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30 Days to maintaining Primal for good.

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    Day 7 GAPS

    Wow is all I can say.

    Husband has lost 15 pounds in 7 days. And he only weighed 220 at 6 feet tall.

    I have lost 3.5 pounds.

    My boys lost weight the first couple of days but have since put back on that weight plus about a half a pound to a pound each.

    My one with autism is eating veggies for the first time in his life and so is my oldest with alopecia.

    They love all the different kinds of meats we are ordering, lamb, roast, steak.

    We got to introduce free range egg yolks in this week and quickly ran out of the dozen I bought from the farmer's market.

    I am so happy with the results in only a week. I cannot even imagine the results in a month or year!!!
    Never give up on anything you can't go a day without thinking about - Tony Horton


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      Wow did we have a setback. I have only cheated once in almost 30 days (on Easter) and with being on GAPS and my son with autism needing to always eat pretty close to GAPS I won't be wouldn't be fair.

      Anyways back to the setback. He has 3 weeks of school left and they left donut holes out on the table and he grabbed one. Ok most people would what it was one donut hole, but he freaked -- he screamed for 2 days straight and wouldn't talk and had a severe rash all over his body! His body after 10 days is very responsive to allergens, we had a real hard time Friday and Saturday and he had me crying like a baby with all the screaming -- hub had to work so it was me and the kiddos -- today he is recovering and talking a little more, but it is frustrating because we are spending about 4 hours a day in the kitchen!

      So one more day and then I am starting my GAPS journal.

      He is eating things he has never eaten, he had his first egg today--EVER--it was great to see him eat it. We could introduce nut butter, but you have to make it at home soaking the nuts, dehydrating them, and processing them and I am in the middle of finals for the next two weeks--as soon as finals are done I will be getting to the harder to make foods---we are going through meat like a mad dog!
      Never give up on anything you can't go a day without thinking about - Tony Horton