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  • @No Salad: so much talk about boys, I'm glad your hormones are back to normal since you started eating primal.

    Also, your hips are what makes you attractive. The attractive figure is 0.7 waist to hips ratio, and it works regardless of body fat %. There are a lot of studies on this, but the most memorable I found is one done on men who were blind from birth and they chose mannequins with a .7 WHR over those with .85 WHR consistently. Hold on to your hips!

    About Kung Fu: I don't know about your particular instructor, but when I was taking TKD classes, the instructor was really good at providing positive feedback to anyone regardless of different levels of achievement. The training was intense, but everyone loved the sessions. And after seeing a 5'0" and quite overweight girl kick and snap a wooden plank during her belt exam, I'm sure there's a lot you can do that you don't know about and will enjoy discovering.


    • I want to slap you and hug you and take you out for coffee and laugh with you all at the same time!
      I have read post after post and I see you punishing yourself over and over, and I want to snap you out of it to notice that sun is shining all the fucking time! I want to hug you because I know what it feels like to be you, and I wish I could show you that there are people out here that actually think you're awesome, and care about you, and want you to be happy. I want to take you out for coffee because you have a wonderful sense of humour and I think all your energy is wasted beating yourself up.

      Don't worry about the kung fu lesson - I've been teaching kung fu for 7 years, anyone in any level of fitness can do it, and you'll be way fitter than a lot of my best students! What you need for kung fu, is a determination to learn, and patience to accept that it takes time. The fitness will come, and you won't even notice until one day you realise you can do things you couldn't before. Your instructor doesn't give a shit how fit you are either, just that you are there to learn - so go have fun!
      Apparently I suck at life, so I'm crowd-sourcing my decisions, and sharing what I learn.

      My fresh start in London


      • Beef cake...! You and I, using our poetic descriptiveness............ Dangerous things will happen! Let's just say there will be nudity :P Or at least cyber-sex...
        *faints from light-headedness and mentioned hormones*

        Pantera, regardless of my hormonal state I've always had a healthy appetite (both literally and figuratively) :P

        Aaaaaaaaw, Chrissy, be my TKD instructor Y_Y
        (good deal, instructor and therapist in one )
        I can't be held responsible for my actions though if you take me out for coffee or hug me, it's been a dry season :P

        Seriously, hormones or spring heat season... or something, are affecting me in funny ways.

        I was out with this boy, we're friends, I'm not really attracted to him but... I was considering things I shouldn't consider.
        I think he likes me but I can't tell, he keeps touching me (in a friendly way, like my shoulder or stuff, but it's random enough to be seen as a 'thing').
        And then there are like intimate silences and me thinking I'm horny and that if he kissed me I wouldn't mind :/
        But then I come to my senses.

        Aaaaaargh! I keep thinking about that day! And I wanna kick myself in the fucking face! Damn it, that gorgeous man meat could have been #@%$#^#^#%^$# (heavily censored) but instead I ran away like a chimp in an icecream truck.


        This situation is hindering my analogy producing brain function!!!!!!

        Did I complain about today's thingamajig? (official term for "Academic Advising Appointement").
        It was such a waste of my time.
        I came, I saw, I conquered but I didn't come :<

        OMG, I am such a pervert.

        Okay, disregard that.

        I went there and there was this really boring, confused "professor" chick and she couldn't answer any of out questions and it's like, why the hell are you getting paid for lady?! All she said is to look online, which I could have done home...
        And to my great dismay and disappointment the entire room was populated with chicks!
        I mean, can this day get any more depressing?
        And they weren't even the cool kind. Unlike me, they weren't 20 minutes late (it's called being fashionably late thank you very much), they didn't forgot all their documents, they wrote everything down and they weren't bored with the hour long lecture about nothing.
        I mean, WHO DOES THAT?!
        I guess people who like to learn :/

        It makes me wonder how the hell I got into an exclusive writing program for 56 people when thousands applied from all over the world, when I failed my last year of University...
        They must have made a mistake...
        Though I can't help but want to do a literary ass kicking of these goody-goody bitches.

        Why do I sound like a sexist man?
        Because I'm trying to break into a male dominated business - rock.

        Seriously, there are no men in my creative writing program. I will have to dress slutty and hang around the music faculty to satisfy my 'carb cravings'. if ya know what I mean *wink wink*

        Okay this must stop.
        Good night.
        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
        -Raymond Peat, PhD


        • Meatty, that last post has made me laugh and grim so much this morning....Thank you, I needed that

          The appointment was of time reminds me of the cheese shop skit by Monty Python.


