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  • yeah, Salad... you just have to know that most things that are popular in the general public, aren't going to necessarily be quality, and quality is very often not appreciated by the gen. pop. with some exceptions of course! LOL.. I get you on the hype though, when things are hyped up like that it makes me NOT want to see them... sometimes I come back to it later when it's died down though...

    D, I think you'd like Kelley Armstrong. There's some adult stuff, but not NEARLY as much as Laurell, LOL. And the characters are interesting... I sent all mine to my friend when she had surgery last fall, so I don't have them anymore, but they are the kind I would go back and reread on an annual basis. I'm going to cruise the used stores and probably and re-pick them up, LOL.

    X-files... man it's been a long time! I wouldn't mind watching those from the beginning again at some point... I kinda got distracted towards the end and lost what was happening!
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    • I'm on season 7 and the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully is getting to me.
      So, I might as well give Laurell a try :P
      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
      -Raymond Peat, PhD


      • Hey NoSalad,
        Maybe having a stressful sleep schedule is making you crave carbs! Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival is a book based on the idea that longer days and shorter nights meant gorging on fruits and tubers so staying up late stimulates the same response. The book is sort of nutty, but who knows?!
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        • Meaty, I think you'd like the Anita Blake series. It's pretty kinky- lol! I'm looking forward to checking out Kelley Armstrong next time I find myself in a B&N, which is hopefully soon.

          I second Zoe's suggestion. Lack of sleep has always made me want to binge, especially on sweets and carby stuff. That's the main reason I try to get at least 7 GOOD hours. Rotten sleep gives me the same problem.


          • Yes, the sleep deprivation thing makes total sense but my insomnia is practically ingrained by now! :c
            Maybe I need to tire myself out somehow... No one will go to Kungfu with me :'(

            So today was the day.
            My rules for the month:
            No dairy. Not even butter
            No fruit, except berries [already failed at this today]
            Carbs under 50g for 2 weeks [went over today. oops]
            IF Sunday
            Green tea after every meal (seems to help digest things better)
            Go to sleep early [good luck with that...]

            Pears are in season and they're so bloody mouthwatering and good, they're the culprit for my going over 50g (I'm keeping my carbs under 50 for 2 weeks).
            Besides it's tax week at my house and I need my sugar.
            Haha, I get so mad when people don't do their own taxes... When you pay some second rate accountant to do it for you they basically don't care weather you owe money or receive money. It's grade 2 math, like how hard can it be!? Maybe I'm just lucky to have a mom who's an accountant, she always helps out. She always does the taxes a few times and distributes the expenses differently to see which way we'd get more money back :]
            Either way, a person who doesn't know you can't possibly account for all you expenses and all the things you've done; it doesn't pay off to be lazy when it comes to money... really!

            I stayed up all night because I wanted to be tired towards the evening but at 7am I nodded off and woke up at 3.
            I'm such an idiot.
            I did do my exercise, so that's a shocker.
            It introduced jogging which I thought I'd hate but actually liked. I'm considering jogging outside for longer periods, what do you guys think? I'm sick of doing my exercises in my room on a yoga mat! But running isn't primal unless it's sprints...
            I need your opinion on this!

            I had bacon and eggs cooked in lard and copious amounts of fruit, tuna salad :x
            I'm so hungry right now and I decided the only way I'll stay away from my beloved, yet evil, mac is if I have to stand in order to go on it. So I'm standing and typing and hating all of you for my misfortunes
            I will eat something soon even though it's already 11PM :/

            1,186 Carbs 66 Fat 87 Protein 45

            I did my measurements and the inches are the same
            Before I started pigging out my friend measured my waist and I was 2inches down.... Augh!!!
            Plus I've gained 3 pounds back to 150 >:[
            That's not the weird part... according to my calculations my BF% is down by 1% to 26BF%.
            Weird. And kinda doesn't make sense... I thought I did it wrong but I checked it so many times... maybe it's not a reliable way :/

            I played guitar. But I sucked. Ode To Joy is a stupid freaking song! My fingers simply can't bend that way!

            And I'm in a great mood, as you can see... :]

            I'm gonna IF Sunday and I have a question for you guys: what is the best way to IF? For 24h? Skip a meal? How many times a week?

            Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.
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            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
            -Raymond Peat, PhD


            • You'd definitely like laurell... it's fun non-fiction... sometimes a girl just has to get away from reality!

