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    Originally posted by Marcie View Post
    I found all that information interesting. You do a great job of tracking and it sure helps for reviewing. I think you are doing a super job!
    Well, thanks. I'm trying to find what works for me and thus far, I've been happy. No other time in my life have I lost weight without being hungry all the time.

    If I hadn't been logging my food, I wouldn't have gotten the CORRECT answer from someone on the forum, and the killme statement would really have messed up my day! LOL

    JEESH! I ate a lot yesterday! I worked in the yard most of weekend, sweated a bunch and ate a bunch! But I won't worry about it -- I go by WEEKLY averages, so we'll see what the bigger picture says. I ate too many strawberries (just because I enjoyed them) and too much coconut oil/chocolate (a binge food that I probably should throw away and avoid entirely).

    Totals: calories 1855, carbs 38, fat 150, protein 99
    GOAL: calories 1179, carbs 40, fat 83, protein 68

    Finally inspired myself to walk a bit -- walked 1 mile two different times last week. Felt pretty good -- I'll keep pushing for more exercise.
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      I've always had a difficult time "listening to what my body tells me." I'm a yo-yo dieter, meaning I have gained and lost weight so many times, I've lost count. I'm either dieting to lose weight, or not dieting and gaining weight.

      Only 4 months ago, I my health was a MESS and I decided to change:
      I'm 60, and felt very old -- wondering if I could handle age 70!
      my right knee was swollen and painful (walked with a severe limp and couldn't exercise much)
      I was on a cholesterol-lowering statin drug
      I was taking Mobic (meloxicam), non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug for my kneee
      drinking 4-5 diet Cokes per day and consuming lots of Splenda in coffee and other foods
      not caring about my diet or health
      When I got out of bed in the mornings, my joints and muscles felt sore, as if I had exercised too much (but I had not).
      I have a "rash" on several areas of my body (Keratosis pilaris, I believe--no one knows what causes it and there are no known cures)

      I stopped eating all sugars, starchy vegetables, breads, etc. (in other words carbohydrates compromise no more than 100g per day and no grain whatsoever). I believe the sugar/carbohydrates were causing high/low spikes in my blood, causing hunger and sugar/bread cravings.
      I gave up all artificial sweeteners. I no longer CRAVE SWEETS. I really believe artificial sweeteners were causing those cravings.
      I feel energetic, I've lost 16 pounds and I'm not hungry all the time, even though my calorie-range is within a low range. I have NEVER been able to lose weight before without actually being hungry most of the time. To lose weight, without being hungry, is amazing to me.
      My hunger is "different" now. Before, hunger was almost a "calling from my head." Now, my hunger is a physical growling in my stomach.
      I threw away the statin drug. Within days, I felt "more clear" (mentally alert) and within 4 weeks, the swelling in my knee went down. The knee returned to normal.
      I tossed the Mobic and refuse to take it ever again.
      I have yet to have another blood test for cholesterol, but I'm sure that exercise and losing weight will bring my cholesterol levels to normal again. Every time I gain weight, my cholesterol goes up and each time I lose weight, it returns to normal.
      I believe the Keratosis pilaris is going away! It's much better than it was and I'm hoping it goes COMPLETELY away forever! (wish me luck)


      For the first time in my life, I can hear my body speaking to me! I take no drugs other than some vitamins, fish oil and try to get 15-minutes of sun daily (for vitamin D). I don't eat by the clock. I eat when my body tells me too and as much as my body tells me to eat.

      I eat plenty of meat, fat, fruit and vegetables, but the process is so amazing to me that I log all my food to track my micro-nutrients. What I see amazes me!

      I seriously believe that "food is medicine." Diets do NOT work! The changes I have made are permanent. No more on/off crazy diets! I love my new life! I'm still 60--but I feel more like I did when I was 40! Bring on old age! I can handle it now and my body WILL listen!


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        Someone taught me how to make a scrambled egg in the microwave:
        1 egg
        1 teaspoon heavy cream
        stir until mixed

        Microwave 20 seconds. Stir. Microwave 20 more seconds. (the egg will continue to cook a bit after you have removed it).

        Salt, pepper, eat -- a very quick addition to my avocado lunch!


