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  • Happy New Year, Meatie!!!
    (You are already "really hot".)


    • You are either:

      A. A glutton for punishment
      2. A PB Mastermind
      C. A girl who will be in top shape for Black Swan II in 30 days, much to my envious chagrin
      D. All of the above

      Very best of luck, though from reading Good Calories Bad Calories I know that most people on a ketone diet find it incredibly satisfying and easy to follow, so I am sure you will do wonderfully. Just be sure to keep yourself armed w/ peppermint oil in case of any chance meetings with potential suitors in the butcher shop.
      Notebook of a Nutrition Nerd



      • Thanks for the faith guys! <3

        Day #3:
        School is in... 6 hours... Appropriate suicidal thoughts ensue...

        After my first post I had a chunk of cheese and devoured an entire chicken.
        It tasted good. Too good... I think as long as I keep varying my food I shouldn't miss the carbs too much.
        I realize now that carb cravings are the least of my problems.

        Yesterday I fasted, which is another common benefit to ZC. You can eat once every 48 hours without feeling hungry.
        Today I had (in one meal)... close to 4,000 calories.
        I shit you not. 4,000 calories!
        I didn't mean to it just happened.
        77% fat, 1% carbs (8 grams somehow, I guess there's no such thing as zero really) and 21% protein.
        I have no idea how people eat 80% fat, but I just spent 3 hours writing this post cause I kept feeling sick.
        It was the most horrible feeling ever. My mouth was watering, I felt like I was going to throw up but couldn't and my stomach felt heavy and bloated.
        Naturally I freaked out and promised to never drink half a cup of whipping cream again... (yes, my bad).

        What has caused this:
        Aged unpasturized cheddar (a few slices).
        4 strips of bacon.
        2/3 of whipped cream in an otherwise bad coffee.
        2 eggs.
        According to FitDay I consumed 3,759 calories, 318 grams of fat, 203 grams of protein and 9 carbs
        And that's not considering I literally drank the bacon fat left in the pan... I'd say it was about 85%. That's enough to make anyone sick.
        But on the plus side, if I consumed 4,000 calories of anything that wasn't fat (say something glutinous or that much protein) I'd probably be in the hospital.
        Looking at the bright side here, 3 hours of indigestion < night of stomach pumping in the hospital.
        What's beyond me is how I managed to eat so much...

        ZC Troubleshooting:
        1. Fat and indigestion. ZC requires adequate amount of fat. Too little will starve your body and make you lethargic. Too much will make you hurl.
        I'm not sure what a perfect amount is yet (oh, boy I predict many nights of feeling queasy before I find out) but 80% is way too much.
        Next time I'll try for 60%.
        2. Calories. I'm pretty sure that even if I were to eat 4,000 cals of celery I would not slim down.
        I thought I was immune to calories but that's pushing it. I'm gonna have to make friends with FitDay for a while.
        3. Cheating. Cheese is definitely cheating. I'm gluten intolerant, why do I conveniently forget?! I have it for variety, I have this need for breaking the rules, but I'm pretty sure cheese has no nutritional benefit whatsoever. And I don't need it. That said, I'm finishing the piece I have left (at least it's unpasturized!)
        4. Food boredom. I'd say adding dairy is helpful for variety but only if you can tolerate it. It stalls the weight of most people, even on a bionic diet like ZC. I suppose as long as you vary your meat and spices it's not that bad. When I did this a year ago all I ate was steak and butter (and weighed myself every hour), but I'm sure if I were to eat fish one day, chicken the other, then lamb, then duck, then shrimp, then pork it'll be easier.

        I didn't expect it but there's a definite learning curve here. I'm going to have to read a lot to get the hang of it. Being on top of PB doesn't help and I thought it would. I remember people telling me to eat a stick of butter a day on ZC and I couldn't do it. Now, even when I know how things work (enough to explain it to others, at least) I'm still struggling with ZC. I mean, eating just the fat on the meat? Or including some sort of oil? How much is enough?...

        I joined the Active No Carber forum (though I hear they're just as hostile as the ZeroIn forum) to be in proximity to veteran ZCers and maybe help some troubleshooting.
        I don't know if it's a good idea because my first impression is that it's full of men who have inappropriate avatars of naked women or the include moving signatures of soft core lesbian sex. And that the oldest posts are from 2009... :/

        Wish me luckage!
        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
        -Raymond Peat, PhD


        • Hey Meaty! <3

          Wow girl, you're brutal. I love your challenge but I'm not sure I could do it. Though after I get this Greek yogurt and extra fruit out of the house, I might! Your nic should be NoSaladJustMeat.

