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    I can't bring myself to eat raw eggs (yet) but I read they should be pasteurized if you're going to do that.
    You can buy pasteurized eggs in the store, (look for the word "pasteurized") or pasteurize them yourself:
    How to pasteurize eggs at home Baking Bites

    Turkey hunting is great exercise, uneven turf etc.
    Rock on!


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      Continuing on the path...been a super busy week, but got a good run in yesterday after work. I need to get some upper body work in as well. Maybe some archery practice this afternoon.


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        got several good runs in last week and did a 5k trail on Saturday. Sunday was a fasting day until dinner...spent all of the AM kayak fishing on a local river. had a blast. Had planned on doing another 5 mile trail run a couple of hours away, but I decided to have some solitude time on the river instead of 4 hours of interstate driving to participate in a running event. I think I made the better choice..that time. We decided to grill out with the neighbors for dinner, and I broke down and had a few bud lights with and after dinner. I can really feel the difference this morning. just over all blah. Definitely underscored the need for me to treat myself right. looking forward to flushing it out of my system and grocking on!!


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          Man, am I glad that I am not alone! Of course, going to the race with my wife was pulling the trigger. She enjoyed her Blue Moon and I was helping one of my friends clear out a few Yuenglings. Yes, the nasty gut feeling availed itself the following day and of course that was the day I had to roll out for class. Definitely a litmus, reassurance test. I'll check back in with you later today. Grok on!