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    What a great day, NoSalad!

    I'm wondering what oil you put in the smoothie. Olive?

    When it comes to playing piano, it's never too late to start. If you can't afford a private teacher, most community colleges (or regular colleges and universities) offer class piano to give you the rudiments. Reading and playing piano music also improves your progress on other instruments, usually. Of course, you do need to own a piano, or have access to one (at a friend's or sometimes people get permission to practice on a piano at their church, or educational institutions usually have practice rooms.)

    You hurt your finger starting guitar? I'm not surprised. Calluses take time to build up and if you make good ones (leathery, not hard as rocks) they'll hold up to almost any amount of playing. Go at it gradually. If you feel blistered or sore, wrap a bandaid around the finger for a few days, then start slow again. Your skin will toughen up properly with repeated short sessions, not playing through pain.

    Hard calluses are bad news: they can crack and then you can get a pinched nerve. Soften them with hand cream if you get them. If you do a steady amount every day, increasing slowly, you probably won't get them.

    How lucky that you never fell for soy. At the moment I could swat the people who wrote enthusiastic books about how wonderful macrobiotic eating was, back in the 1980's.

    Raging hormones -- have you read books or articles about using progesterone cream? It did very well for me through menopause, which was just about a non-event. I don't know about Estro-sense -- maybe it takes care of that.

    I would think that since you're off grains and never fell for soy your hormones should settle down and fly right quite soon. The only thing I can think of which might still be an issue is if your liver is still congested from past eating styles. And no sign that it is, unless you've had blood tests and seen the liver enzymes high. If you do have a sluggish liver too tired to remove hormones at the right time, some herbs could help, but just eating Primal ought to get you there in time. (MHO, YMMV ...)


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      Linds, I did mine through measurements and calculation. I can give you the formula if you'd like!

      Iceskater, I'm not calculating what I eat in, if that's what you meant. I keep myself busy and don't really think about what I eat. I'm probably not eating as much fat as I should, but I've bought coconut cream and oil so it's all about to change!

      Ah, Sophia that was beautiful! I understood some of it, but you totally lost me on the second sentence Y_Y I'm glad that there are some cognates, so I can understand some words here and there (especially 'cause I speak Russian as well, so there are twice as many words I can identify). But I'd have to disagree, I think the Quebecois French is a butchered version of the actual thing, and I prefer not learning the appalling Quebecois accent

      PDT, no, I don't have a piano, nor friends

      But I do have an electric Les Paul that I bought at 17 with the money from my first job ever (an entire pay check!). And I've neglected it for four years! I would get frustrated because my fingers aren't long enough to form some chords or I would get blisters, not to mention teaching yourself guitar is like having a tutor who doesn't know anything! It's probably because I bought a guitar because I fell in love with it, without realizing the neck is too wide for a beginner.

      I have all these books and all this time on my hands, I figured I should stop regretting the things I haven't done, and do them.

      Funny, yesterday my fingers were sore but today they're completely healed... that has never happened before!

      And yes, I used olive oil but now I've got creamed coconut and I'll make coconut milk to put in my shakes instead.


      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
      -Raymond Peat, PhD


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        PiBdate: Day #2

        *Brunch (cause I woke up so late! NOT PRIMAL): 2 fried eggs and a can of olive oil tuna, and butter! + mint tea

        *Dinner: Pork chop (antibiotic, animal by product free!), broccoli and a salad (cucumber, tomato, baby carrots, lettuce leaf, avocado - smothered with grapeseed oil, garlic, lemon and sea salt).

        Supplements: Woman'sOneAday, VitD3(5,000), Probiotics, EstroSense and two teaspoons of "cherry flavoured" Norwegian cod liver oil (cherry flavoured MY ASS! eeew!).

        I made a cocoa-coffee-kiwi-honey-olive-oil-sugar scrub!

        It yummy smelling.

        Baggy pants are NOT sexy, all of Montreal got to see my penguin underwear when I went to buy my coconut oil (40 minutes of walking-check!). I look skinnier, and for some reason can feel my but muscles when I walk (huh?). I liked what I saw in the mirror today, that's a first! But my waist is so small in comparison to my hips it makes me feel like a cartoon! :/ Unfortunately it's not a factor of fat, my hip bones are just that big, and they're here to stay...!