          Just wanted to stop by and give some love. Hope your challenge is going well.


          • Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
            Hey Meaty! <3

            Wow girl, you're brutal. I love your challenge but I'm not sure I could do it. Though after I get this Greek yogurt and extra fruit out of the house, I might! Your nic should be NoSaladJustMeat.

            Just wanted to stop by and give some love. Hope your challenge is going well.
            Damn it! I wish I could change my name to that! That's brilliant!
            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
            -Raymond Peat, PhD


            • Update:

              It's been 6 days.

              So far I had a bunch of bacon, eggs, veal ribs and pork chops, and gallons of tea from David's tea shop (my saving grace at these challenging [pun] times).
              The teas smell absolutely orgasmic: cream, chocolate chilli, hazelnuts, caramel, fruity matcha... Of course that's all an olfactory illusion, as the teas just taste like warm water with a hint of regular tea :/
              But that's all I can settle for right now, which seems to feed my obsession with all that smells good. And I mean, trips to Lush and overdosing on sweet perfumes, passing by bakeries and chocolatiers and getting whiffs of whatever is cooking.
              Part of what gets me in trouble is the looking. It leads to wanting and obsessing and eventually giving in... (which also happens with gorgeous men who are clearly wrong for me).
              So, instead I smell and I look away (not the men).

              FACT: I don't think I will ever touch anything that I know, for a fact, will cause me harm; this includes gluten, fake foods, dairy, grain products, potatoes. I don't want to go down that road because crawling out of the nasty situation it puts me in takes too much work.
              There's a grieving process in ZC, but there's also acceptance: I can do this, and I can do it without ever tasting a molten cake again.

              So far the week has been fuck-up free.
              I get up at 5am, I sleep at 9pm (sometimes earlier). I exercise. I eat. I go to school. I come back (half alive). I eat and I sleep.
              In French it's called "Métro, boulot, dodo" [same shit, different day, is the only English equivalent to this idiom].
              I'm often really beat, and to reward myself at the end of the week I am craving chocolate... But besides that I haven't had cravings at all. Nor did I feel a LC flu. I adjusted to this perfectly, probably because I've been eating sort of like this for a while before the challenge. I think my body naturally prefers this.

              RESULTS: my stomach is extremely flat. I breath in and there are ribs My skin look a whole lot better, it's smoother and I need less makeup. Building muscle seems easier but recovery from work outs takes longer. Haven't weighed myself, will on Saturday, but I feel like my body is changing.

              - I'm bored sometimes. Maybe this would be different if I had money and access to good quality food. But all I can eat are frozen leftovers that my parents buy at some ghetto grocery. I need a lot of salt and spices to make the food palatable.
              - I'm afraid that if I do lose the weight rapidly I might gain it back just as fast, even if I'm PB. I don't know if this fear has any actual basis. I'll technically be eating less calories (right now I'm getting well-over 2,000 and losing weight), but what if I add fruit? the occasional chocolate? almond flour pancakes?
              - I don't know if this is sustainable. Will I be able to do this for much longer? I'm afraid I'll crack down and give up (I feel like it sometimes, but that's about everything).
              - It makes me extremely sensitive to food. I can pin-point right away what I can or cannot eat.
              It's official: I am lactose-intolerant. I had organic, raw, aged cheese and I got indigestion.
              A sad fact: bacon can cause trouble too, it makes me bloated. I wonder if this can be solved by eating free range bacon?
              A lot of ZCers advice against eating salt and pork. I wonder if there's something to it. However pork is cheap... and it's all my parents buy. :/
              Salt? Doesn't cause me any water retention. My face seems thinner.

              WEEKLY CONCLUSION:
              I feel empowered and in control. I think at the end of the challenge I will keep eating like this, but sometimes adding some black chocolate, some berries, some nut butters occasionally.
              These are the only things I miss, and I'm a firm believer that the body wants what it wants for a reason.
              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
              -Raymond Peat, PhD


              • I'm glad your program is working for you.

                My thoughts on what to eat, when and whatnot...

                My tastes change with the season. Right now I could care less if I eat any plant matter. In fact I didn't today and am fine with that. Come spring I have more of a taste for greens, young berries. In fall I have a taste for apples and squashes and various produce. Maybe it would do you good to eat certain foods when they're in season? They'd be more like a treat then also. Like strawberries when they're at the peak of their season.

                I'm really glad you've put all those bad foods aside. Indulging really isn't worth the consequences and eventually you just get to that point where you realize it.

