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Primal Journal (Chatty) 04/02/2012 it begins

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  • Primal Journal (Chatty) 04/02/2012 it begins

    I swore I'd never be over 200 lbs. (again) and here I am: just turned age 60 and weigh 202 lbs.
    I ordered the PB books, supplements and some formula, but haven't received them yet.
    Today, I browsed the forum for info and inspiration.
    Stumbled upon the PB before/after photos and they were really inspiring (guess I should take a photo now).
    I've been eating what I "imagine" is primal for 2 days. (When I get the books, I'll know more of what I'm doing.)

    Made an account at SparkPeople to track carbs and such.
    So, it begins: hopefully an eating plan for a younger, healthier "me."
    Time will tell.

    Just read to state monthly goals. So I suppose they are:
    1. Study the PB in detail and develop an eating and exercise plan
    2. Stay off the scales (I have a tendency to use them too much -- monthly should be plenty).
    3. Increase activity (I work in front of a computer all day & have a bad knee).
    4. Don't expect too much the first month, (but I hope to drop at least 4 pounds).
    5. Don't let the scale discourage me.
    6. Don't let hubby discourage me (because I have to cook his favorite foods).

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    Still pretending I know what I'm doing as I wait for my books to arrive.
    Not hungry, headache yesterday (don't know if it's related to diet).
    Is this at least half-right? (or am I gonna die soon? LOL)


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      Books still haven't arrived, but I'm trying to eat primal. Seems I'm eating more and more calories each day, but I'm feeling fine and not having sugar cravings and no hunger. I seem to be more thirsty than normal and I'm drinking more water.


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        About 3 PM and feeling weak/dizzy -- not hungry. Not sure what's going on
        I slept well. Not really sleepy, just feeling weak. Gonna eat some spinach and a couple of eggs for dinner.

        Calories: 1,187
        Fat: 83
        Carbohydrates: 15
        Protein: 72

        PS UPS man just delivered my PB books and supplies. Maybe I can read tonight, to see why I'm feeling so lousy.
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          Wow, you're doing a really good job of keeping track of everything! You're going to do great!
          "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace by those who have been trained by it."

          Age: 25
          HT: 6' 2"
          Peak Wt: 303lbs- Nov 1st 2011
          Current Wt: 240lbs- Sep 1st 2012


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            I read the 21 Total Body Transformation Book last night. Was sad to see that I'm in the lowest carb range. He didn't say how long one could safely stay there. I took the challenge and cleaned out my kitchen last night of all the foods that are bad for me (and that hubby doesn't eat). Took a "before photo" that I'll probably NEVER show anyone.

            New daily goal from the book: Calculated my lean body mass (he didn't tell how to do that in the book, I had to find it on the net) He recommended .7 protein per pound lean body mass, so I know I need to eat at least 100g protein daily. It's interesting to note that, although I didn't KNOW I'm supposed to eat 100g protein daily, I automatically increased my protein more and more each day of the week (maybe this ole body does work after all -- if I'd only listen to it more carefully).

            Even without the book, I was trying to eat primal last week. Here are the results, that I'll try to improve now that I know more of what I'm doing. I was happy with no sugar/food cravings last week! No going to bed hungry! It was great!

            Week 1 summary:

            Next week goals:
            Keep the protein up: at least 100g per day
            Get more exercise (walking/working in the garden).
            Take Mark's supplements daily
            1 T. ground flaxseed daily
            Replace "junk carbs" (like in cream) with healthy carbs (like in spinach)
            Track nutrition on SparkPeople to learn what I'm doing and how my body reacts
            Study SparkPeople nutrients more carefully
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              Why are you eating so little fat? You should never eat more protein than fat, unless you're on a high carb refeed.


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                Originally posted by mmsantos View Post
                Why are you eating so little fat? You should never eat more protein than fat, unless you're on a high carb refeed.
                I asked the fat question this morning:
                I read the 21-day book and I didn't see the fat%.
                So I get two different answers: "Eat fat for satiety. It will depend on how active you are and what type of activity you do. Some people here eat 80% calories fat. When in doubt, eat more (animal) fat. "

                Guess I need to buy the "big book" too huh?

                I don't have a clue what a "high carb refeed" is either.
                I calculated my minimum protein requirements as 100g per day -- you're telling me to eat a minimum of 100g per day fat as well?
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                  Originally posted by Chatty View Post

                  Replace "junk carbs" (like in cream) with healthy carbs (like in spinach)
                  Spinach has essentially no calories from a practical standpoint, and neither does cream have any carbs, really. Both foods are healthy from my perspective. What you want to replace is food from a box with a UPC code with food straight from the ground or sea.
                  If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                    Originally posted by Chatty View Post
                    I asked the fat question this morning:
                    I read the 21-day book and I didn't see the fat%.
                    So I get two different answers: "Eat fat for satiety. It will depend on how active you are and what type of activity you do. Some people here eat 80% calories fat. When in doubt, eat more (animal) fat. "

                    Guess I need to buy the "big book" too huh?

                    I don't have a clue what a "high carb refeed" is either.
                    I calculated my minimum protein requirements as 100g per day -- you're telling me to eat a minimum of 100g per day fat as well?
                    I wouldn't worry about macros. If you're new, I'd suggest getting used to eating real food first, then tweak it here and there according to your goals. But if you are interested in eating a low carb diet, definitely eat lots of animal fat. Just to give you an idea, I just had half a pount of fatty hamburger meat with a fried egg on top, and a spinach salad topped with a creamy bacon mushroom tomato sauce, and a piece of roasted bone marrow (almost pure fat) for good measure. Probably had around 100g of fat in that meal, give or take. I'm not saying go crazy with the fat, especially if you're trying to lose weight, but definitely emphasize fat over protein if you're going low carb.