          • What do you mean you don't have guys commenting on your journal! Haha. Beef Cake wants you....
            You should go on a walk to try to find running man. Every day. I think you need to realize your sexual tension...

            I am so excited that you are doing creative writing because when you publish a book I am buying 10 copies.
            Reading your random everythingness makes me smile!

            Have a good day. Oh, and that's a requirement, not an option!!


            • Originally posted by NoSaladWithoutMeat View Post
              Beef cake...! You and I, using our poetic descriptiveness............ Dangerous things will happen! Let's just say there will be nudity :P Or at least cyber-sex...
              *faints from light-headedness and mentioned hormones*
              Last edited by Beef Cake; 06-17-2010, 09:46 AM.
              God is great, beer is good, people are crazy

              Trashy Women

              Beef Cake's Primal Hardcore Porn<strike>Erotica<strike> mean my journal...


              • Someone should keep track of how many hits this page gets overnight...hahaha


                • My friend once said: "Your nosaladwomeat journal is addictive and would probably get more hits than I would if I had a porn site".

                  Of course she was exaggerating and I'm not sure how many people actually read my random ramblings but the few comments that I do get, come from the most awesome people on the entire forum :P Quality over quantity, baby!

                  It's become more of a diary than a food journal! Maybe I'm just overcompensating for the fact that no one reads my actual blog (it's quite philosophical and depressing) or my lack of physical friends, but I love writing here about what I'm feeling/ doing because even in this vast virtual universe there are people who understand and care. It makes me feel less alone.

                  This can never be overstated: thank you for everyone who has ever read/ smiled at my musings/ commented trying to make me feel better (or give me a virtual bitch slap), you've really inspired me to get over my destructive self ,and though I oftentimes fail to, I try my best to improve my confidence and do less whining and more... men :]

                  *reads BeefCake's post*
                  *takes cold shower*
                  *looks at BeefCake's profile pic*

                  Today I was considering skipping the whole kung-fu-ass-kicking altogether and never pick up my cellphone again (I have no caller ID so it's hard to screen monsieur Ryan). But I took a quick shower, spent hours putting just 'enough' makeup on (so my skin look normal but at the same time like I'm not an idiot who puts makeup on with the intention of sweating it off), I ate some trail mix and marched there with the little dignity I have left!
                  Okay, so I was freaking out and I get that a lot. A lot of things that most people find normal are hard for me to do. Before I moved here (Oh Canada) I was so shy people thought I was mute, it's probably why even now I feel like people can "smell" the shyness and geekyness on me if I try to pretend I'm "normal".
                  But all these things that I prevent myself from doing and leave off for the last minute just become scarier with time and I end up regretting them. Not to mention that when I finally do them and find out how trivial it actually is, I feel as stupid as the icecream truck driver who lost his truck to a chimpanzee (*see post above).

                  Anyways, I left the house and telling my dad: "I'm going to Kung-fu!", felt good. The whole way I kept saying, I'm going to kung-fu, and it felt natural. Like I should be going to kung-fu.
                  The 5 minute walk felt like hours and when I finally arrived I was struck with HOW INCREDIBLY HOT THE INSTRUCTOR WAS!
                  *nose bleed*
                  He is sooooooo beautiful! Aaaargh!
                  I was in total flirt mode (oddly I do not get shy with hot men, instead I get really chatty and become a small, maniacal predator!) and I was asking him hundreds of questions and telling him random stories about my life. We were talking about random things for a while and then he showed me some of the things that do in class (blocking, punching, kicking, reflex training etc.) I got hit in the face a lot, but good thing that didn't affect me *nods and head falls off and rolls on the floor. keeps typing*

                  Okay, so I did have to do push ups... I couldn't even do one, it was so embarrassing because I CAN do them, just not without having breakfast first It was so bizarre, like suddenly I couldn't pronounce a word I've been using for years! It was frustrating because I could do at least 15 girl ones a few weeks back! And my arms just lost all control, they're useless! *cuts arms off and throws them away*
                  Maybe I'm losing muscle because my calorie intake is so low... but I'm so used to eating so little I can't really imagine eating more (I also feel like I don't have time).