                And the best thing is, you don't have to do this forever, and you know if you do ever want a great treat you can have it because you have a choice. Generally, I simply choose to procrastinate and say "I'll have it next time." Of course next time never comes.


                • I, very foolishly, sent an email to the Bear (who supposedly ZCed for 50 years).
                  He was incredibly rude the first time, saying "I don't usually reply to food obsessors".
                  Then the second time it sounded like he's breaking up with me
                  He said I'm saying "Utter nonsense!"
                  "If you have to 'try' anything, give this way of eating away now-it will NEVER work for you!!!!"
                  Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.
                  "I don't think this is going anywhere, sorry but I have not seen more than maybe one person in 52 years of my journey that could walk this path, and I may be mistaken about them. I am not kidding. You have no real choice- your early food training rules you- totally."
                  Then he goes on saying how's he's the perfect example and he's an extinct species (I sure hope so).
                  And how miserably I will fail.

                  I'm not sure what I said/ asked that warranted such a response but I suppose he's a bitter old man with too much time on his hands.
                  I ignored it the first time, and kept trying to be nice but he was just so rude the second time I had to say something.
                  I kinda regret not being the bigger person, but whatever.

                  I hate it when people tell me what I can't do!
                  How can anybody say that?!
                  I have all the right tools to be great and overcome any obstacles, and be just as good as he is at this?
                  So what if I ask stupid questions? This isn't something you can grasp in an instant!
                  What a douche.

                  I'm so angry, but strangely motivated.

                  New Weight: -3Lbs
                  Last edited by NoSaladWithoutMeat; 01-08-2011, 01:42 PM.
                  "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                  -Raymond Peat, PhD


                  • Have you looked at Dirty Carnivore? They're a very friendly bunch I'm on there, though haven't posted since the laptop apocalypse.

                    By the way - HI!! Not been around here since forever either...


                    • Wow Meaty. Some people can be such pissbuckets. What a jerk. He must be a very sad and lonely man. Oh well. You rock and that's all that matters!

                      You've gotten into my head a bit. I'm not doing a ZC challenge or anything, but I have been enjoying a few VLC days of lots of meat and eating at will. I forgot how good that feels.

                      I think you're doing great.

                      NMG, that's an interesting link. Looks like a friendly enough bunch. I couldn't live completely carnivore but ya know... it's really nice not worrying if I don't have veggies at every meal, or even every day.


                      • I have hear he was a douchebag(not in those words, but it was implied)
                        Pfft, you are young enough to change everything and anything about yourself. Will you stay ZC? Who knows. Do you need to? Who knows? Only person who can say is you.

                        Meanwhile, I wish I could be zc I really need to go grocery shopping, I ran out of meat!
                        Calm the f**k down.


                        • OMG! Just finished a short story. It's due like, a week ago... It's 4,165 words and... I'm proud.
                          I like it.
                          I think it's good.
                          I feel like a glowing woman after child-birth. I've created something!
                          Although come Wednesday people will have to discuss it in front of me... :X scarrrrrryyyyyyyyy

                          Yesterday I had salmon.
                          I'm getting addicted to tea.

                          Confession: I had a bout of badness a few cookies, nut butter, banana and orange. Then I was puking rainbows :/
                          This ZC thing is making me so fucking sensitive! Geez!

                          "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                          -Raymond Peat, PhD


                          • Well hey there rainbow puking lady.

                            Which kinds of tea are you becoming addicted too?

                            I am mildly jealous, you have more tea houses than I do to choose from.

                            Awesomeness on the short story, very happy for you. A friend of mine just published her second young adult novel, I love hearing about people's creative successes. (And yes, just finishing a story counts as success.)

                            Warm wishes, tea jealousy and rainbows of vomit Meatball.


                            • I'm about to crash in my big fuzzy bed, but first I really wanted to stop by and say congratulations! That's quite an accomplisment. It's fantastic, I know it. If your journaling has taught us anything, it's that you have an amazing knack for writing, and a brutal sense of humor. <3

                              May I read the story? Pleeeeeeze?


                              • So proud of you! What is your major? That is such an accomplishment. I had a minor in creative writing so I feel your pain about the class critique. Oh so hard, & the classroom breeds hypercritical responses. I'm sure they will love it as you are clearly a wordsmith.

                                Glad to hear you are doing so well on the new plan, though I would advise against saying, "Never." Doesn't it seem that if one tries to suppress something it makes it worse?
                                Notebook of a Nutrition Nerd