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  • Lock it in eddy!

    Going to use this thread as motivation to track my progress in my quest of establishing my health once and for all, and rid myself of being health conscious and start enjoying life more.

    Previous history include gastritis, h.pylori bacteria infection, colitis in the colon, gastroparesis and fructose malabsorption.

    New fears include potentially hampered kidney function since adopting new diet and food choices (more fat and protein orientated than carb).

    Blood test to be conducted soon and kidney function to be evaluated.

    Things that have improved my general heath include minimizing fibre from grains, fermented vegetables + kefir (repleneishing gut flora), introducing more fat into my diet, which i believe would've been low in previous ways of eating.

    Top priority is establishing a baseline, with my health status and meal plan. Then find a direction and aim to improve whatever i can and finally settle on a way of life, to never hopefully focus again on diet as much as i have up until now and will until i resolve as many brick walls as i come across.

    Until i get the blood tests and kidney function results i can't begin doing much, until then i will continue the way i've been going to not alter the results. I hate doing it the micronutrient way, but getting an idea of how much protein, carbs and fat i generally get in a day would be useful and like i said once a baseline is established i don't ever want to worry about it again.

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    My urine results came back clear, however i still notice foam in my urine, tempted to go and still do a kidney function blood test because all the urine tests apparantley showed was no infection/virus/bacteria and protein levels were ok. However i believe the test can produce mis aligned results because the urine test isn't easy to conduct..

    I don't feel pain in and around the kidney area though, nothing more than the usual slight bit of pain i'd feel otherwise in the lower back area.

    I've started Starting Strength program which i am enjoying and have put on a couple kilos of weight which is promising and good.

    Health wise i am doing good, thank god, apart from a few niggling digestive issues, which is to be expected, i shouldn't complain otherwise.

    I try incorporate some degree of intermittent fasting aswell, Sunday mornings i won't eat till about 11am after my workouts and if i don't feel all too good i will try and hold off eating until i'm really hungry.

    Next step is to establish a good ratio of foods i can take, particularly sweet potatoe and rice, trying to keep an eye on my acne as i use it as a sign of inflammation and somewhat of an indicator to my present health, i also want to try just get lean muscle and minimise gaining body fat to a degree. I may have to start avoiding BAS, mite a tad too much for my digestive system to handle, at least depending on the veggies i use, standard garden salad should be ok, just limit cruciferous veggies and green beans etc in a bunch.

    Also need to maintain a reasonable amount of fat during the day, i believe i get some IBS symptoms and my stomache mite have problems digestive big quantities of fat at once (thanks to bloody gastroparesis) which inturn taxes my liver.