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  • WOW Meaty,

    It is cold here but we never get that much snow!
    Strive for healthy today.

    Satisfaction is the death of desire.


    • Yeah, well, it's pretty bad.
      And Quebec's weather is as fickle as that of a woman on her period. (very sexist of me)
      In BC they have mild weather all year long, in Quebec it's too hot or too cold, Toronto is similar only much less snow...! The provinces can't agree on the weather (or anything else really).
      But yes, imagine going to school in the morning and the sun is shining and it feels like spring, then coming home after 6 hours and having to walk in the snow wearing sweat pants! It's like I was transported into a parallel universe without my knowledge! *twilight zone music*

      I've been eating some crap, probably due to the winter blues (aka my intermittent depression).
      But surprisingly lost a pound. And trust me, this is shocking after 3 weeks of nothing. I'm in the 130s now! How exciting!
      I said I won't weight myself but I did, and now I'm motivated to stop eating crap and get back on the horse.

      Mark's sending the recipe book was the best christmas present ever!
      Everything looks so yummy I almost passed out (been fasting).

      Oh, Christmas is almost here...! Why am I so depressed?

      I had the nicest dream today. It was strange, there was a beautiful woman, older woman maybe in her late 40s, she was really well-dressed and somehow, delicate. She went to the movies, she was supposed to meet a man there. She watched half of the movie without meeting the man and then during intermission her friend found her (she's the owner of the movies theatre) and she took her to meet the man (I think this was a blind date).
      The man seemed strange. Tall, handsome in a nice suit. He was lecturing people behind stage, making them laugh. He only said a brief hello to her. She got offended. She felt silly for getting dressed up to meet this man she'd never met, so she wanted to go home. When she was about to leave he approached her and took her hand and said she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, and that he called her up on her insecurities.
      Then I woke up. And I wondered who she was.
      I think she was me.

      What a strange dream. It felt so real, and when I woke up I felt this wave of comfort wash over me. I wanted to cry (happy tears?).
      What do you guys think?

      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
      -Raymond Peat, PhD


      • Lovely dream. I think sometimes the Universe, the gods... however you see it... speaks to us through dreams. I can't tell you what it means, but the feeling you had upon waking is a sure sign that whatever it is, it's meaningful and joyful and good.


        • I think you are an uppercase B for being in the 130s. Dripping green with jealousy. But also simultaneously happy for you. Maybe you should go to a tanning bed, ah they are so glorious, & good for the 100ft snowfall blues. Nah. Stay fishbelly white.
          Notebook of a Nutrition Nerd



          • Hi, Meatie!!!


            • Okay, first exam done with. [Yoda I am] Last one Monday, and then... 3 weeks of freedom...! Uh, NOT. I have to write a play and a short story, oh shoot me in the face!

              I've been very lazy because it's winter and it's my freaking week off school so leave me the hell alone.
              No exercise for a while. I've been wondering how do people motivate themselves to keep exercising when they're tired and lazy?
              Tell me, because nothing seems to work. I just can't make myself. There have to be some tactics for this. I feel like I've tried everything!

              I also have sweet cravings, especially for bananas and oranges (because they're always there in the kitchen, whispering sweet nothings, beckoning me to give them a NOM!) This is bizarre, since I started to loathe fruit in the last few months. They're too sweet and they give me hunger pangs if I eat them alone.
              I wonder why I've been having these cravings. Any ideas?

              Just had some banana and mandarin, will probably eat bacon today or a pork chop. No exercising because I'm feeling lazy.
              I've stopped taking Vitamin D, maybe that's why I'm depressed.

              Yosh! [Okay, in Japanese, or "let's do it"]
              So, my goals are for this month:
              -> Go as low carb as I can go; around 50s, under 80s even though lately I've been eating them damned bananas. Ultimately I want to be near zero carb (and hence, extremely hot and muscular) but this is well into the future (especially the hotness).
              -> Try, for the love of god to exercise
              -> I know I will cheat, because it's Christmas and butter cookies are around, but I convinced my mom to have a Primal Christmas feast using the recipe book! Food porn to follow and shatter the heart of all!
              -> I'm not fasting, because depriving myself of carbs and exercising is sufficient, I don't think it's wise to push my body further. From my experience this is counter productive and make my weight stall (and me feel starved and deprived).
              -> Mainly I will exercise the 80% rule. 80% VLC, 20% high-carb Christmas goodness This has been working surprisingly well for me. In fact, each time I interrupt a strict regiment of VLC I notice a drop in weight (hence the sudden shift from 140 to 138 after 3 days of Chinese baked goods).
              -> One of my main goals is to clear my skin; it's been acting up either due to stress or junkfood and I miss it when it was clear. Granted its not that bad, not as bad as it used to be before PB but I want it to be perfecto

              That is all!

              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
              -Raymond Peat, PhD


              • Exercise motivation=having equipment in the house that stares at me when I am not actively using them. That, and I 've taken to flailing around and harrassing the dogs which leads to lots of moving around.
                Bananas are my bane right now. I've re-discovered dehydrated bananas which are my new crack. Buuut, you might be craving the citrus because your body is craving the vitamin D.
                Aaand, I'm not sure that going vlc is the way to go :/ I read this recently: and think it's fairly applicable in my case. I like to think I'm eating enough food, but given that I'll drop weight after binges, I'm probably not. And if the binge goes on long enough, then I incrase anyways.


                • Meatball here's all the motivation you'll ever need...



