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  • Sorry to hear about the binge day. I sort of had one of those myself. Emotional eating mostly. Stupid. But alas, mama said there'd be days like this. Well not exactly, but ya know.

    I have no freakin clue about the dream. In fact I have a weird as hell dream of my own that needs decoding. Uber bizarro. At least you got kissed. I got terror.

    Tomorrow will be a better day. I promise. <3


    • Meatie,

      I, too have weird dreams (just so's ya know). Exs...they were a part of us once, and so they tend to come back in our dreams. Unfinished business???

      You're doing great. Just consider what a "binge" would have looked like a couple years ago?
      Exactly <3<3<3


      • Hmm, lately the only bizarre dreams going on 'round these parts involve having my backpack stolen and losing all my data. I tend to wake up more panicked than need be from those dreams.

        And I echo Kuno. The binge could've been so much worse (this is what I keep telling myself 'cause the last three days have been...special)


        • witnessing your binge history, this one's not so bad. you're still progressing even when you're failing!

          HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


          • You're still buying me a pony....steak.


            • Primal Christmas to all!

              Dinner planning takes sweat, blood and tears!

              On the menu we've got:
              Roasted chicken
              Yam fries
              Fat deviled eggs
              Pepper poppers
              A sea of appetizers and an undetermined dessert. Anyone with ideas?

              Been lazily chilling out at home. My appetite has reduced to random unintetional 24 hour fasts.
              On the days I stay at home my body doesn't need the energy so I'm never hungry.
              It's really weird to eat and feel so full you can't go on. Smells like another primal victory

              I found a bag of milk chocolate covered almonds. It didn't taste so good.
              I kept shelling the chocolate to get to the almonds. How primal is that? It's like my body is rejecting anything that's too sweet and nutritionally bear.
              Note to self: keep small, accessible snack away from yourself while watching something mind-numbingly distractive.

              I had a horrifying thought when I thought of the European cookies that are waiting for me at the end of Christmas dinner. ["Eat us!" they cry, "Eat us!"]
              I don't even want any!
              But it is Christmas after all? I can't be a party pooper!
              But then, I haven't had gluten in a while and this might initiate the vicious carb cycle again!

              –All will be revealed on the next episode of "The Dilemmas of People Who Have No Lives"
              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
              -Raymond Peat, PhD


              • You are doing absolutely fantastic! <3

                And no, you don't have to have any of the cookies. It appears that since I've been too busy to make any Primal sweets, and nobody else in my family considered it, I will be essentially treat-free for Christmas. Kind of a pooper, but hell... I don't really need them anyways. Will stick to the veg trays and meat snacks.

                Umm... hmm... appetizers and desserts, I would browse cuz I know Emily has some butt-kickin ideas and recipes. Oh, and did you see Batty's cheesecakes!? OHMYGAWD. Seriously.

                Hope you have a wonderfully Primal Christmas and that you're staying warm up there!


                • Warm...? A strange concept that I'm only vaguely familiar.... Is that an American thing?
                  No such thing in Canada!

                  Thanks lover-Danish, I will browse like no tomorrow.

                  I aslo forgot to mention this wonderful blog. Someone has decided to eat crockpot meals for an entire year!
                  Tons of slow cooker recipes, so those of you who have one will probably enjoy this:
                  "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                  -Raymond Peat, PhD


                  • happy holidays, dear meatz0r. you might enjoy my cheesecake, its got mascarpone in it

                    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


                    • Merry Primal Christmas precious people!
                      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                      -Raymond Peat, PhD


                      • Merry Christmas, Bats!
                        Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
                        My Latest Journal


                        • Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Meatie <3<3<3


                          • Hope you had a wonderfully Merry Christmas, Meaty! <3

                            I got a duck for Christmas, and for some reason I thought of you and all the fine fatty French foods we need to eat, really soon.


                            • It's January first and you know what that means... It's time for one of NSWM's ridiculous challenges which she starts at the beginning of each month or week thinking the symbolism of the "first" would miraculously make a difference!

                              This time it's extra-miraculous because it's not only the first day of the month it's also the first day of the year... so, I bring you...
                              Project Hell On Earth!!!

                              I know what you're thinking: "gee, that doesn't sound like a very sweet challenge"... (and also, "you ate an entire ice-cream truck over the holiday, didn't you?")
                              To answer your questions: no... and no... Actually, yes and no... or no and yes... or yes to both... oh LEAVE ME ALONE!

                              Basically I'm gonna do a month of *drum roll* zero-carb! *people faint*
                              Yes, meat, fat. A month of boring dinners and breath-mints!
                              I'm thinking if I can torture myself for a month I can do anything. Moreover, I'm kinda hoping it will have the same miraculous effect it had on me the last time (losing a shit load of weight, having nicer hair, skin and nails of steel, getting muscular without lifting a finger).

                              On the down-side, I will probably (at least for a while):
                              -> Hate people who eat
                              -> Hate people who breathe
                              -> Not be able to move, function or understand simple sentences
                              -> Have dumpster breath
                              -> Have wet dreams of fruit and anything with sugar
                              -> Be aware of the possibility that I might rob a candy store and eat an entire kg of fruit before the end of the challenge (after that, it's totally acceptable)

                              Unrealistic goals:
                              -> Become hot
                              -> Become really hot
                              -> Be able to kill people from a mile away
                              -> Know martial arts without having taken a single class
                              -> Become hot

                              Realistic goals
                              -> Lose weight (last 10 pounds!)
                              -> Exercise will power
                              -> Build muscle

                              Today I had roasted chicken with its fat.
                              And tea.
                              I'm not sure what I can eat without crying in my soul (due to lack of variety).
                              Ideas? I can do spices. But I can't do veggies. Like I explained to my mom today, very eloquently, "TOMATO IS NOT A MEAT!"

                              I'm also gonna strength train 20m X 4/wk, 1h X cardio a week (like dancing).
                              I might be able to persuade my parents to pay for karate class

                              Pray for me...

                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD


                              • happy new year and good luck, NSWM.
                                that's quite a challenge. although, through the years of trial and error (mostly error), i've found being 100% compliant to something is much easier than being 70, 80, or 90% compliant to a challenge. that little 5 or 10% of non-compliance can start you off in the wrong direction, end in a binge, misery, etc. for me, it's easier to just stay far, far away. soon enough, you stop thinking about what you're missing...if anything.

                                best of luck