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    Well my book arrived.

    I flicked through it.. yup, it's a book. Def going to read that later.

    Then my parents arrived. Father complaining of his 'diverticulitis' flaring up again. He guy's 70. I pointed out that his parents were healthy, so where did this come from? And wouldn't it mean that given I am unable to eat wheat without becoming incredibly unwell, that perhaps he is allergic to wheat products too?
    Do you know what diverticulitis is? It's an inflammation of the lower intestine where little pockets of poop sit and cause further infection. Eughhhhhh!
    Why has he got this? He doesn't know.

    For years, I have said to stop eating wheat yet he continues to eat his porridge, his bread, cakes, scones etc.
    My mother, having Hashimoto's thyroiditis like myself, continues to eat bread, but 'only white because it doesn't cause such a reaction as wholegrain...'
    If you have Hashi's, you should be totally grain, gluten, everything free. But no...

    These people can eat, let me tell you. You could do a three course meal and within half an hour of eating, they'll be asking for 'a bit of bread and jam'.
    For years I have been trying to stop them stuffing their mouths with food but they won't stop.
    They've done Atkins, South Beach... and then decided that 'it's not for them' because they just can't stop stuffing in the carbs. Two weeks is the max they've ever changed their diet for.

    ARGHHHHHH. They're both grossly overweight. My father looks like he's about to give birth to a beer keg. My mother is just overweight with terrible muscle tone and says she can't exercise because her arthritis plays up. Take the pain pill and suck it up. She gets sore knees. No kidding.

    Anyway, after pointing out that I don't have any of these conditions and why do they... esp considering their very healthy parents... and they were stumped to come up with any answer.
    And then I challenged them to do my diet for 2 weeks and if they didn't feel better, I'd eat my hat or some other piece of clothing/headgear.
    And to my astonishment, they agreed. And they took my book to read.

    My dad's dumped his bread, fed the birds the porridge (sure they'll be thrilled) and is happily consuming fats, fish, meat, eggs and big assed salads.

    Two days later and they're *gasp* 'FEELING BETTER'. Apparently my dad has some 'gas' still but otherwise, he seems to be doing fine. He's actually feeling well.

    Who'd have thunk it. Question is, will they stick with it?

    Lay your bets ladies and gents... lay your bets.

    Hopefully I'll get my book back so I can read it at some point...

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    Keep us posted. Been trying to convince my mother to go primal because of her issues w/ diverticulitis. Would like to hear how your father fares w/ primal style of eating and if it relieves his "insides"


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      Well I can report my parents have actually stuck to their plan.

      Saying that, they ate Indian the other night and my father needs to be educated what a naan bread is and what it's made of. He skipped the rice and ate the bread. And then said that was possibly why he was having so much bloat afterwards. He now suspects that he's allergic to dairy too, but he's trying to skip the grain first.

      My mother on the other hand swears she's not missing the grains or bread at all, but put on a little show over a cafe advert offering an 'English cream tea' - scones, sandwiches etc. My dad got so irritated with her moaning and 'keening' over the damn thing, he got quite irritated by her and told her to stop.
      They are both feeling more awake and my dad thinks his waistline has lessened slightly.

      They have both remarked how well I look... and I guess they're hoping for the same.

      Now to get them to actually do something physical! Bwahahahahaha! Still I have been suggesting they stop eating grains for years and it takes Mark Sissons to do it in one week.
      Perhaps I'll just pass on pushing the exercise and link them up to Mark and he can handle it.

      Here you are, Mark... here's my parents. Go get 'em boy!


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        Meatgrrrl! That is amazing...good for you to be willing to eat a hat (hopefully wheat-free) for the benefit of your parents. I'm so excited to hear more as times goes on. Sounds like dad is convinced and he's not going to let mom falter...I hope that's so!
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          Dear lord I'd forgotten the hat.

          Damn. How many carbs in a paper hat?


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            Ah well... the sad news is, my parents have not stuck to the plan. Big surprise.
            Didn't have to eat that hat at all.

            Neither have I... been ill with whooping cough and am now back to IF'ing after leg surgery. I have a cast on my leg so all exercise is going to have to be on crutches or sitting down. Should make things interesting.
            Suggestions gratefully accepted. Have a 16kg kettle bell...


