriends have.

                        That said, I&#39;ve definitely seen an adjustment period where it&#39;s worse before it&#39;s better, esppecially when they&#39;ve been on it long term.

                        The main reason I got on BC was to control acne, which it did a little, but when I would try to go off like you, I&#39;d get breakouts worse than pre-BC (B.B.C? lol)

                        Another reason a lot of women get on BC is to normalize cycles/ prevent bad cramps, this is total bullshit!

                        Since eating primal I barely cramp at all anymore, sometimes I&#39;m a little grumpy PMSing, but rarely more than a flutter of cramping or pain, I think a lot of this is the anti-inflammatory nature of the diet.

                        In the end I just toughed it out, stopped taking it and within a couple cycles my skin calmed backed down, after about 6 months my cycles normalized and I&#39;ve been almost totally in sync for the last year and a half!

                        All in all, I think BC/Yaz is just such a WRONG state for our bodies to be in, it might be a bit rocky to get off, but it&#39;s so worth it long term and the feeling of knowing my body is working the way it&#39;s supposed to is so much less scary, especially if I end up having kids.

                        Feel free to check in for support, if I&#39;m not much help maybe you could start a thread " help getting off hormonal birth control" or the like. Good luck!


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                          Kind of a meh day, been really sick - supersore throat, stuffy sinuses. Had to drag myself a few miles on foot for appointments, felt like the walking dead!

                          Ate 3 meals today, which is sooo not routine, I felt like I was constantly hungry..

                          B - Chicken breast, ghee, balsamic

                          L - Roasted (grassfed) hot dogs over a backyard campfire with lil&#39; bro

                          D - ground lamb, blood sausage, yak liver, all in lamb fat

                          Also snacked on some leftover ghee roasted smelts while cooking.

                          I considered vitamin d superdosing, but the bottle I recently opened was based on rice bran oil, not the usual olive, d&#39;oh!


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                            Thanks so much! I know your right I really want to get off. My doc was going to switch me to another kind that is lower hormone but I think I am just going to go off it and take some spironolactone for a few weeks to ease the process (it contains the same hormome that Yaz does that helps with acne) then I will be off everything alllll together. I def think is BS> And wish I knew what I knew now about paleo and natural body stuff. It would be a different story!


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                              Good post on BC. What do you use instead, if you don&#39;t mind me asking?

                              I&#39;m thinking perhaps Paraguard (I think that&#39;s the correct name) - basically an IUD without you know anything about it?

                              I have heard women who haven&#39;t had children shouldn&#39;t use it, but I don&#39;t know- that might be CW.