                  It was an easy, 10 minute demonstration and it was quite fun and the hot guy with the super hot French accent was nice and funny.
                  But the bad news are that I technically can't afford it. It's 125 a month Y_Y
                  But how could I say no to Ryan when I was drooling all over his desk?
                  I'm a sad, sad kitty.
                  I decided to do the 6 month membership thing and after that see if I'm strong enough to punch him in the face and run away with the rest of my savings Y_Y

                  I got Mark's supplements! Ooooh! "From Malibu" :P
                  And I also petted a dead rat.
                  It was warm though, so I'm not sure. It was at the pet store and it was lying funny and I petted it but it didn't respond.
                  My dad said I petted it to death and that I'm gonna kill my chinchilla too Y_Y

                  Speaking of which, there it is:
                  His/ her name is Morphy (but I don't like that name, I can't think of one, suggestions?)
                  Isn't it ugly?
                  You can see my attraction :] I wanted a pet just like me: slightly ugly yet small cute and furry. Oh, and also shy and nocturnal.

                  Todays foods: trail mix (cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried currants and pumpkin seeds), which I regret having, it was quite sugary and it made my stomach grumble and crave carbs.
                  P.S, I had the best dark chocolate yesterday, filled with passion fruit by Cote D'or, I had a lot actually but thankfully my friend ate the rest (without really asking either Y_Y), hey that's what friends are for to eat the crap you shouldn't be eating :]
                  Roasted chicken thigh dipped in the juices of the roasted chicken...mmmm
                  I also walked around... :x

                  And about me writing a book: hahaHA!. It nice that you guys enjoy my humble little journal an'all, but *this talent* won't get me published. I think my failed attempts at writing articles concludes my writing career. So unless I write the next "twilight" or "harry potter" I'll be living in a carton box and writing novels on toilet paper. Every time I've tried, I was rejected and to be honest I don't know how to sell myself to magazines which is something you apparently need to do or how to write an engaging article (since I have no life nor experience).
                  I'm not a success story so I have nothing to teach or brag about, all I have is this journal and a promise of a chinchilla.

                  "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                  -Raymond Peat, PhD


                  • Your baby chinchilla guy is just...SO sweet.
                    Years ago, I had a breeding pair, and I hand-raised one of their babies. He was very tame and sweet, and liked to sit on my shoulder when I watched TV. You know they're nocturnal, right? But then, you're kind of a night-owl, as well. You guys should get on famously :-D


                    • i gotta say your journal was the first one i subscribed to. i like reading about your shizzola. you are very open and honest and i completely appreciate that in a person!

                      HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


                      • Meaty, I absolutely LOVE your journal. You make me want to be a better writer. And I just discovered something... all the hot men are in Canada! WTF!? o.O That's so not right! I'm coming up there and getting me a man, dammit!

                        Your chinchilla is adorable! I say you name it Zazu.

                        Oh, and the rat, if it was still warm, probably wasn't dead. Sometimes my boys wouldn't respond right away if I pet them while they were sleeping. It just means they're comfy and happy. I've held dead rats, several. You can usually tell when they're dead- lol.

                        SO jealous! You're taking freakin' kung fu girl! That's so awesome!


                        • Yeah, we've got some pretty tasty snacks here, especially in French land.
                          French accent + Canadian men... But I think they only look good, kinda like a giant chocolate covered cake, it looks good but you should stay away because you'll regret having it the next day.

                          I wish there was a gay switch I can use, chicks dig me.

                          I was at a French restaurant the other day and I kept seeing "pain" everywhere. Then someone told me it means bread. And it made complete sense to me.
                          BREAD is PAIN.
                          "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                          -Raymond Peat, PhD


                          • LMAO! "Bread is Pain." How ironic!

                            I guess years and years ago my mom dated a French guy from Canada. I guess he was kind of an ass though. I wouldn't mind a fine French/Canadian dude, if he'd move someplace warmer with me.


                            • The climate here is wonky. It's either too freezing to live or too hot to live.
                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD


                              • Zoe-lol- yes, the sexual tension up in here is making me sweaty..MEaty, after reading beefcake's hilarious posts, Im thinking that I was kind of right about this journal and porn sites- your posts seem to be just as its FREE!

                                Darn, I was getting comfortable with the old format, and now Im just a lowly 'junior member'.
                                Cant wait to meet your sexy chinchilla! (that sounds like a pick-up line :S)
                                Yeah, whats up with those french accents?..Always so persuasive and sexy. We must master the language and learn their ways-then maybe you'll have a chance against seductive Mr Kung Fu.

                                Diana, Im sure canadian boys are secretly hoping to fall for girls who will whisk them away to somepalce warmer- especially pretty pagan girls who can cook.

                                My first mission when I come to montreal will be to track down Running Man on your behalf. Or we could use your superior writing skills, send him anonymous love letters, and follow him on runs until we get served with a restraining order.
                                Also, I just bought half a cow worth of grass-fed meat and bacon, but Im too poor to ship it from BC. Now I'll just have to live down the regret of uneaten bacon (whimper*-..shameful, so shameful...).