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Primal Journal (Chatty) 04/02/2012 it begins

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    I'm still 173 and since July 20, haven't lost anything. I've stuck to the program
    3 months is a long time at one weight, when I have so much more to lose, so it's
    time to kick it up a bit and see what I can do. Still feeling great though and
    accustomed to the primal way of eating. Maybe now that all that fresh garden
    squash is gone, I'll do better.


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      Well, I haven't been logging food. Just eating. Ate a great Thanksgiving meal and haven't been thinking about weight that much. Imagine my surprise to weigh this morning and see 4 lbs. gone since last time I weighed. That means I've lost 32 lbs in 8 months, with an average of 4 lbs per mo. or 1 lb. per week. Pretty darned good considering there were about 3 months I lost nothing. In January I'll have my physical and see what primal has done for my blood work results. I'm especially curious because I threw away the statin drug in April.

      Wearing my toe shoes with toe socks this morning. Very comfortable!

      Ever primal!
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        Physical scheduled for end of March to see what tossing the statins did for me blood-work-wise.
        Still maintaining, but ordered some Primal Fuel and vitamins to kick-start some summer fun.
        Gonna keep one pack at work and one pack at home and have one Primal shake per day (probably lunch).
        Woman told me yesterday, "I don't know what I'm going to do if you don't stop losing weight."
        .....still thinking about that one.
        Ordered some clothes in my RIGHT size and gonna toss some of those baggy pants I've been wearing.
        Life is good -- primal on!


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          Tossed my statin drugs April, 2012
          Physical April, 2013 and here are the stats:

          32 lbs. lost
          Triglycerides from 127 down to 104
          Chol. LDL from ---219 down to 139
          Cholesterol from 156 up to - 216

          Doctor said I can continue to stay off statins
          I'm happy, but wondering about the Cholesterol number and what I should do (if anything?)
          Didn't I read somewhere that avg. Cholesterol is 220 and the medical community decided to set it at 200?


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            I would not worry too much about the do you feel??


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              Hello old friend, how are you? I have been off for so long now and started a new diet recently. It did not feel right so I'm back where I started. I hope to hear from you and it's good to see that you are down and didn't climb back up like I did.