                    Apologies for the confusion hehe. A carb refeed is a strategy used to replenish one's glycogen stores after a long time of low carb eating. It's mainly used by active people, but can have positive effects even in sedentary people who want to lose weight, as it 'resets' the metabolism. It's usually just a day or two with lots of carbs (preferably clean sources like potatoes and fruit), moderate protein, and low fat. This is the only time you should ever go low fat, unless you're fasting, which isn't really low fat since you're using your own body fat!

                    Don't calculate your requirements. Just eat real food as indicated by the book and everything will more or less come into place


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                      Thanks for the clarification. I'm trying.

                      Had a knee injury. Was taking medicine for it. Working in the yard today and thought about the book/squats.
                      I did it. Figured I'd hurt my knee, but it didn't. Never know what ya can do until you try, huh?

                      I'm going low carb right now (wondering how long is a "long time" to do that)?


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                        Some people can go indefinitely with low carb. If you're feeling well on a higher fat diet, then stick with it. From your numbers it looks like you're going very low carb, so be sure to get some fat in there. Heavy cream, butter and coconut oil are all good sources, with pure animal fat (like on the outside of a steak) being the best.

                        Yeah being injured sucks but be sure to keep moving, it's the best way to heal. Gardening is probably the ultimate low level activity as you're outside with nature as well as using every muscle in your body pretty much


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                          What actual food are you eating? It would be better to just eat real food and focus on that. If you eat mainly meats and green leafy veg with a bit of other veg then you are low carb, if you eat any kind of non-starchy veg you want and/or add in a bit of fruit then you are moderate carb, if you eat several pieces of fruit and/or starchy veg then you are going to be at around the higher end of moderate (100-150g) DEPENDING on your definition of terms like 'a bit' and 'a lot' lolol

                          Eat fat - you cannot eat high protein low carb low fat for more than a short period of time - fat will be your preferred fuel if you stay lower carb, carbs will be your preferred fuel is you go higher carb.

                          Dunno how big you are but I'm a small, slim, older woman who doesn't do much exercise and my calories would be more than yours and if I was going to check macros I'l look at % figures.

                          A long time to do low carb is forever.
                          Evolutionary. Ideology that fits biology


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                            Thanks for the tips and encouragement.
                            I seem to be eating more and more each day. I'm not worried about that. I'm trying to listen to my body and the ole body has been saying "give me more." I've been working in the garden (more activity) and I'm determined not to be hungry. I already see how fat is my friend for doing that.

                            I'm tracking the food because it's FUN to do (I work in front of the computer all day anyway).
                            An since I'm low-carbing-it, I may as well concentrate on nutrition.
                            (Like I gave up the carbs in my coffee sugar to trade for 2 cups spinach -- traded junk for real food)
                            Sat. I ate this and went to bed without hunger/cravings and slept well:

                            2 c. coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream, 1.5 tbsp 78 1 8 0 Remove
                            Spinach, fresh, 2 cup 14 2 0 2 Remove
                            Blue Cheese or Roquefort Cheese Salad Dressing, 2 tbsp 154 2 16 1 Remove
                            Chicken Breast, with skin, 1 breast, bone removed 499 0 27 60 Remove
                            Pork Rind Cracklin Strips, Golden Flake Chicharrones w/ Red Pepper, 3.5 oz 560 0 35 56 Remove
                            Supplement - Probiotic (Garden of Life) Primal Defense 15bill cfu, 1 serving 0 0 0 0 Remove
                            Primal Fuel shake mix (2 scoops per serving), 1 serving 181 11 9 20 Remove
                            Butter, unsalted, 3 tbsp 305 0 35 0 Remove
                            Flaxseed meal, 1 tbsp

                            Calculates as 1850 calories, 20 carbs, 134 fat and 143 protein

                            Watched this excellent BBC program re: exercise and it supports the PB perfectly.
                            Horizon - The Truth About Exercise (BBC, 2012) - YouTube

                            Found the thread about Bulletproof Coffee/Tea/Cocoa and saved the idea for future reference.
                            (Fat is how I got rid of sugar in my coffee, so this thread made sense to me)

                            Was afraid to look at the two PB cookbooks I received (usually make my mouth water in hunger and want to eat) BUT I looked at them -- and NO MOUTH WATERING! I was satisfied with my PB food to the point the cookbook didn't bother me a bit (Like going grocery shopping when one is full vs hungry)
                            Wonders never cease with PB!

                            Oops! Just realized the primal shake is 2 scoops?? I'll have to read the label again (I used one). Logging food does help.
                            No wonder I added butter to the shake because I didn't think it was "rich enough!"

                            Those Primal supplements make me burp (bad taste). I'm going to take them just before bed so maybe I sleep through that.
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                              Okay -- so my son was weighing this morning and before I knew it, I hopped myself onto the scales (forgetting that I wasn't supposed to weigh until 1 month of PB).

                              I almost fainted. I'm down 6 pounds in one week!
                              Is this possible? Six pounds? Must be a lot of water.
                              I surely haven't been hungry and I'm loving the PB way of eating.
                              I'll try to stay off the scales until 1 mo. is completed, but man -- that glimpse was amazing to me!

                              Food-wise, everything going well. Still no cravings. So happy! I do FEEL lighter. Maybe it's all that food guilt gone.

                              PS Taking Mark's supplements just before bedtime solved the "bad taste" burp problems.
                              My husband has decided to try PB with me (he only weighs 150 and doesn't really need to lose weight, but he needs to lower his cholesterol and get fit). Happy day!

                              Fat Head Movie (free online):
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