              Good on setting the goals... you don't have to hit ALL of them, LOL. But better to have them than not... I need to do some for sure, but thinking I'll do it in June when I start school since I'll be so busy with that I may not have time sitting down to think about crap I want to eat! It's a thought...

              I believe jogging is fine... just not chronic and you want to keep your level of exertion down. You may have to check on that, but I believe that's what I heard. I hate it, so I wasn't paying real close attention :-)
              sigpic "Boy I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


              • Hey NoSalad!!

                I wondered where your blog went but it is just in a different section then mine! Don't know how they decided to sort them...but alas...

                Reading your most recent post..I am trying to run outside at least 2 times a week! I think it is a great way to change things up while getting vitamin D since the weather is getting nicer! I HATE working out in my apartment! I don't know how you do it! I have to go to the gym or go outside or something...there is just something about doing it in my tiny apartment that doesn't make it fun!

                Good goals for the month! I am trying to stay under 50g for the next few weeks as well! I am going to TRY not to eat any fruit...maybe just once or twice a week...I should stick with berries but hubby just bought some AMAZING apples...trying to stay away from them!

                Good luck with your goals!! I bet you did go down in body fat%...even if your weight went up, muscle weighs more then fat! That is a good thing! I would rather be toned and weigh more then be skinny fat

                Have a great day!


                • Maybe you shouldn't do the IF until you have the diet down because IFing without being in fat-burning mode will make you super hungry, irritable, and likely to hit the sugar!


                  • Jogging is ok if it doesn't become a daily requirement. I like to run. I do little jogs into the grocery store or post office. It's been a long time since I've done any long-distance running though.

                    Good for setting some goals! You can totally do it. What keeps me on track is reminding myself "You know how good you'll feel if you stick to your plan, and how guilty you feel if you break it!" That's usually a good way to make myself behave.

                    Maybe a full 24-hour IF is too much too soon, like Zoe mentions. One meal here and there to start out might be helpful to start. If you're having trouble moderating what you eat, a fast can make you want to totally binge when it's feeding time. Give it a try and see how you do, but don't get discouraged if you have to change your plan a little.

                    Hang in there Meaty. Just make one good change at a time. That's how you change a lifestyle. It took me 2 years to get to where I'm at now.


                    • Minxxa, what are you taking in school? Funny, my French school is ending June, so I can't wait! I might go trekking with a secret PB lover (you know who you are :P)

                      Sage advice, Danish! It's been repeated daily like a mantra all over the forum, but I must say it again: you're an inspiration!
                      I love your blog and I always search it for recipes even though I failed miserably with the coconut custard... Did you mention daikon chips somewhere? I feel like making a snack but I'm sick of boring things... I wanna make chips! Do you have a recipe for me? What's the best type of chips?

                      Great advice, Zoe! I'm out of groceries the past two days and skipping meals leaves me hungry and sugar crazy. I'm being a good girl of course but once in a while I get a "brilliant" idea and go "hey, let's order pizza!"
                      Then 30 seconds after it occurs to me that I don't eat pizza.
                      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                      -Raymond Peat, PhD


                      • Well, ladies now I have you all to myself: it's story time! :]

                        Today I've had my first French class. On my way I was honked at, gawked at and got *wtf* the thumbs up. Note to self: never wear tights again.
                        Unlike most girls who'd either enjoy or resent it, such attention leaves me in bewilderment.
                        I've had a love-hate relationship with myself ever since I've started sprouting breasts and getting thigh-definition (I had no idea having curvaceous thighs was a normal thing, I thought I was just getting really fat legs!).

                        Being a spoiled, highly dramatic only child (and a perfectionist at that) the tiny zit I got at 14 sent me hiding in the washroom and washing my face 5 times a day. I've been an immigrant all of my life and my parents were never home, so naturally I missed out on a lot of painful-but-necessary talks which included useful advice like 'don't scrub your face, it won't help', 'don't shave your legs, the hair will grow back coarser' or 'love yourself'.
                        I was left to my own demise, and did the logical thing to battle my lonely zit, which was a search and destroy tactic. Needless to say, it made matters worse. Especially when I've discovered my mom's orange makeup and started caking it on hoping no one would notice (everyone did!). Now, it's hard for me to leave the house without it even though my skin is clear (I still have scars and redness!). It has become a physical need, like if anyone who actually knows me sees me without it they'll start convulsing on the floor from such hideousness!

