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    So today is Sunday March 25th and this is my first posting for my primal journal. Not sure of what all to say so i will start off for now with my daily meals.

    B: 1 polish sausage link, 2 eggs with a little cream cheese and 2 small white yam pancakes yummy
    D:I know for dinner it will be left over corned beef and veggies mostly cabbage and carrots..

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    I haven't been posting in trying to figure this forum thingy out and reading on here as much as possible. For the weekdays i have a smoothie /shake that i make with unsweetened coconut milk, 1/2 banana, berries (i differ to give some variety), whey protein, and some ice cubes...sometimes having it come out thicker is a bit more satifying. That is usually my fruit for the day. I try not to have to much for it seems to slow the lbs a bit. It is all trial and error after the basic resetting of your body. Cmon now everyone is different. On the weekends I have eggs and some type of meat: bacon, sausage, polish etc and make it into a scamble with veggies (all types) and maybe a little cream cheese. So delicious. My dad recently tried some white yam potato pancakes except no actual potato. definatley yummy. If you like hash browns you could try taking spaghetti squash and cooking it crispy with some butter in a skillet. A tasty alternative and totally primal. My lunches are pretty simple usually left over dinner meat and veggies. Or a salad with lots of diferent veggies and a healthy oil based dressing homade of some sort. And also there is lettuce wraps (baby romaine or butter lettuce), I tend to stay away from iceberg for wraps since they are majority water based, with protein. I am slowly giving up best foods mayo and working on homemade. I have way cut down the amout at least so i use more mustard or even salsa. so many options with those. Now dinner is usually a meat and two to three veggies. some together or cooked separate. I really love steamed yams mashed up with a little grass fed butter and some honey or agave for sweetness. Yesterday night i tried an no-tortilla chicken soup recipe and it is pretty tasty made sme adjustments for the spice factor but not bad. I find myself being okay with branching out and trying new things instead of staying in this litle junk food rut. And saving money heck yes! Granted we don't do all grass fed, free range everything but anything is better than eating the way we used to and honestly cheaper. Well for me and my family anyways. We try to do organic when we can with broth (oh if any of you like costco they now have a 3 or 4 pack of organic free range chicken broth) and veggies etc.
    That is all for now and what I can think of off the top of my head. Go Primal!!!!
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      I figure i should say a little about myself. I am 5'3 1/2 and my current weight is 398. I had lost about 20ish lbs before I found primal back in July following a SAD diet that was supposed to be healthy with all those wonderful whole grains and legumes...and it wasn't until finding primal and following it was i able to lose almost another 30ish. I have never in my life lost 50lbs . That is one of my hurddles that I have not been able to overcome until a few months ago. It was right before the dreaded holidays and the goodies that came along with that time of year. I basically stopped weighing myself(only once a week) which i probably shouldn't have done only because i think I would have kept myself more accountable. Anyways so fast forward to a few weeks ago I had not been completely back to old ways, but i decided that to hold myself completely accountable i was going to post myself in the "success stories in the making" section. So picture and all i sent it in...I still can't believe i did it but a girl has got to do what a girls got to do. So i feel more at terms with this lifestyle and I really do truely love it and I know i have just barely tipped the iceberg. The losing weight aside is just a side effect to me. It is how I feel physically and mentally that is so much more important to me. Even my sleeping patterns are better which i thought weren't that bad to begin with lol. So there is lots more to go which I am absolutely ok with. Slow and steady. I know I will get there in a lot less time then it has taken me to get to this point in my life and now for the first time i see light at the end of what i thought was going to be a never-ending tunnel. Have a great day!


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        Originally posted by i<3myshihtzu View Post
        Anyways so fast forward to a few weeks ago I had not been completely back to old ways, but i decided that to hold myself completely accountable i was going to post myself in the "success stories in the making" section. So picture and all i sent it in...I still can't believe i did it but a girl has got to do what a girls got to do.
        a very brave decision. I wish you much success on your primal journey!


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          Thank you so very much for your kind words canio6, that means alot. I am so very looking forward to it.


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            So today is a lovely rainy day here in so cal. I so love the rain, just listening to it is so peaceful. I am having a bit of a strugling time the last few days especially with eating primally the full day. It seems to start off great with my shake and but then not being prepared (which I know is no excuse) allows more bad choices for me. So this weekend I am committing to myself to cook some food and get it prepared for at least the first few days of the new week. I know that when I do that I have way better success. I want to have a completely successful 21 days at least and gonna go for the full 30. I think old habits die hard. My birthday is coming up and i think in my mind i want to have some cake or ice cream or wait an ice cream cake (bad bad thoughts go away)!! Maybe that is why I am not 100% yet? Argh. Anyways I will keep on keeping on because I don't want to be how I am anymore and that should be enough motivation, right? Being this way has kept me from doing so many of the things I used to do and still want to do. Thanks to everyone that has posted some truly inspirational things, I love reading them and it helps me


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              Hey there.

              Enjoying the rain here in So Cal too... Hopefully it stops in time for this weekends adventure though.

              Thanks for your encouraging words in the Pics forum. Just wanted to drop in to say hi and give an old atta girl! Keep up the good work!

              It sounds like you are on the right track by cooking ahead of time. That will be the easiest way in the long run. However, don't forget that just because you have to eat out, it doesn't mean that you can't go mostly Primal when ordering. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative at sit down restaraunts. Some fast food places have built in options though: In-n-Out (protein style burger), Chipotle, Carls Jr. (if you have to, $5 protein burger), and most teriyaki type places can whip up a meat and veggie plate.