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              It's hard to believe people would try something, find success and give it up anyway. I guess it just shows how difficult it can be to change the habits of a lifetime. When their problems return with a vengeance, perhaps they will remember how much better they felt without the grains - but perhaps not. Either way, you have done you bit and will have to love them regardless.
              Annie Ups the Ante


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                I'm on my 4th day of IFing. Feeling good.

                I'm currently in plaster and immobile for another three weeks.. and I don't want to put on any more weight so IF is my friend.

                Day 4, no food all day until evening meal, which is primal... clothes loose on me this morning.
                Prob need to loose a good 20 or so lb. Onwards.


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                  Decided after reading up on the spud thread to dive in head first.
                  Had breakfast, and basically, I'm still full. Boiled spuds, crushed with salt and malt vinegar on them.

                  Feel very warm (have Hashimoto's so like being warm), energy levels great and looking forward to dinner.
                  Didn't want to eat lunch. It's like IF but with potatoes.

                  Weighing will be a bit tricky as I currently have a cast on my leg which weighs a good few lb so I'll go by clothing.
                  Planning on 5 days... no big deal considering I IF for days at a time.. or protein shake it... so it's either one boring thing or another.

                  First day of doing this, I tend to spend quite a bit of time on it all mentally... will it work, can I do it, how can I make this work for me blah blah blah. AFter I've proved myself to myself, the rest of it is easy.

                  I'm not interested in hearing how bad this is for me or any other stuff... if you've read the blog links posted in the potato thread, then you'll get it.
                  It's my body, and I'll do what the heck I want with it.

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                    McDougall Newsletter June 2006 Mary's Mini-McD Diet

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                      Day 2 spuds.

                      Tried shredded and 'fried' spuds for breakfast but didn't really like them. Favourite has to be boiled/baked.
                      Had two small baked spuds for lunch with some salsa on them.

                      Will have boiled spuds with a scoop of bone broth over tonight (I skimmed all the fat off the bone broth) and a little horseradish sauce (this way I feel like I'm eating beef... joke... I just love horseradish)

                      Feeling VERY full. I am eating the skins... aren't the vitamins mostly just underneath the skins? Someone said the skins aren't good for you - anti nutrients?

                      Energy good, very warm (but weather hot here). Sleeping well. Everything else functioning well.
                      Did manage to get a scale reading so will try and see what happens tomorrow. I think three days should start to show something.


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                        Third day.
                        Last night I cracked and ate a little papaya... that was nice.

                        No change as far as I can see on the scale reading, but my face does look thinner and I feel a little like my tummy is less.
                        I'm going to keep this up for 5 days in total. I have a thing on Sunday so will be eating normally then, but that will be LC and primal so it doesn't matter per se.
                        I haven't drunk wine all this week, which is probably helping somewhat.

                        I would like to see a shift on the scale at some point.


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                          Fourth day today.
                          Showing a loss of 2-3lb which is interesting, for sure. However, Im not sure I couldn't have accomplished this with a week of really clean eating. Still, I haven't drunk wine all week, haven't been tempted for other foods and have quite enjoyed the mashed spuds with a little bone broth... seriously yummy.

                          FWIW, The potato thing was good for energy, I didn't have issues with sleep or anything else. Seemed absolutely fine, if not a bit boring after three days of it.
                          I spent a good few years being a vegetarian, which was happily whilst the BSE thing was going on in the UK... so I avoided all the risk (I hope). My diet then was pretty varied and I was a very healthy vegetarian. It was the bacon that got me in the end.
                          I'm stopping spuds today after 4 days because I think I've picked up a tummy bug from one of my kids which isn't ideal but it is what it is.

                          The potato hack has been really interesting and I'll keep it in mind for when I want to drop a couple of lb here and there. It's also removed my 'Oh my god, potato is sooo high carb' fear too and I'll probably relax a little more about them from now on.

                          I truly think my key to paleo is lower to moderate fats, less meat (really, I put on lb when I have too much) and LOTS of big ass salads.
                          In many respects, paleo is no different to my experience of the South Beach diet. I never ate grains on that diet and it really worked for me. I was lambasted by a SB person for having duck and eating butter and oils on SB, but you have to do what works for you and that worked for me. There's no difference between my SB diet and this paleo diet, imo

                          Anyway, it's been a really interesting little experiment.