                        To make matters worse, I've decided that I was fat, ugly and I should stay away from people because they have eyes.
                        Don't get me wrong, I was always skinny and pale but my dad jokingly called me things like "donut" or "chubby" because of my round face and the occasional trips to grandma; when I reached puberty, however, that started to get to me.
                        By 16 I was 100% positive that I was the fattest person on the planet (and I weighed maybe 118LBs). Getting acquainted with boys, or people (with eyes), was difficult when I'd literally hide from them or insult them (usually what I did to boys who *gasp* talked to me).
                        The strange love letters and poems I got in my locker and the constant teasing from male classmates did not serve as a good hint that I was in fact, not hideous. And no matter how hard I tried to avoid men, they've always managed to interpret my deliberate avoidance of their kind as dainty and mysterious...

                        Why am I telling you this? Because as much as I'd like to blame my low self-esteem on some dark mysterious force (or my parents!) I know that if I lived in the moment and appreciated my body without comparing myself to people who are NOT ME, I would have prevented so much heart ache (sorry boys) and psychological and physical damage to my brain and body.
                        I look back at photos of me and I think of how pretty and skinny I used to be! Yet, I'm not under any illusion that it was a happy period in my life.
                        We've just moved to Canada (at 16). I had to start high-school,I didn't know anyone, I wasn't confident in my English skills to really articulate myself and make friends and... oh that teenage angst...! I hated everyone and just distanced myself as far as I could. There was simply no way for me to find friends like the ones I had!

                        And you know what? I was right.
                        I never did find good friends. It took me maybe 3 years to really click with someone, and even then it just wasn't it. I let my pessimism take over and dictate my life, so even now when I'm aware of the destructive force being negative and self loathing has, it's a habit that's so hard to break!
                        Eventually I did become less shy, but now I have another problem: I'm nonchalant.
                        I have zero social skills when it comes to the non-virtual world! I can be rude, blunt, quiet, too chatty, stupid, bitchy and boring! But the worst part is that 99% of the time I spend thinking paranoid thoughts about how I look and what people think of me.
                        I am officially The People Repellent! *superhero cape flails behind me*

                        It seems to come to this: those who really knows me, absolutely adore me. Those who don't, dislike me with a passion.

                        I ask the people who adore me, why the like me in spite of me being so whiny, bitchy and self-centred and they can't put their finger on it. Yet when I ask them why people don't feel comfortable approaching me they all say I have this weird "untouchable" aura. One friend once said (in high-school) "you looked like you're too cool for me, like you'd just laugh at me and tell me to fuck off".
                        I don't wanna be cool! This isn't what I'm trying to do! I mean, I wanted to be cool when I had my geeky friends, but now... I just want my geeky friends back! >:c
                        That threw me totally off, here I was sulking in my own misery of being not good enough while sending vibes that I was too good for everyone else... Weird.

                        My teen years have always haunted me and I've wished I could have done things over. Well I got my wish, sorta.
                        Now I'm in the same boat as 5 years ago. And while I'm reminiscing about my skinny days, I can't help but feel like I'm stuck in this eternal deja vu.
                        Only this time I have irreversible side affects from the last 5 years and I can't exactly start fresh. I wish I weighed 120LB again, I wish my skin was stretch mark and cellulite free and I haven't done a horribly stupid thing to my face which would scar me for life... I mean, if I was all these things... I could love myself so easily! Couldn't I?...

                        I'm trying to give myself the same advice I'd give myself 5 years earlier: live in the moment, love yourself now because in five years from now you'll surely find new concerns and your current problems will seem idiotic (because they are).
                        But where do I start?

                        Basically, what I'm trying to say (if I haven't killed you yet with my boring semi-sob story) is that this PB challenge just got personal :P

                        As usual, I appreciate your input my friends and gurus! And I'm probably just venting for my own sick pleasure (I like to torture people with boring childhood stories... I practice to become a novelist and write 500 page autobiographies )
                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


                        • WOW. No body has replied to this yet?! I read this^ a few days ago and it was so like me I didn't know what to say! I am totally in the same boat. I have bad body image issues and I really wish I was happy when I was skinny and appreciated my body before I gained even more weight and now am super embarrassed by it (stretch marks and huge boobs I hate you)! I can't write like you do. You really should write a book just so I can read it.
                          Well here is my love to you, just letting you know that most girls probably feel like us. We need to start living. I just can't get my mind off of the idea that I need to feel beautiful first, when It actually come secondary to having a good life and friends that appreciate you.