        I think I look better naked than with clothes on, clothes make me look childish and chubby and I'm not sure if it's just the ones I have or the way my body is.

        Oh, my face is a mess!!! The baking soda worked just that one time, I've been washing my face with it for three days and it made me break out with these little zits all over my face and jaw! Aaaaaaugh, and I thought I was unto something!

        Maybe it's drying out my skin because I use too much of it.

        But have NO FEAR - COCONUT OIL IS HERE!

        Another thing, I get breakouts at the weirdest places like my thighs?! I think it's because I epilate my legs and my skin is ultra sensitive everywhere.

        But I rather be smooth than thigh-breakout-free >:[

        I also bought creamed coconut and I'm gonna make some coconut milk tomorrow ^_^

        I'm going to read Body By Science but I'm already anxious about exercising at 'highest capacity', not to mention I don't have gym access. But I would like to be stronger and fitter, so I'll try it anyways!

        Good day, Primal friends!

        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
        -Raymond Peat, PhD


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          I just have to say that I love your posts! They crack me up, you have so much character even online! Looks like you are doing great!!


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            Hey NoSalad!! I would love that calculation if you could give that too me! It sounds like you had a great day...skinnier already!! That is progress!


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              As a self-taught guitarist with tiny hands I know your pain!

              Keep learning scales and notes (stuff I unfortunately don't have patience for >,>) but don't neglect those easy to learn songs!

              I recommend getting a capo and learning Wonderwall


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                LOL Meaty! I love your posts!

                I hear ya on the big hip bones. I still have lots of fat around the middle that hides them when I'm standing, but if I lie down, it looks like a saddle. :P

                Yeah, I'd cut back on the baking soda a bit. Goat milk soap has been wonderful for me. You seem like the creative type. Why not try making home-made soaps?


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                  Ha, great post!

                  I'm learning the guitar too, we can grow together. I love, love, love it. I just started learning to play and sing at the same time- coordination :-)

                  I'm drying out here too! Everyone thinks Mexico is not dry, but Mexico City is about 11-13,000 feet above sea level and I'm SO dry- despite natural lotions, etc.

                  Let me know if you find something that works!


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                    I want to mention that since going soap and shampoo free (except for hand washing) my skin and hair have never been softer nor have had less problems.

                    Call me crazy, but I smell look and feel better for it 3 month experiment that will be ongoing indefinitely.


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                      Tara! Thank you! Your Valentine's post made me smile and weep like a lonely single girl (but I am one, so what's wrong with that?!). You guys are both beautiful and uh, if for some reason things don't work out, be my Valentine and make me chocolate dipped strawberries, okeh? :]

                      Linds, one body fat percent formula coming right up. Would you like so fries with that? TOO BAD! We'd don't serve fries, we're Primal here!

                      Aaron, honey, sweety, pumpkin (and other foods that are not as primal as I had hoped) - I had high hopes for you, but now that I know you like Oasis, our friendship must come to an end. I mean, you have access to raw milk, I let this one go, but WONDERWALL?! :P

                      No, I intend to be a real kick-ass female guitarist who plays by all the rules of the big-boys club, I can't use these fancy shamncy things.

                      So pray that the Primal Blueprint increases finger length as well as muscle mass!

                      Danish, been there (not) done that! I was gonna make soap and even lotions, but then I realized that if I wanted my family to live, I probably shouldn't play with lye :] Tomorrow I'm buying soap, I'll try that non-lye soap (though, how is that even soap?!)

                      Life, I use coconut oil like it's the last day on earth (it made sense in my mind). But soap and water, no matter how gentle, dry the crap out of me... If I do find something I'll let you know, try an oil as a lotion in the meantime!

                      Aaron, it's you again... :P

                      It's different if you're a girl. Showering with nice smelling soaps is a whole ritual! If I still had that picture of all the crap I had a year ago, it would leave you googley eyed! But since then I have toned it down to coconut oil and a few 'semi-natural' face masks and scrubs.