              I'm looking forward to the success story update picture too.

              Take care!


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                Oh very cool. Would it be to personal to ask what kind of adventure you have planned?

                Well I think you are doing a great job and I know it always helps me so why not pay forward nice thoughts.

                Yeah when I have done stints of being really diligent I tend to stay away from eating out places to avoid temptation altogether except chipotle for some reason. Since hardly ever eating there prior to primal I don't have a hard time sticking with there awesome salad concoction that you are able to do sans dressing... yummy it is definately a treat. I think it is all just a matter of being prepared is the key. I plan on posting in June to put me at my 3month from when i turned in to the "in the making" section.

                Take care as well and have an awesome weekend


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                  It wouldn't be too personal at all. I'm heading out backpacking for the weekend.

                  PS - The sun just came out!


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                    I always check because you just never know what someone may find offending That sounds amazing, hope you have a fantastic time. I want to see the sun too...At least i know there is hope lol.


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                      So today I went and tried on my first pair of vibram five fingers. I have to admit they are quite different (as to be expected) but once I found the right size and one that i really like man...oh man. Amazing. I wanted to skip around the store. So I am ordering the color I want and am excited to give them a go. And another great thing?! they have toe socks (thin ones) to wear with them. I love toe socks in general (yes I am a dork) but to actually wear in shoes? Butter! So I hope to keep updates going about them and see if they help with this stupid heel pain once and for all. (praying)
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                        Today I feel good and much more postive being prepared... I guess it makes it more attainable than unreachable. I will go meal by meal though to ensure I keep myself focused and on track, since more than anything that is my biggest struggle. I want it so very bad and I need to focus on myself instead of trying to help everyone else around me out. They will come in there own time. I just feel sometimes I have such a far way to go that i ask myself "you finally stumbled across something so amazing and will change your life for the better, and are you going to let yourself have that chance in actually succeeding". That is what I am aiming for.

                        On a pretty cool note we started planting some veggies in the backyard. I am pretty excited so far we have red and yellow bell peppers, a roma tomato, and an emerald zucchini (it looks stripped) wicked and still have more varieties of tomatoes and some regular zucchini and i believe a japanese cucumber...


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                          Today Is definately a hungry day!!!! Geeze louise.

                          I so far have had my protein shake: Coconut milk, ice, 3 strawberries (minimal fruit and no banana right now ) and the whey protein. And just a bit ago a handful or raw almonds....And I have been drinking water so that the H-e-double hockey sticks.

                          So off to the green olives I go. Yummy. And go figure I used to not even like green olives and now...

                          I feel good today and had a report in yesterday that my cousin has only been doing primal for less than a week and he says he has more energy and his stomach isn't giving him much issues. Oh and my aunt fell off right after Easter (she had been following about 2 weeks or so prior) and decided she had to get on the scale and see how much she gained. In fact she lost a few ounces but didn't gain any! She was shocked! She is still having a hard time eating the full fat instead of low/ non garbage, but we are slowly getting her there. So I told her that is because you are turning your body into a fat burning machine and not a carbo sugar burning machine like we were. She just laughed. Ahhh gotta love Primal!!!!
                          For lunch I had a salad and some cold salmon flaked on top it was yummy!! (reminder: NEED TO MAKE Pico de Gallo!!!) and a while ago had 2 deviled eggs. Eggs are just so delish some days with smoked paprika on top...Bomb!!! As for dinner TBA....
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                            Man oh man what a long day. I am having some wine as I write this. I am having another hungry day today I'm afraid. I once again my shake but i switched it up with some blueberries (I was having strawberries), lol. Let me tell you how I miss that 1/2 of banana. I don't seem to stay as satied as I normally would be. So I had some raw almonds. Then I did a mini IF since I had to work through lunch. When I finally got around to it that consisted of tuna, freshly made pico de gallo, and some perisian cucumber...That was my first ever perisian cucumber and it was tasty. Smaller I believe, like a japanese cucumber. What I like most is the thin skin on them. For example, what is on a hothouse/english cucumber. So sweet and yummy. And for dinner yes i know it isn't the best but I am having Panda. Steamed veggies with some string bean chicken and maybe brocolli beef.

                            On another note. I posted something about how it was so neat that this website of mostly complete strangers come together to share and help out one another and some(i will be nice and say he wasn't so nice) was a total potty mouth. REALLY?? Why be a negative nancy about it? If your having troubles reaching your goals ask for help, don't be such a sour puss. I wanted to write something back to him that I am sure would only fuel his fire..but I chose not to. Why give that sour puss the satisfaction. Ah well what can you do right? Keep on trucking and ignore the "trolls" is what a lot people call them on here.
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                              I tried something different today with the breakfast smoothie. I added 2 tsp of almond butter to see if that held me over a bit longer..So far it is working....For my snack I will have some persian cucumber and a deviled egg. Lunch probably BAS with tuna annd some sesame dressing or there is some left over pico de gallo...hmm decisions decisions....

                              I got on the scale this morning and went down 7 more lbs from when I weighed last...I am at a total of 57lbs lost! I am so excited!!!! I have a looong way to go but that is 57lbs I will NEVER see again, and for that I am proud. It did pep me up this morning I can't lie. But I am glad I am not weighing all the time like I used to. I feel like I can now hold myself accountable without having the scale as a reminder.