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          I wanted to say "Hallelujah" after that last post (not the scrambled eggs, the previous one) . The feeling of hunger (or lack of it) still amazes me; I can go so long without eating or being hungry. It IS a new way of living and it makes me so excited. I know that I still have a long road ahead but you and others really inspire me! Plus you make me smile at the end of the day.


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            Originally posted by Marcie View Post
            I wanted to say "Hallelujah" after that last post (not the scrambled eggs, the previous one) . The feeling of hunger (or lack of it) still amazes me; I can go so long without eating or being hungry. It IS a new way of living and it makes me so excited. I know that I still have a long road ahead but you and others really inspire me! Plus you make me smile at the end of the day.
            This PB stuff is pretty amazing, huh?
            Glad you check in from time to time.
            This was on Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople this morning and I thought of us:

            "Week of 05/31/2012 - Featured Blog Post

            Before the Blossom Comes Some Dirt

            I love to work in my flowers. I love the blossoms and the birds and butterflies they attract. There is something quite satisfying about looking out the window and seeing all those flowers.

            I went to the local home store today to buy some annuals and perennials for the beds as well as some seeds for the fast growing annuals. I spent over two hours digging in the murky clay soil working in some top soil and peat moss and setting my flowers into the dirt. It was HARD work. My back ached, my shoulders ached and I have a quarter size blister on the palm of my right hand from the hand spade. I came in to clean up and realized I would have to get the mud off my shoes and launder my work clothing. I got grimy and dirty and my hands are so dry from the earth that I've been applying lotion over and over. It's WORK.

            Why do I do it? Because I love the blossoms!

            This is how your journey to health and fitness is too. Of course we all want to be healthy and fit. We all want to look good in our clothing and feel better. But you can't have the blossom without digging in the dirt first! Then comes the fertilizing and the watering and the pinching and pruning and the WEEDING. THEN you get to enjoy the blossom.

            Just like a tender shoot that is trying to grow you can't pay attention to it part-time. If you only tended it on Mondays and Tuesdays it would parch in the hot sun. If you ignored the weeds they would soon overtake the plant. If you failed to provide proper nutrients/fertilizer it would soon quit producing blooms.

            How can you possibly hope to have steady, sustained weight loss if you only pay attention to your program a few days a week? What about that water? How about those nutrients? Are you giving your body the fuel it needs? Too much fertilizer ruins the plant. Too much FOOD takes its toll on you too! How about the pruning and pinching? Are you getting that exercise you need? You are going to have to get dirty (sweaty) if you want to have the blossom. It takes effort and time AND it takes continuous attention.

            So are you ready to dig in the dirt? Do you want to blossom?

            Press On! "

            DOWN 17 lbs. TODAY!
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              Hi EV,

              So the real question is how do you feel?



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                Originally posted by jcrowe1950 View Post
                Hi EV,

                So the real question is how do you feel?

                I haven't felt as well since I was age 40! Even hubby is sticking to the program and he's NOT losing weight/holding steady (since he's so skinny). How about you, JC?

                Calculated my weekly food averages for wk 8: (not counting -- just tracking -- eating by HUNGER is why the chart varies so much):


                Scales down more today -- 18 lbs. lost, worked all weekend in the garden, plenty of energy, soaking up sunshine, loving life!

                I often feel discouraged around here because I log my food and most say I shouldn't do that. It feels right, so I continue to log. Found this from Mark Sisson today and I felt happy -- Mark and I are "experimenters, loggers, and stat nuts" -- that's how we learn!


                "We’re all about the ease of Primal eating, exercising, and listening to one’s body while looking at calorie-counting with suspicion and often barely veiled scorn – “just follow these basic rules and everything will fall into place like so” – but logging data, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions from said data is really about honing your intuition. It’d be nice if we all maintained that Primal connection to our bodies, but most of us have not. Most of us have lived lives divorced from our bodies, eating weird pseudo-foods, strapped several inches of rubber to our feet, sitting in the same place for ten hours a day, staring at one electronic screen or another instead of the wide world around us, sleeping in rooms with bright blue green blinking shards of light filling our dreams, and we’re all a little confused. That’s okay. That’s to be expected. We can come back from this to reclaim our intuition, and data logs, journals, and self-experiments are how we get there.