                      Do you just wash with water? Or not at all...?

                      Oh and my skin is extremely oily and I've trying not washing it but it's get scaly and weird and... I don't wanna go there.

                      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                      -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                        Okah, so today I'm super proud because I've learned to change from major G to major C, faster than I thought I would! And the scales are sticking in my head after all, as a matter of fact I'm pretty good at this!

                        It's like, I'm such a cool rocker chick that playing guitar is a given...

                        No, I'm pushing the envelope here I'm okay-ish.

                        After all, I still have a major problem, I can't play without my fingers looking like grilled sausage!



                        Fish oil; I cannot express how truly disgusting the taste is, but I'll try anyways: "bllaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhheeeeeeughhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm pr".

                        I'm over it.

                        Multiviatmin, EstroSense, VitD, ProBs. (and this is important because I'm always on the verge of forgetting!)

                        With all these supplements I feel like a junky.

                        Breakfast: shake with Canadian Wild Blueberries (they go "eh!" in the blender), strawberries, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a handful of spinach and a glass of homemade coconut oil.

                        And if this sounds appetizing let me assure you that it tasted slightly better than the cherry flavoured fish oil.

                        Basically I got creamed coconut and attempted to make coconut milk out of it and as per usual: failed. I started eating the creamed coconut with a spoon (how Primal of me), then the little that was left I mixed with too much water. It basically looked like milky toilet water and tasted nothing like coconut milk.

                        Nevertheless, I put it in my spinach-laden shake and hoped for a miracle.

                        This experience made me realize two things: there are no miracles when it comes to spinach (screw you popeye)


                        there IS such a thing as too much fat.

                        I felt like puking all the colours of the rainbow, if I so much as smelled coconut.

                        But I didn't learn my lesson and tomorrow I'm getting more creamed coconut and eating it with a spoon.

                        Dinner: I had a pork chop in egg, with broccoli (I wasn't creative) and I watched my favourite movie A.I, and I sobbed into the pork chop.

                        My skin is hideous. I don't even wanna talk about it.

                        But I'm comforted by the memories of when I first went low carb and my skin was hideous for a while and then cleared.

                        What to do with my enlarged pores, I do not know!

                        P.S my coconut oil doesn't smell like coconut! I'm so disappointed!!! No longer will I smell like a freshly baked macaroon

                        Good day friends, may your day be as eventful as I've made my boring day sound! :P

                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                          No Salad, oddly enough my skin can get scaly and weird if I have TOO MANY Omega 3 fats! Go figure! It's happened over and over again, over-indulging in walnuts or salmon.


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                            Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa?! I've been gulping that abhorrent cod liver oil like a... carnivorous fish!

                            My skin is just f'ed-up. And I don't appreciate wishful thinking like "oh, you have oily skin, you'll have less wrinkles when you're 30/40/97".

                            Yeah, I'll be a wrinkle free middle aged woman with acne. Yay, me!


                            This coconut oil better work its magic or people WILL DIE.


                            Oh, tomorrow is sprint day. If I make a video and put it on YouTube, people will cry and laugh. And I will die of sheer embarrassment.

                            And that is why, mon amis, I don't sprint in public - the casualties.

                            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                            -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                              "Yeah, I'll be a wrinkle free middle aged woman with acne. Yay, me!"

                              Been there, done that ...


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                                "Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa?! I've been gulping that abhorrent cod liver oil like a... carnivorous fish!"

                                <grin> Try doing without it for a couple of weeks, and having saturated fat but little or no oil, and see what your skin thinks of that. By now you must have tons of A & D from the cod liver oil, enough to have some stored for months to come.

                                I remember feeling cheated when my body turned out not to follow the rules which seemed to work so well for everyone else -- like how healthy broccoli is, for instance. By now I&#39;m content if I can just figure out what works for me, regardless how illogical it might seem.

                                By the way, the same thing happens to my brother-in-law if he has too many Omega 3&#39;s -- a crusty oily eczema, starting in the cracks around the noise and behind the ears. Just like mine.

                                Yours sounds more like general break-outs? I used to get that from eating peanut butter and butter, but later on it stopped happening. Quite a bit later on.