                          • I absolutely LOVE the way you write! I can't believe I missed this post because I love it! I can relate to you in so many ways. My teen years were very much the same, except I was "the fat girl." Luckily I did have some good friends, one great friend, that kept me going.

                            After I got out of school I sort of shut myself up and forgot how to make friends. I'm still not good at it if the internet isn't involved. I work almost exclusively with men and prefer it that way sometimes. I long for girlfriends I can hang out with, who are into the same things I'm into, but I don't know how to find them, or keep them once I do.

                            I still have body image issues. I like how I look with the right clothes on, and I've gotten very good at dressing for my body. Strip off the clothes, or god forbid introduce a swim suit... oh, the horror. I feel SO much better about myself now than when I was 250 lbs obviously, but now I have the illusion of greatness with the clothes on, and the secret reality underneath, whereas when you're fat everyone sees that your fat, with our without clothes. I struggle with it.

                            I'm so glad your Challenge has turned personal. It has to in order for there to be real change. When people ask me about my weight loss, and how I did it, or how they can do it, I tell them the first thing that has to happen is they have to change INSIDE. They have to want to change. The pain of the current lifestyle has to be more than the pain of change. It has to hurt more to be fat than to exercise- and I'm not talking physical pain, but emotional pain. It's that point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

                            For you, I think you really struck something. The advice you're giving yourself is the advice we all have to remind ourselves of every single day. When we're standing in the mirror, fretting over big thighs, stretch marks or a weird mole we don't like... we have to remember to love ourselves for who we are now, instead of criticizing ourselves for what we're not. The Goddess comes in all sizes and shapes, and She is beautiful. Each one of us is a reflection of her, and should honor ourselves as daughters of the Goddess.


                            • Aaaaaaaaaaaw, you guys! I wish I could hug you all!!!

                              Augh, it's just not the same. I feel like the incredible people I meet on this forum just can't exist outside the virtual world! I wish we all lived in a small primal community where we'd grow food together, organize parties, dinners and exercise groups and just live! It'll be such a Utopia, going back to basics!
                              Oh and the "national" religion would be paganism :P

                              I'm so flattered that you guys like my writing. I hope I get accepted into writing school here in Montreal, even though I tend to doubt myself and wonder if I even have any talent. I've had this idea for a while to write a story/ book about a strange and happy town of witches and it actually makes sense that they'll be eating primal! But as with everything both in life and writing I can't, for the life of me, finish what I've started!

                              Um, I'm not exercising this week.
                              I'm having such terrible stomach aches, like I'm starving - though I'm not. Like there's a giant hole inside and it can't be filled and I have no strentgh to do anything! I feel fainty sometimes :/
                              I have no idea what caused this though! I'm eating well...

                              I did introduce a weight loss pill but it's so small and I only take it once a day and it's only HPLC (whatever that is).

                              Hmm I don't know.

                              Oh and since my love for you can't be expressed in words, I'm expressing it in chinchillas:
                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD


                              • Originally posted by NoSaladWithoutMeat View Post

                                Augh, it's just not the same. I feel like the incredible people I meet on this forum just can't exist outside the virtual world!
                                I totally get that too! I am a lot like you and Dianna. I don't have any girlfriends (at least not close ones.... but really you could argue that I don't have any). I long for friends like you guys! I usually just hide from the world and when I do go out to have fun with the guys I never enjoy it anymore becasue I am so insecure and being the age they are they ask me ridiculous questions and drink and party... and so I just go home.

                                Now all the men are scared of your journal. Haha. All us crazy emotional ladies. I love you all!

                                Reading Diana's post scares me though becasue a lot of the time I feel like I don't love myself enough to change. I need to change because I can't keep living like I am feeling deeply depressed and embarrassed inside but I feel like I have been trying so long and just always "fall off the wagon" because I have this "screw-it!" attitude where I block out the world and pretend happiness doesn't exist and go eat some carbs. Why does it have to be so damn complicated like this. I just want to love and be loved (and by men too! At this rate that will never happen!).
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