                You know how people say you go to college to learn how to learn? This is kinda like that.

                What’s cool is that we can all learn something from a self-experiment. No matter what you know or think you know, you have a weak spot that can be identified and hammered out by systematically logging, journaling and testing. I know this because I have plenty of them myself."

                Mark talks about "calorie averaging" again here:

                "Not only is it nearly impossible to accurately gauge your exact meal-to-meal calorie and macronutrient requirements, doing so will drive you crazy. In fact, to accurately figure your true structural and functional fuel needs (and hence to achieve your goals) it’s far more effective to look at a much larger span of time, like a few weeks, and aim for an “average” consumption. Then you can review that average daily intake over weeks or months and adjust accordingly"

                Love you, Mark -- and you never-log-go-by-instinct people can just get off my back! I'm a work in progress!
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                  Keep your sunny side Mr. Natural sez.....

                  Originally posted by Chatty View Post
                  I haven't felt as well since I was age 40! Even hubby is sticking to the program and he's NOT losing weight/holding steady (since he's so skinny). How about you, JC?
                  Hi EV,

                  Well, I too am a work in progress....during this packing stage to move from TX to TN, I
                  have not really worried too much about how well I'm conforming to PB because I'm already
                  running around like a decapitated pollo anyway. I have largely eliminated grains and sugar
                  from my diet....right now I'm eating some, somewhat, local blueberries with Greek Yogurt..
                  the real kind with fat in's orders of magnitude nicer than the pre-blended yogurts.
                  I'm in a bit of a holding pattern at down between 15 and 16 lbs. I need to get more inspired
                  to eat a bigger variety of veggies and that will happen post-move. I'm adding new veggies to
                  the mix at the rate of one or two a month...still can't stomach beets or turnip greens. And,
                  sadly, I detest the taste of coconut oil......just too hard to get past right now. I can use it to
                  cook some things in and to rub on my skin.....that's a longer term project. OK, well, enough
                  about me...this is your journal. BTW, I talked to V*** the other night and of course he is
                  hesitant to admit that PB is making a significant difference.....likes to complain about how
                  much he misses cokes. I have to say though, he actually sounds better on the phone...less
                  draggy and less bitching about how he feels so old. I'm really proud of both of you, but
                  especially of you for driving this thing in an attempt to make ya'll's lives better and more

                  Peace out,


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                    Just read your whole journal and what a joy and an inspiration it is! Congratulations on finding PB. I identify with many of the things you say, like no hunger and how easy it was to quit sugar. I hunger for more knowledge and understanding to firm up my conviction and you did that for me tonight! Thanks for sharing your journey!


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                      Welome JC, pieral12, Marcie and Mamakin. I love company! Been posting for a long time and it's pretty lonely here. I'll check out paleo, but I must tell you: I am loving my diet which includes tons of dairy!

                      JC, moving is stressful as heck. At least you're getting more exercise. As far as turnip greens, I can't prepare them the way I like them, but there is a franchise in MS "Cock of the Walk" -- best turnip greens on earth (pepper sauce in them). There is one in Jackson. We should make plans to eat there just for that (of course we'll have to chunk the cornbread). I never had any willpower dieting before, but with PB, my mouth doesn't salivate reading cookbooks and being around food I don't want to eat doesn't bother me. Weird, huh?

                      Like spaghetti squash, JC? Give me notice next time you're through here and I'll make the best spaghetti squash lasagna you ever had -- very rich tasting and filling. Give you the recipe if you'd like. In fact, I should make one and put it in the freezer. Takes about 1 hr. to heat it up.

                      My coconut oil doesn't have a taste, nor aroma. It's virgin coconut oil that retains those coconut characteristics. Try buying some again, Joe. I found organic coconut oil at Kroger (health food section) that is odorless-aroma-free and great for frying (very high heat tolerance). I cook with it all the time (browns foods great). V... hates all types of coconut and he's been eating it for weeks. I haven't used it yet, but I also have a 5-lb container of palm oil, which is also odorless-tasteless. I'll give you a jar next time you pass through.