                  • My new motto since life kicked me in the butt back in Sept. "Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly" Screw perfection, just do it.
                    Courtsey of FlyLady (lawl) but hell, at least things get done
                    Can't wait to see the food porn! I'm planning christmas feast atm and need ideas!
                    Calm the f**k down.


                    • Coconut flour is a wonderful way to get your holiday baked goods jones taken care of without derailing your primal goals. I just made a yummy coconut spice bread and the possibilities are endless.


                      • I'm obsessed with and hard-core dudes like Brad Pilon.
                        So this "it's okay to cheat" mentality sounds like some pussy excuse that goes against true, raw unadulterated self-control.
                        *bench presses everyone*
                        *eats cement*

                        Clearly, I'm not the person to look up to in terms of will-power but I'd really like to be someone like that.

                        Like the saying goes: if you want to look okay, then by all means, If you want to look smoking hot –you've gotta kick your own ass. (okay so I just made it up, but it's a valid point!)
                        All the people on this forum who have seen impressive results, and even Mark, hardly ever cheat. They do on a rare occasion. Not to mention, those who do need to lose some weight can't compare themselves with those who sport a six-pack. If those dudes/dudettes cheat, they still have the six pack; if we cheat we're back several steps.

                        My mentality right now is "I'll eat when I'm hot, live when I'm dead and rest when I'm paralysed."
                        (Okay, it's actually: "fuck it, it's Christmas, pass the cookies", but it's my New Year's resolution!)

                        When I feel like I could binge of dried fruits, nuts and other "primal treats", especially those made with substitute flour it takes away from being bad-ass. I mean, bad ass people don't bake cookies! We kill and we devour our food bloody! (thanks Darth, for the reminder)
                        These things add up, and they're not optimal nutrition. Just because they're allowed doesn't mean it's fine to eat them every single day (or week).
                        From my experience, I feel better eating fat and meat; I don't feel good after eating a coconut flour cake or fried bananas.
                        This is a huge shift, since I love eating. Especially in fancy restaurants, but this hasn't helped my progress one bit. I'm trying a new tactic.

                        /end of rant.

                        My appetite is waning. Don't know what's up, but I'm never hungry. Maybe it's a winter thing?
                        Had chicken, an egg, bacon and some raw greens. A black tea. That's all. I had a chicken leg with some salad yesterday, wasn't hungry after.
                        Gonna exercise tomorrow, I swear Y_Y

                        I don't know where I'm gonna find the motivation though.
                        Does anyone has a lie-detector that gives you electric shock when you lie?
                        Someone will have to call me every day to make sure I worked out.
                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


                        • Exercise is one of the things I just have to force myself to do most of the time. Sure I love riding my bike when the weather cooperates and I I love hiking. Walking the dog is a non-option if he does not get his walks he'll let you know. But the other stuff I have to force myself, however most of the time once I get started I am cool. Weight lifting, shovelglove, sprints, kettlebell, they are all cool, but I have to force myself to get started. Once I am into the first few minutes, my heart rate is up, and I am feeling good. It is the first few minutes that is the hardest part. On workout days make yourself a promise that you will do the first 5 minutes, after that if you want to stop then stop. I bet you won't stop if you get through the first 5 minutes.
                          Strive for healthy today.

                          Satisfaction is the death of desire.


                          • Kev, that is technically true. But it's to get to do these 5 minutes at all that's the problem. No matter how many times I promise myself to do it, I just don't budge.

                            However, today was a different case. I mean, yeah, it was a bit lame and I only did 8 sets (half assedly) but I did them. I did squat jumps 20-30s of work, 20-30s of rest. I ran 5 minutes before that to warm up (I always do this). It was hard on my legs but I did it.
                            Then I got a hearty appetite. I had two pork chops in butter and a tomato. I haven't really been hungry since.

                            I have my last exam in an hour (who makes it at 7pm?!). It's an essay. I'm not in the mood :/

                            Nothing productive to report. I've been watching Buffy and shaving my legs, wishing I was just as badass (laughing at the bad acting and the ridiculousness of the plot).

                            I think exercising and staying on the primal horse in general is dependant on my state of mind.
                            If I hadn't had enough sleep I'm definitely feeling carby or lazy. If I've had too much, it's the same.
                            Today I got exactly 8 hours and I didn't need an alarm to wake me up.
                            I got my vitamin D.
                            It's like a chain reaction of good behaviour.

                            Perfect amount of sleep---leads-to----> Motivation to workout---makes-you-more-inclined-to-------> Eat well
                            I'll start making sure I'm getting that perfect amount of sleep.

                            On the bright side as well, I'm sick of cookies. Last time I couldn't finish them all (a rarity!), and I'm really in-tune with when I'm no longer hungry.
                            It's a miracle, really!
                            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                            -Raymond Peat, PhD


                            • Aww my little Meaty is growing up... *sniffle*

                              Isn't it weird when the goodies stop sounding so good?
                              I'm so over coconut flour cookies right now- lol

                              As for motivation... sometimes you just have to do it. You tell yourself how good you'll feel when you're done, and how disappointed you'll be in yourself if you flake. Sometimes it takes some jammin' music to get you going. When I do my hammer swings at work I put on loud, angry music. It gets me going, and when I'm tempted to stop it keeps me going.

                              You can do it Meaty. I have faith in you.


                              • Ah, I wish I could reach a point where I no longer desired sweets. I is proud.