                      My dad is 84 and my mom is 83. Daddy wants to try PB! I almost fainted when he asked me about it. I printed out the food list for Mama's shopping trip and gave him what advice I could (without him reading the books). Gave them some coconut oil, palm oil, 85% chocolate, some small bags of nuts (eat the small bag and no more = portion control) and printed some recipes for Mom to start thinking higher fat, etc. He and Mom both take statins. Wouldn't it be cool if PB helped them? Daddy was slim all his life and is now about 60 lbs. overweight. He walks with a cane after his heart bypass.

                      Daddy is quite hard-headed (like his daughter LOL). When he goes all out for something -- he does a A+ job. Hope PB is like that for him and he makes great improvements. I have high hope! He has blood work done in 6 months, so we'll see what PB can do for him during that time.

                      You see, Joe? This is because of you! You spoke to me, Vech got on board and now my mom and dad. Talk about ripple-effect!

                      That's what life is about -- all of us, just doing the best we can.
                      Hugs (everyone)
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                        Looks like you are doing good with your weight loss. So cool about your mom and dad trying PB. I got the book but haven't read much. I admire your food logging and wish I was as disciplined as you are (maybe I will do it but I highly doubt it). Even if I don't log in, I always check on your progress and posts. I still say you are brave to post your questions as you don't always get the nicest answers, so judgemental, but at least you know differing opinions. I find it so odd that people who have struggled with food can be so critical. But you do also get some excellent feedback from the "o-so-knowledgeable". Enjoy the rest of your week.


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                          Nice post! How wonderful That your folks are interested. My dear sweetheart bought a huge thing of red licorice at Costco yesterday, then a 40 ounce beer at the convenient store well at least I don't cook junk for him anymore. Lol I'm hoping that when my family sees results from this way of eating, they will come around. If your folks did, wow! Maybe I can teach some of the old dogs around here some new tricks! :-)


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                            20 lbs. lost in 10 weeks as of today.

                            I'm still tracking my food and using this calculator for calories, fat, protein, carbs, but guess what? Calculate Your Ideal Nutrient Intake for Weight Loss or Maintenance

                            I think the calculator is off for my body. As I lose weight, I calculate new numbers. Even though I requested to lost 1 lb. per week, I'm losing more than that. Sometimes, I get hungry and I EAT, REGARDLESS what the tracking shows. Even then, I lose weight.

                            So, the calculator is fun, but it's more important to eat PB food and go by what my body is telling me...which is the goal all along. I'll continue to log food because it's fun and I'm learning more about the fat/carbs/protein of the food I eat.

                            I added some wild rice and some Chinese vegetables this week. They're nice. I also ate ricotta cheese right out of the carton for a snack. It's much tastier than cottage cheese (sweeter). I also added ricotta cheese to my primal shake and it makes it much-more filling.

                            Feeling good and eating well!


                            I made wild rice to go with this and it was excellent:

                            Taco Swiss Steak (crock pot) *tested good

                            1 lb boneless beef round steak, cut into serving-size pieces
                            2 packages Old El PasoŽ taco seasoning mix (from 1-oz package)
                            1 large onion, sliced
                            1/2 cup Old El PasoŽ chopped green chiles (from two 4.5-oz cans)
                            1/2 cup Old El PasoŽ Thick 'n Chunky salsa
                            2 tablespoons chili sauce

                            Dump all into crock pot and mix.
                            Cook on Low heat setting 6 hours.
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                              Just checking in to show off my newest lb. gone.

                              Yep, the calculator is wrong. It's trying to starve me to death!
                              I'm eating MORE calories than it suggests, and still losing weight.
                              Eating by HUNGER is the best way! (but I'm still logging food because it's fun to see the numbers).

                              Monday was a hunger day for me: 1648 calories!
                              Probably because Sunday I only ate 984 calories.
                              It all averages out.


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                                I had my first "starving hungry" day since starting PB. It wasn't head hunger -- it was real hunger. Just couldn't get satisfied, no matter how much I ate. 2189 calories later, 2 boiled eggs, nuts and such, I went to bed "not hungry." I'm wondering if the higher carbs the day before triggered it. No harm done -- it all averages out. Down about .5 lb, but only log full lbs. so I'm still doing well with losing.

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